Nouveaux Chemins

A combined puzzle multi-cache in the outskirts of Graz. The focus is on offering a challenging cache.

von cezanne     Österreich > Steiermark > Graz

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 47° 01.100' E 015° 29.000' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
 Größe: klein
Status: archiviert
 Zeitaufwand: 2:30 h 
 Versteckt am: 23. Januar 2005
 Gelistet seit: 22. August 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 30. Juli 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0040
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English description

This cache is divided into 11 stages all of which lie within Graz and are not far from each other. At Stage 6 a micro cache needs to be found. The final cache, a tupperware-like container waits at Stage 11. The best manner to do this cache is on foot. Bicycles are only allowed on a small part of the route.

Preliminaries (Please read this part before you start your hunt!)
  • First and foremost: Please respect private property in every regard!
    In particular, note that the cache hunt will bring you close to residential areas. For these reasons it is not recommended to do this cache during night. Please obey all prohibition signs (such as no driving signs!) and choose your route very carefully (by using the treasure map and not only your GPS-receiver). You do not need to climb fences, cross private meadows etc to find the cache.
  • Note: The coordinates in the header are fictive!
  • Warning: This cache is not suited if you are eager for a quick find. On one hand, some preparatory work is required and the puzzle part might be quite hard for some of you. On the other hand, further challenges are waiting during the outdoor part. I estimate that you will need at least two hours for the cache tour (including the time to locate the various stages).
  • If you prefer easy caches with a success guarantee for your invested time, this cache is not suitable for you.
  • This cache does not lead you to spectacular locations. Neither does it offer a hike. The focus is on enjoying the hunt for the various locations to be found. The approach which is used for guiding the hunt will be a new experience at least for some of you. Have fun! If the cache receives a positive response, I might consider hiding another one of this type (this refers to the treasure map approach, not to the puzzle part).
  • The calculations have been designed in such a way that they can be done conveniently without a pocket calculator. They are not meant as challenge - the calculations and the rather high number of variables only serve the purpose to make it less likely that stages can be skipped. The area is not suited for a bunch of micro caches (apart from the fact that I do not appreciate too much micros, in particular not in populated areas).
  • The cache can be done in Winter time if there is not too much snow. Some of the stages are easier to do during that season as there exists less vegetation. You need, however, to be more careful when retrieving the caches.
  • In Summer time beware of thorns and stinging nettles in some areas. Choose your route with care. The original version of Stage 6 might be hard to do in Summer time due to heavy vegetation in some parts. So I added an alternative Summer version of Stage 6. It's up to you to choose in Summer time.
  • The terrain is easy and also suitable for children. Most of the time you can stay on paths - only the last meters to some stages are off the paths.
  • Please take care to avoid spoilers in your log - in particular, make sure to refrain from telling something about the underlying idea of this cache.
  • Upper and lower case variables, like a and A, have to be distinguished! (To help you in keeping track of the values of the variables, you can recycle the following table from another of my caches, see Table for the variables ).

Needed (resp. not needed) for the cache hunt
  • The treasure map is an indispensable prerequisite for this cache. In case you meet problems in obtaining it (after having solved the puzzles), you may contact me. In case you are not familiar with the caching area, you might probably want to bring along also a map of Graz.
  • A compass might be helpful at some stages, but is not strictly necessary.
  • Hiking boots are not required. It is recommended, however, to wear shoes and clothes that can get dirty. As you might encounter thorns and stinging nettles on your way, do not come with shorts in Summer time. Be prepared to meet mosquitoes in Summer time in some areas.

Stage 0: At a place of your choice

At this stage you need to solve a puzzle that consists of two parts.

