Long, long ago ...

A short multi-cache whose starting location needs to be obtained at home. The cache offers a nice, short walk in Graz.

von cezanne     Österreich > Steiermark > Graz

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 47° 04.641' E 015° 26.893' (WGS84)

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English description

This cache is divided into 6 stages. At the two final stages cache containers (a film container and a small glass container, respectively) are hidden. The other stages guide you through the search and/or bring you to places which are of interest in my opinion. A compass is needed for Stage 2.

The name of this cache has a two-fold origin. First, it relates to the fact that fortunately the situation for women at Austrian universities has changed within the last 100 years. Second, I have strong memories (not always the best ones) associated with the cache location from physical education classes during my high school time long ago. Nowadays, I am appreciating the area much more.

NB: The area to which the cache hunt will lead you, can be rather crowded at certain times. I tried to select less crowded places as hiding places. Both of them are at some distance to the walking paths, but be nevertheless a bit careful not to disclose the hiding places. (Special care will be necessary if you go for this cache in the cold season where there is no natural green camouflage material around.) Perhaps you should rather keep away from times when almost everyone is going for a walk ....

Stage 0

Before you can start out for the cache hunt, you need to find out the name of the following remarkable woman who was born and died in Graz: She (let's call her Mrs F) was the first practising woman doctor in Graz and Styria as well as the second woman who obtained the doctorate in medicine at the University of Graz. A second doctorate she would have been entitled to was not awarded due to her gender. (You should able to find the answer rather quickly by an internet search, though it is more difficult if you do not understand German. Before getting frustrated, consult the hint for Stage 0.)

A lane in Graz is named after Mrs F. Go to the beginning of the lane. (Note: The starting coordinates of this cache are in no direct relation to the cache. I chose them because one part of a two-part monument dedicated to Mrs F used to be close to the coordinates. Due to construction works the monument has been removed and is not available at the moment.)

Stage 1

Watch out for a plaque commemorating Mrs F. At this stage you will obtain the digits a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, j and y.

  • First year on the plaque: 19aj
  • Second year on the plaque: 19cd
  • Last but one year on the plaque: 18ee
  • Last year on the plaque: 195y
  • Number of the district of Graz in which the plaque is located: f
  • Number obtained from the first name of Mrs F (its meaning!): g
  • Let b=j+1 and h=e-f.

Stage 2: N 47° 0h.yge', E 015° 2b.yah'.

You will find yourself close to an old stone. Solve the following tasks which are connected to the stone.
  • Determine the direction (in degree) in which one can see the Bell Tower on the Castle Hill from the stone as reference point. Divide the obtained number by 10 and round down to the nearest integer i. (As a check: Rounding upwards would lead a prime number.)
    Set k=i/2.
  • The later of two years engraved into the stone is 1m4n.

Stage 3: N 47° 0c.1ad', E 015° 2m.ak'.

Near these coordinates you will find four signs arranged in quadrangular form. At each of the signs you will find a line consisting of the letter T and a number. Let x, s and t be the non-zero digits which occur in these lines where x < s < t (multiple occurrences are ignored).

Stage 4: N 47° 0c.xns', E 015° 2b.yyt'.

Answer the following questions with the help of signs in the vicinity of the above coordinates. (Knowledge of German is helpful, but you might ask people who pass by to help you.)
  • What is the country of origin of the oldest still existing tree species? Let u be the number of letters of the name of the country.
  • What is the estimated approximate age of the oldest living tree on the world? Let the age be v600 years.
Perform the following calculations:
  • Set p=u-2 and q=v-2.

Stage 5: N 47° 0u.xqp', E 015° 2b.nmq'.

At this stage a micro cache (a film container inside a plastic bag) is to be found. Watch out for a large tree stump. The stump guards the egg which is covered with some foliage. (Recommendation: Take the hints with you as the GPS reception might be worse at this stage than at the other stages.)

Stage 6: Coordinates obtained in Stage 5.

The final cache (a small glass container of diameter approx. 3 cm and height 7 cm in a ziploc bag) is hidden between the roots of a large tree. It is not in plain sight.

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[Stage 0, Hint 1]: Gur ynfg jbeq bs gur ynar'f anzr vf "Nyyrr". Gur ynar yvrf jvguva n pvepyr bs enqvhf 2 xz nebhaq gur fgnegvat pbbeqvangrf.
[Stage 0, Hint 2]: Frr gur oebfpuher "Senhra mh Tenm" (Jbzra sebz Tenm) (bssvpr@senhrafreivpr.ng)

[Stage 2, Sanity check:] z+a = gur ahzore bognvarq sebz svefg 2 qvtvgf bs fznyyre lrne.

