The Return of Geofried von Cacherloven

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N 48° 00.300' E 013° 36.500' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 17. Januar 2011
 Gelistet seit: 16. Januar 2011
 Letzte Änderung: 29. Juni 2011
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Once upon a time in the 4th year of the millenium.. .... my steps lead me trough the snowy terrain of Tumelchaim.
Suddenly a shape jumps on me raise its stick and…


'Ha! I bins! ...'(maybe means something like 'thats me')
You know me nevertheless still from former times - Geofried… Geofried of Cacherloven! '

Geofried of Cacherloven! - For sure i remember - no one could forget you! What leads you back here?'

'Oh - coming home from time to time is somewaht refreshing from all the hard times out there'

'Hard Times- What crazy things have you done since...'

'I remember to run up the tower of realization - to see in the north on the horizon ....66,6 km away ...
...oh, im out of breath- maybe halluzination ...or was there really that was the 3 Digits for stay?

Far my ways me led to see which has not to be seen or hear..
North 48 zero, zero - east 13 three, six remains that is clear

Numbers so much ...cross all over my way to the beast..
but the wrong is the wright to leading your feet to the east

12. 48.7 5 .86.119.156 .225.245.327.356.40 4.460.527.60 2.684.732.789.828.876.934.999

There now my steps fly -slippery there when it's snowy or wet
if you have luck someone tells you the truth ...when you him meet..

Man… wat things have they given you....

' Things?… hey- I thought a good start for a comeback… in such a way as Entree.'

. .hmm...yeah i can see it: They will raise their voice    and cry bitterly over you;
they will sprinkle dust on their heads   and roll in ashes.

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Oynpx vf oynpx..
naq TiP'f Cbvag bs ivrj
Ohag vfg ohag..
va gur lrne 2011,2011...
n byq terrx urycf va gur abegurea urzvfcurer
..sbg gur bgure - znlor fvzvynevgvrf gb fbzr unyybj rirf



The return..
The return..


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gefunden 16. Oktober 2012 mike3000 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute bei herrlichem Herbstwetter zum Cachen aufgebrochen. Diesen zwar auf nicht ganz traditionelle Weise gelöst, aber Kreativität soll ja bekanntlich auch belohnt werden. DFDC !