Puzzle Part I:
The following puzzle belongs to a well-known and popular group of puzzles. I intentionally chose an easy instance as this part is not intended to be a major challenge of this cache. So give it a try even if you are not an experienced puzzle solver.
In the following set of calculations (see also this figure if you prefer a more pictorial scheme) each letter corresponds to a digit. No two letters are assigned the same numeric value. Determine the values of the variabes a up to i such that the six computations given below work out correctly.
  • ai / i = i
  • hg / f = eb
  • dfdg / ag = cb
  • ai * hg = dfdg
  • i * f = ag
  • i * eb = cb

Puzzle Part II:
Now it is getting somewhat harder. You need to decode the string of digits given by
The result of this decoding process will be a word. (Do not worry: You do not need cryptographic knowledge to solve this puzzle). The resulting word/name will serve as your key to the treasure map which plays a central role in this cache. To obtain the correct map, note that the sum of the digits of the year indicated on the map equals i.

Stage 1: A quiet place

Task 1:
Have a look at the treasure map and locate the area which is coloured with a colour close to 0-0-255 and lies southwest of waypoint dg. A further move to the southwest brings you to a quiet area. Go to the entrance of this area. If you come by a vehicle, you can leave it somewhere in the vicinity. The nearest stop of the public transportation system is also not far away.

Task 2:
Have a look at the entrance and search for a saying. For each letter which arises as first letter of a word of the saying, count how many words start with this letter.
  • X: The number which is obtained as follows. Write down the frequencies determined above next to each other in the order which corresponds to the order of the first appearance of a letter as first letter of a word in the saying.
  • Y: Is obtained analogously to X with the only difference that for Y you need to count how many different words of the saying start with the letter under consideration. (The underlying order is the same as for X.)
  • Z: The number which is obtained from X by removing the first digit.
Task 3:
From your current position you can view a colourful depiction. We are only interested into the text that is displayed in a kind of semicircular shape within the picture.
  • A: The number of words of the text which start with letters which arise as initial letters in the saying considered in Task 2.

Stage 2: Let's have a rest

Task 4:
Go to waypoint Z of the treasure map. When I have hidden the cache there has been an object which disappeared mysteriously in April 2005. So I had to change the original task.

Look out for a birch somewhere in the centre part of the target region. On the birch search for a (small) colour marking.
  • B1: The number of colours used.
  • B2: Set B2 according to the shape of the marking as follows:
    • B2=3 if the shape is a quandrangular,
    • B2=5 if the shape is circular,
    • B2=7 if the shape is triangular.
  • B3: Let B3 be 1 if the colour blue is used and be 4 otherwise.
  • B4: Let B4 be 2 if the colour yellow is used and 1 otherwise.
  • B: Calculate B = A*B2 - B3 - B4 - B1

Stage 3: Let's meet some neighbours

Walk to the waypoint which is the successor of the waypoint you just have visited. Look around and search for the tree with the largest number of horizontal coloured stripes in the vicinity - at least in Winter it is visible from your current position.

Task 5:
Determine all neighbouring countries of Austria (as of January 2005) whose national flag contains all colours of the stripes at this tree. Among those countries select the country which has the capital with the longest name (all names are to be taken in the language of the country under consideration).
  • C: The number of letters of the name of the capital of the country determined above which are vowels.

Some calculations:
  • P = C - A
  • Q = (A+B) * B * (C+1)

Stage 4: A not very impressive building

Have a look at the treasure map. Go to the building which you meet first when walking from waypoint P of the treasure map into the direction corresponding to roughly Q degrees.

Task 6:
At the building watch out for a red sign. Consider the second word on the sign and reorder the letters of the word with respect to the standard alphabetic order. Now consider the reordered (now meaningless) word.
  • D: The position number of the last letter of the reordered word in the alphabet.
  • F: The position number of the first letter of the reordered word in the alphabet.

Task 7:
  • R: The integral part of the minutes of the latitude (in decimal notation as used on geocaching.com) of your current position.
  • S: The integral part of the minutes of the longitude (in decimal notation as used on geocaching.com) of your current position.

Note: Aren't you glad that I did not pose a certain type of counting task at this stage? On the other hand, it would have been most probably more difficult for me than for most of you.