[Stage 5, Hint 1]: Ng gur rqtr bs n fznyy qvgpu
[Stage 5, Hint 2]: Nccebk. fnzr yngvghqr nf n ynetr orrpu ba gur arneol cngu. Orrpu unf n "xrl" ba vgf onex

[Stage 6]: Pnpur vf pbirerq jvgu sbyvntr naq cvrprf bs jbbq



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Hinweis 29. Oktober 2006 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] Today I finally found the time to check Stages 2, 5 and 6 of this cache. leelah had used the wrong coordinates for Stage 5 at her failure, but as the cache had no found logs for a while, I decided to pay a maintenance visit to my cache.

The numbers at the stone have indeed become a bit hard to read by now. leelah was recently successful at this stage, so the task is still solvable. In any case, I decided to add a hint which allows a sanity check.

The micro at Stage 5 and the cache at Stage 6 are at the places where they are supposed to be. Do not give up at Stage 5 too early - the object should be clear (if not, use the hint), so you can concentrate your search on this object.

[DE:} Heute haben ich die Stationen 2, 5 und 6 besucht. leelah hatte bei ihrem vergeblichen Versuch den Cache zu finden, die falschen Koordinaten fuer Station 5 benutzt. Da der Cache aber schon laenger keine erfolgreichen Besucher hatte, habe ich mich entschieden mal wieder nach dem rechten zu sehen.

Die Zahlen auf dem Stein sind in der Tat mittlerweile schwer lesbar. leelah hat kuerzlich diese Aufgabe jedoch richtig geloest, also scheint die Aufgabe loesbar zu sein. Ich habe mich aber entschieden einen Hinweis fuer einen Plausibilitaetcheck hinzuzufuegen.

Der Micro bei Station 5 und der Cache bei Station 6 sind an den Stellen wo ich sie versteckt habe. An Station 5 sollte man nicht zu frueh aufgeben - das Objekt sollte klar sein (ansonsten den Hinweis verwenden), die Suche kann also auf eine kleine Gegend konzentriert werden.

Hinweis 23. Mai 2006 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] Today I exchanged the hint sheet in the micro and dried the inside of the film canister. Moreover, I brought a new glass container for the final and a new logbook. The new glass is slightly larger than the old one. The contents is not spectacular, but that's not the target of this cache anyway.

Due to the fact that I had no GPS with me and the area changes it appearance depending on the season, I needed a few minutes to find the cache although I have visited it more often than any other my caches.

The cache got one visit from a cacher from the US on April 23, 2006 to which no online log corresponds to.


[DE:] Heute habe ich den Hinweiszettel im Micro-cache ausgetauscht und das Innere der Filmdose getrocknet. Ferner habe ich fuer den Endcache eine neues Glas und ein neues Logbuch mitgebracht - das Glas ist ein groesser als das alte. Der Inhalt ist zur Zeit nicht sonderlich spektakulaer, aber das ist auch nicht Ziel dieses Caches.

Da ich kein GPS mithatte und sich die Gegend ihr Aussehen sehr im Laufe des Jahres aendert, brauchte ich ein paar Minuten bis ich am richtigen Platz war obwohl dies unter meinen Caches jener ist, den ich am oeftesten besuche.

Der Cache wurde am 23. April 2006 von einem US-Cache besucht - zu diesem Besuch gibt es keinen Online-Log.

Hinweis 22. Mai 2006 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] I will bring a new log book soon and probably change also the container. Thanks for letting me know that the cache is wet.
[DE:] Ich werde das Logbuch in naechster Zeit austauschen.
Danke fuer den Hinweis auf die Naesse im Cache.

gefunden 22. Mai 2006 Waldschratbrigade TLU hat den Geocache gefunden

Sehr schöner Spaziergang durch ein interessantes Gebiet! Stage 5 brachte uns sehr zum Staunen und Mutmaßungen über die Geschiche der Stageumgebung anstellen. Wir haben die Tour sehr genossen.
Der Micro und der Cache sind leider nass. Sollte beizeiten ausgetauscht werden, vor allem das Logbuch.

Out: Mineral

nicht gefunden 25. Februar 2006 BalkanSabranje hat den Geocache nicht gefunden