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ISLE OF JURA - Corryvreckan Whirlpool

von Special K.     Großbritannien

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N 56° 08.781' W 005° 42.510' (WGS84)

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...is one of the largest permanent whirlpools on Earth and the most dangerous stretch of water around the British Isles. It is situated between the islands of Jura and Scarba.

Corryvreckan Whirlpool
View to the Whirlpool form Jura to Scarba

If you are interested in how the Corryvreckan Whirlpool works have a look at Gemini Cruises (visit link).


The author, George Orwell wrote his novel "1984" while living on Jura at Barnhill near the Corryvreckan. When on his boat in the Gulf of Corryvreckan he was drawn into the whirlpool and his boat capsized. Luckily, he and his crew escaped death. Others have not been so lucky. Folklore has it that near this channel the local villagers were attacked by Norsemen and their homes were looted. The locals lured the marauders back into their boats and led them into these dangerous waters. Using their local knowledge of the tides and eddies, the local mariners were able to row ashore at the very last minute, whilst their attackers were swept into the jaws of the Gulf of Corryvreckan and were sucked to their death in the whirlpool.


Most likely you will enter The Isle of Jura at Feolin Ferry (visit link).

If you take your car to the island, you can drive up the road to N 56°04.225 W 05° 44.775. From there you need to walk or cycle the last 6 miles.

For those who travelling on foot the Jura Bus Service can cater for all your needs. The bus will bring you up to N 56° 01.625 W 005° 46.364. From there it's about 9 miles to Corryvreckan. The bus service runs from Monday to Saturday. For further information call Alex Dunnachie on +44 (0)1496 820314 or +44 (0)1496 820 221.

Good Luck
Special K.

PS: The Whirlpool is seen best at spring tide! Check the tide: visit link

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