Some calculations:
  • U = (X-Y) + (A+B) * (F+3)
  • V = (X+Y) - C * C * C

Stage 5: A first encounter

Go to the following coordinates: N 47° R.U', E 15° S.V'.

You will find yourself close to a pretty large object. Your task at this stage is simple and plain - no gathering of numbers, no calculations.

Task 8:
Look for objects of the same type than the one where you are standing at on the treasure map. Choose the closest one to your current location that is reasonably visible on the map. Let's call that object OBJ0. (Think twice! Use the hint only when you have no idea where to go.)

The area around OBJ0 is your target area. Since there are parts with heavy vegetation in the target area, there exist two versions of Stage 6. In Summer time, you might want to prefer the Summer version which is easier (easier to find and easier to reach). If you want to have a special challenge, you can give the Winter version a try also in Summer time (but be warned - you might have to cross heavy vegetation and beware of mosquitoes and ticks).

Stage 6 (Winter version): Deja vu - the micro

Go to OBJ0. You can stay on paths most of the time (except the last part) - in Winter the paths are easier to see and also OBJ0 is easier to recognize already from some distance.

Task 9 (Winter version)
From your current position walk approximately Z+A meters rougly into the direction T degrees where T=(C-2)*(A+B). Watch out for the same type of object as you just have been to.

Now your task is to find a small glass container which contains further instructions. (Concentrate your search on the object.)

Important note!!! After having hidden the micro, I realized that I confused the minutes part of the latitude with the minutes part of the longitude. Please exchange the two against each other (i.e., swap the part after N 47° with the part after E 15°). I am sure that you would have guessed this anyway. So I think that it suffices if the text inside the micro is changed at a later time.

As the hideout is not very far from the nearest paths, please take care not to be observed when taking out the container and when putting it back. The container is covered with pieces of bark and some foliage. Make sure to cover it well again before you leave.
If it works out as planned by me, it will even not be necessary to open the jar in order to retrieve the required information. To protect the jar from getting very dirty outside, it is wrapped into a plastic bag (which may and will get dirty ...).

Stage 6 (Summer version): Deja vu - the micro

Reaching OBJ0 and even more solving the Winter version of Task 9 might be quite challenging in Summer time due to heavy vegetation. This alternative version of Stage 6 offers an easier task.

Task 9 (Summer version):
Have a look at the map and find the path (that one is also visible in Summer time, but harder than in Winter) which you have to choose in order to get from your current location as close as possible to OBJ0 without leaving paths.

Head off and take the chosen path. Close to the point where you would have to leave the path to reach OBJ0 (not necessarily easy to see!), you will pass a tree stump. There you will find a duplicate version of the original micro (Winter version); except for the fact that the coordinates are already corrected in the Summer version (so no switch is necessary, but you will notice that anyway). The micro contains further instructions.

As the hideout is very close to a path, please make use of the Winter version during the season with less vegetation. Please take special care not to be observed when taking out the container and when putting it back The container is covered with pieces of bark and some foliage. Make sure to cover it well again before you leave.
If it works out as planned by me, it will even not be necessary to open the jar in order to retrieve the required information. To protect the jar from getting very dirty outside, it is wrapped into a plastic bag (which may and will get dirty ...).

Stage 7: Start of the final leg

Go to the coordinates given in the micro cache (subject to swapping the minutes parts as explained above in case you use the Winter version). Close to this place a path which leads into a forest area, but stays close to the edge of the forest, starts. Take this path and follow it for some time. Watch out for object OBJ1, but do not forget to enjoy the nice view on some parts of Graz and its surroundings which is available on your way if the weather is reasonably nice.

Stage 8: A moment of contemplation

Task 10:
At object OBJ1 you will find a text. It is up to you whether you wish to read it or even contemplate some minutes about it. For the sake of the cache you only need the intials at the end of the text.
G: The two digit number obtained by transforming the two letters of the initials into a number by using the keypad of portable phones.

Stage 9: Nearby

Search for OBJ2 in the vicinity of OBJ1. To guarantee that you take the right object, note that OBJ2 is not located on the path and immediately next to it another object of a different type is placed. In which colour the top of OBJ2 is coloured?

  • H: The number that results from transforming the first letter of this colour into a number (via the code a=1, b=2, etc).
  • I: The number of colours with which the object next to OBJ2 has been coloured.

Stage 10: To be (or not to be) on watch

After visiting OBJ2, return to the path and follow it further according to the instructions given below. Your task is to visit the place where OBJ3 has been located when I have hidden the cache. The object has now disappeared, but with the description given below you should be able to find the target area even without the presence of OBJ3.

OBJ3 is shown on the treasure map (look carefully!). To make it easier for you to find the right location (which plays an important role as the location of the cache is given relative to this location), note that the disappeared object was located at a place close to the edge of the forest. OBJ3 used to be located on a very small hill - behind the hill is a sort of trench, if you end up there you went too far. If you found the right place, you are almost done - two small final tasks are waiting for you.

Task 11:
At the small hill where OBJ3 used to stand you will also find an object of the same type than the one which occured at Stage 9. Let us refer to that object as OBJ5.
  • J: The number of letters on OBJ5 decreased by one. (As a sanity-check or safeguard against further disappearances: You will arrive at the same result if you look for some wooden posts which stand very close to each other in the trench and subtract one from their number.)

Task 12: Look from your current position roughly into north-eastern direction. There you should see another object at the edge of the forest area.
  • N: What is it?
    • An iron cross? Then N=42.
    • A small wooden house? Then N=27.
    • A fodder-rack? Then N=32.
    • A small pond? Then N=37.
    • A stone wall? Then N=22.
    • A well? Then N=47.

Some final calculations:
  • K = G / I - F
  • L = H * (C-1) + C * J
  • M = Q - 2 * (K-J) * (N-G) + 2 * J

Stage 11: Finally the cache

The distance from Stage 11 to Stage 10 is approximately L meters. The bearing from Stage 11 to Stage 10 is roughly M degrees. Visit Stage 11. You should now be close to OBJ4.
In case this object would be located in some remote coin up on a mountain, I would have hidden the cache at this tempting place. As the target area is far more populated, I have chosen a hideout that attracts less attention and decided to hide only a small box.

The hideout of the cache is located in the vicinity of OBJ4, but higher up the hill. It should not be too hard to find as searching for the final cache is not meant as the challenge of this cache. (Use the hint in case of problems.) As the hideout is not very far from the nearest paths, please take care not to be observed when taking out the container and when putting it back.

The cache box is a small tupperware-like container (dimensions roughly 10 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm) with a yellow lid. It is covered with pieces of bark and foliage to avoid that it is found by chance.
Only small trading items and small TBs will fit into the box. As I do not expect that this cache will have a large number of visitors, it is not well suited for TBs anyway.

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[Puzzle II, Hint 1:] Rnpu yrggre pbeerfcbaqf gb n qvtvg
[Puzzle II, Hint 2:] Znal crbcyr hfr gur qrpbqvat qrivpr rirelqnl ng ubzr naq/be ng jbex
[Puzzle II, Hint 3:] Evat-evat
[Stage 2, Hint 1:] Zvqqyr bs pyrnevat
[Stage 2, Hint 2:] Abg sne sebz hcebbgrq gerr unatvat pebffjnlf va bgure gerrf
[Stage 5:] N
[Stage 6, Winter Version, Hint 1:] haqre gerr fghzc
[Stage 6, Winter Version, Hint 2:] tb qbja
[Stage 6, Summer Version, Hint 1:] guerr fgrzf
[Stage 9, OBJ2:] ng gur rqtr bs gur sberfg
[Stage 9, check for H:] rira
[Cache, Hint 1:] gerr fghzc
[Cache, Hint 2:] fbhgujneqf hc gur uvyy sebz BOW4



Puzzle Part I (Nicer display) / Schönere Darstellung von Rätsel Teil I
Puzzle Part I (Nicer display) / Schönere Darstellung von Rätsel Teil I


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Logeinträge für Nouveaux Chemins    gefunden 4x nicht gefunden 1x Hinweis 1x

Hinweis 03. Juni 2007 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] Today I finally managed to visit the cache location and have a look at the situation. As I had already feared due to an e-mail exchange with team $Dollar$,
the cache container and even the camouflage material have disapparead. The hideout, once a quite stable tree stump has fallen apart.

Since I was not able to find a safe, suitable and sufficiently nice new hideout for the cache box and I my energy and time to maintain caches at the moment is limited, I decided to archive this cache. I will remove the micro caches as soon as possible (the Winter version will have to wait for several months until I am going to pick it up). The last finders were so kind to remove the film canbister at the final stage which I had placed as replacement for the final cache today and thus safed me another visit to the location. Thank you to all finders of this cache which was intended as special challenge from its very beginning.

Let me close with congratulating the last finders of this cache for having accomplished all challenges of this cache without any help and for their stamina. They only failed at the very end due to the fact that the cache had disappeared.


[DE:] Ein Besuch am Ort der letzten Station zeigte mir, dass das Versteck, ein einst stabiler Baumstumpf, zusammengefallen ist. Der Cachebehaelter und sogar das Tarnmaterial sind verschwunden. Ich konnte kein geeignetes neues Versteck finden. Aus diesem Grund und da meine Energie und meine Moeglichkeiten Cachewartungen durchzufuehren ohnedies sehr limitiert sind, habe ich beschlossen diesen Cache zu archivieren.

Der Ersatzcache am Finale, den ich heute versteckt habe, wurde dankenswerterweise von den letzten Findern bereits entfernt. Die Micros werde ich bei Gelegenheit entfernen (die Winterversion wird allerdings einige Monate warten muessen).

Danke an alle Finder dieses Caches, der bewusst als Herausforderung gedacht war. Seine Zeit ist abgelaufen.

Zum Abschluss moechte ich noch den letzten Findern gratulieren, dass sie ein solches Durchhaltevermoegen an den Tag legten und alle Stationen ohne Hilfe gefunden haben und nur scheiterten, weil der Cache verschwunden war.

gefunden 15. Februar 2007 Schuhhirsch hat den Geocache gefunden

Löwengeborene sollen angeblich Sturschädel sein...
Hab mir also in der Mittagspause nochmal meine Zähl-Ergebnisse und Schätzungen für Unbekannte durch den Kopf gehen lassen, und bin auf eine zwar sehr unwahrscheinliche, aber mathematisch und hint-technisch sinnvolle Möglichkeit gestossen. Da ich des Abends sowieso in der Gegend zu tun hatte, bin ich nochmal hin. Hab allerdings nix gefunden.
Ein (wirklich) allerletztes Mal hab ich mich no ein wenig in der Nähe des ursprünglichen Kandidaten rumgetrieben, und stosse plötzlich auf ein millimetergrosses Plastiksackerl-Zipfl (an einer Stelle, wo ich *sicher* schon dreimal geschaut hab).
So findet auch diese Geschichte ihr glückliches Ende :-)
Nachdem ich auf den Fund nicht vorbereitet war, gabs auch keinen Trade, nur einen Logbucheintrag.
Danke für den Cache!

In: Zahnrad
Out: Nix

nicht gefunden 12. Februar 2007 Schuhhirsch hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Irgendwann ist dann Schluss mit lustig...
Das Rätsel um die Schatzkarte war schon recht bald nach Veröffentlichung gelöst, und bis zur Stage 4 auch absolviert (als besonders Schlauer hab ich gedacht, das verschwundene Objekt wird ja wohl ähnlichen Objekten in der Nähe vergleichbar sein, deshalb dürften mich die daraus ermittelten Koordinaten in die Irre geführt haben...).
Dann kam der Cache auf die "Irgendwann erwisch ich dich"-Liste, bis vor ein paar Tagen.
Mit einem erneuten Besuch bei Station 2 gab Station 5+ dann plötzlich Sinn und bis inklusive 8 wars dann easy.

Dann gings los. Objekte 2 gabs viele, optisch alle gleich, aber nix, was zur Aufgabe für den Wert "I" passte. Baumaschinen am Waldrand haben mich nicht wirklich ermutigt, und irgendwelche Gärten wollt ich nicht durchsuchen.

Wurscht, mithilfe der Karte und der Beschreibung hab ich dann einen Platz gefunden, der ziemlich sicher Stage 10 sein dürfe (die Plausibilitätskontrolle lies sich mangels Holzpfosten nicht durchführen, aber für "N" gab's was).

Für M und L hab ich mögliche Kandidaten ermittelt und daraus zwei Locations, aber Objekte 4 gabs an der einen zu Dutzenden, und an der anderen gar nicht. Hab dann alle Objekte die den Hints entsprechen durchgegraben, und auch bei einer zweiten und dritten Rückkehr nix gefunden.

Schade, sonst werfen mich eher die Rätsel und Aufgaben ab.
Diesmal waren leider nicht die Denkaufgaben das Problem, sondern eher die zu findenden Objekte. Also, zurück auf die "...erwisch dich"-Liste mit dir!

gefunden 04. Juni 2006 oe6jwd hat den Geocache gefunden

Lang hat es gedauert [:O]
3 Etappen in einem Zeitraum von 9 Monaten hat es gebraucht bis ich endlich am Ziel war [:D]

Nach dem Finden der Schatzkarte und dem Besuch der Station 1 folgte ersteinmal eine "längere Winterpause"...

Bei der Durchsicht meiner "Unerledigten" wieder auf diesen Cache gestoßen... somit ging es dann weiter.
In der Region um die Stationen 2 & 3 durfte ich einiges an Blut "spenden" ([:(!] Gelsen!). Mit Hilfe von oe6mtd (Telefonjoker mit InterNet-Anbindung [^]) konnte ich die Aufgabe 5 lösen. Aufgrund der Beschreibung für die Station 4 war mir klar genau welches Gebäude gemeint ist.
Station 5 führte mich in eine andere Gegend auf der Schatzkarte, von hier ging es erfolgreich zur Station 6 (Sommervariante) zurück.
Die Station 7 hatte es dann in sich, nicht nur, daß mir ein Gewitter die Lust am Weitersuchen nahm, sondern führten mich meine Koordinaten n eine Gegend die überhaupt nicht zu passen schien...[V]

Daheim noch einmal alles durchgeschaut, durchgerechnet, durchgelesen, wieder gerechnet, wieder gelesen usw. bis ich auf einen Verständnisfehler meinerseits draufgekommen bin. Y!
Mir kam es zwar schon komisch vor, daß Station 5 weiterweg war als die anderen Stationen, aber das dortige Obj0 führte mich auch zur Station 6.
Nachdem ich meine Berechnungen korrigiert hatte, ging es am Pfingstsonntag dann endlich weiter.

Die Stationen 7 & 8 waren rasch gefunden, für das "richtige" Obj2 von Station 9 mußte ich ein wenig suchen. Bedingt durch Bautätigkeiten in der Nähe von Obj2 war ich mir zuerst nicht ganz sicher, ob ich hier richtig bin.
Die Gegend von Station 10 nur aus einem Gefühl heraus gefunden. Nach einigem Suchen das sich hinter Grünem versteckende Obj5 gefunden. Das Obj4 der Station 11 war dann rasch gefunden.

Den Cache im Baumstumpf nach kurzer Suche gefunden, da mir der gelbe Deckel entgegen leuchtete.
Die Box und der Inhalt waren trocken.

IN: Ü-Ei Löwe
Out: Gerts TubeMap

Im Anschluß habe ich noch die "richtige" Station 5 aufgesucht...


Bilder für diesen Logeintrag:

gefunden 22. Januar 2006 JulieWood_Rabat hat den Geocache gefunden

Hallo miteinander

Nachdem wir schon öfters die Kritik bekommen haben, dass unsere Logs zu kurz sind, vielleicht einmal ein etwas längerer.

Nachdem wir uns einmal wirklich mit dem Rätsel I befasst haben, war die Lösung in 30 Minuten gefunden, nur das Rätsel II wollte nicht gleich gelöst werden. Mit Hilfe der Hints sind wir auf den richtigen Lösungsweg gekommen, waren aber irgendwie zu sehr auf ein (falsches) Thema fokussiert. JulieWood hat es sich angeschaut und sofort eine Lösung gefunden.

Station 1:
Mit Hilfe der Schatzkarte hatten wir diesen Ort schnell gefunden und bis auf die Zahl Y alles logisch und schlüssig gefunden.

Station 2 & 3:
Der Weg zu Station 2 war irgendwie nicht so einfach. Wir sind noch immer der Meinung, dass wir falsch gegangen sind. Die 2 Stationen aber dann schnell gefunden und erledigt.

Station 4:
Wie auf dem Weg zu Station 2 wissen wir auch hier nicht ob es einen optimaleren Weg gegeben hätte. Bei Station 4 angekommen suchten wir nach den erforderlichen Schild, aber sind uns irgendwie nicht einig geworden. Auf den Hinweg hat JulieWood das richtige Schild schon gesehen, nur hat es irgendwie mit unseren Werten nicht zusammengepasst. Da es schon spät war haben wir die weitere Cachesuche abgebrochen.
Ein paar Tage später traf ich Dr. Torque, der mir bereits bestätigen konnte, dass JulieWood recht hätte. Gleichzeitig haben mir die Wild-Wuggis mitgeteilt, wie weit sie bereits sind, und dass sie wissen, dass ihre Werte stimmen. Sie haben unsere Werte angeschaut und uns mitgeteilt, wo bei Station 2 der Fehler war, wodurch auch Station 3 falsch war. Somit war die Vermutung von JulieWood richtig.

Station 5:
Heute wollten wir bei diesem Cache weiter suchen. Bei Station 5 angekommen standen wir wieder einmal vor einem Problem. Irgendwie hat alles danach ausgeschaut, als ob wir bereits hier wieder scheitern würden. Nach kurzer Bestätigung von Wild-Wuggis, dass wir richtig sind, und dass wir das Objekt auch bei Schnee finden könnten, hat er uns die richtige Lösung auch gleich bestätigt.

Station 6:
Die Spuren von Wild-Wuggis haben es uns hier leicht gemacht.

Station 7:
Hier haben wir es wieder einmal den falschen Weg genommen und sind bereits am Weg zu Station 7 bei der Cache Region sowie bei OBJ1 vorbeigekommen.

Station 8:
Schnell gefunden da wir 2 Minuten davor schon vorbei gelaufen sind.

Station 9:
Auf den Weg zu OBJ1 ein mögliches OBJ2 zwar gesehen, aber es war uns klar, dass es das Falsche ist. Nach 10 Minuten Suche doch das richtige OBJ2 gefunden.

Station 10:
Diese Station hat uns wieder einmal etwas suchen lassen. Die Karte hat uns eher verwirrt als geholfen. Als wir etwas entfernt standen haben wir es dann doch identifiziert.

Station 11 / Cache:
Nachdem die Aufgaben von Station 10 schnell gelöst waren sind wir auf Cachesuche gegangen, nur dieser wollte nicht gefunden werden. Nach 30 Minuten Suche habe ich Wild-Wuggis angerufen, um ihn zu fragen ob wir richtig sind. Er hat uns alle Werte bestätigen können und auch die Cache Region als richtig identifiziert. Am GPS ist bereits nur mehr ein großer schwarzer Track - Fleck zu sehen. Aber der Cache wehrte sich. Kurz vor dem Aufgeben noch einmal mit Wild-Wuggis telefoniert und dann doch bei einem Baumstumpf, den JulieWood bereits untersucht hatte, den Cache gefunden.

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