A Tribute to Quino (Quino I)

A multi-cache which involves some homework and which invites for a nice hike at the outskirts of Graz

von cezanne     Österreich > Steiermark > Graz

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 47° 05.250' E 015° 25.750' (WGS84)

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 Größe: normal
Status: archiviert
 Zeitaufwand: 3:00 h   Strecke: 10 km
 Versteckt am: 09. März 2003
 Gelistet seit: 24. August 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 18. Juni 2011
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English description

After Carsten's multi-cache Old Stones, which I liked very much, this is the second multi-cache close to Graz.

This cache is divided into several stages. At Stage 3 and at the final stage cache containers (a film canister and a tupperware-like box, respectively) are hidden. The other stages guide you through the search.
Note that the coordinates associated with this cache are fictive ones somewhere in Graz sufficiently far apart from existing caches. Have fun!

Needed for the Cache Hunt
  • Time (a free half-day at your disposition would be fine). Expect a walk of about 10 kilometers length and an ascent of about 350 height meters in total (just a rough estimate). I rated the terrain as 2.5 due to the length of the hike and the terrain in the vicinity of the final cache.
  • Some preparation work at home for determining the starting coordinates for Stage 0.
  • Some sheets of paper and a pen or pencil for making notes, and a pocket calculator (a simple one suffices) if you do not like to perform calculations without an electronic device.
  • Not too bad weather is preferable. You will be rewarded by a nicer view and a better GPS reception (on Summer days with bad weather, the GPS reception at the final cache location might become a critical issue). There are now photographs of the hiding locations available, if you wish, you can take them with you (NB: they may be spoilers).

Stage 0: At a place of your choice

To determine the starting coordinates, you need to answer the questions below:

Question 1:
Find the name of an equestrian discipline which unfortunately has been part of the Summer Olympic Games only once (under a different name than the name which is used nowadays and with different rules). Among the horse sports disciplines this one is probably the most untypical one, e.g., saddles and stirrups do not belong to the necessary equipment. There are competitions for individuals (separate ones for women and men), pairs and teams.
Let L1 be the first letter of the name of this sport (it is the same letter regardless of whether you take the name in English, German, French, Italian or lots of other languages).
  • P: Interpret the letter L1 as Roman number and let P be the Arabic number that is associated with this Roman number.

Question 2:
In the sport referred to above, besides the horse and the athlethe(s) another person plays an indispensable role. How is this person called? Take the first letter of the name (again the language does not play a role).
  • Q: Interpret the letter as Roman number and let Q be the number obtained by dividing the corresponding Arabic number by 2.

Question 3:
In which country the World Championships 2002 in the sport referred to in Question 1 have taken place?
  • R: The number of letters of the capital of this country.
  • S: S = R + 1.

Question 4:
What is the name of the World Champion in the 2002 female individual competition in the sport referred to in Question 1?
  • T: The number of letters in her first name reduced by 1. (BTW: Her last name would lead to the same result.)

Stage 1: N 47° 0S.83R', E 015° Q.TSR'.

You can go to Stage 1 by bike, bus or car. The locations of the various stages can be reached by walking (recommended way for the average geocacher), by mountain bike (you need to be in rather good physical condition) or even by riding a horse (if you are an experienced horse rider).

Close to the given coordinates there is a house which in former times hosted an inn. Look for the sign which tells you the number of this house and its address.
  • A: The first digit of the number of the house.

The address (community) consists of two words. In the second word two letters occur twice. Let us call these letters L2 and L3 (in this order, i.e., L2 occurs before L3 in the word under consideration).
  • B: The number obtained from L2 (via the code z=1, y=2, ..., a=26).
  • C: The number obtained L3 in an anologous manner.

  • D: D = C-B+A-1
The final task at this stage requires you to look for a signpost directed to hikers which can be found close to the former inn. The signpost mentions two trail numbers.
  • W: The trail number that consists of two digits.
  • E: The sum of the two digits of W (i.e., the crossfoot of W).
  • F: The first digit of W.

Do not worry if in some parts of your way to Stage 2 the GPS reception is bad. The reception will improve considerably once you are close to Stage 2.

Stage 2a: N 47° 0E.54A', E 015° 2B.FFA'.

Now you should have arrived at a large building. Do not forget to enjoy the view down on Graz! It cannot compete with the views offered by the new caches in the Weiz area, but this place is reachable also by people like myself who run into troubles in difficult terrain.

  • G: The number of multi-coloured glass windows on the side of the facade which is approached first when coming from the southward direction. (As a double-check: G is a divisor of the number A+B+E.)
  • K: Set K=G+F.

Stage 2b: N 47° 0E.GED, E 015° 2B.F0D

This stage is not far from Stage 2a.
Look for a green signpost directed to sportive people informing them about the distance to three places.
  • H: The digit before the comma of the distance to the inn 'Kreuzwirt'.
  • I: The digit before the comma of the distance to St. Radegund.

Stage 3: N 47° 0C.IDF', E 015° 2B.IBH'.

At this stage you need to find a small white film canister (35mm film). It is hidden at a tree stump and covered with foliage. Look carefully - the item is small and cannot be seen without removing the foliage which covers it. On week-ends with fine weather the area around Stage 3 might be crowded (walkers, runners, bikers, horse riders ...), however, the location of the stump is not in plain sight. Some care not to disclose the location of the microcache to other people might, however, be needed.

The film canister contains a magic formula which you will need later on. Since hiding the film canister was a spontaneous idea, there is only a single copy of the sheet with the formula (the second sheet contains a German translation). So please be so kind and do return the two sheets into the canister before hiding it again.

Stage 4: N 47° 0C.GCC', E 015° 2G.CFK'.

You will find yourself close to a building.
At the front door you will find two carvings; one on the left and one on the right hand side. Let L4 be the letter that occurs twice on the right side.
  • M1: The number that results from L4 via the code z=1, y=2, ....., a=26.
  • Y1: The year date on the building (consists of 4 digits, two on each side).

Now have a look at the smaller building at the other side of the path.
  • Y2: The year date that can be found there.
  • Y: Let Y=Y1+Y2.
  • X: The sum of the digits of Y.

Some final calculations
  • M = M1*D.
  • U = X-K
  • V = M-P*X+A

According to old myths malignant witches, sorcerers and dwarfs are sometimes present in the wood area which you have to pass to arrive at the final stage. To safeguard against these evil creatures who would love to find the cache before you (in particular as long as the special surprise has not yet been removed from the final cache), the coordinates of Stage 5 are given in encrypted form below. To get the real coordinates you have to apply the magic formula to the last four digits of the minutes (i.e., to all digits which are represented by letters below).

The coordinates of Stage 5 in encrypted form are

N 47° 0U.VAF', E 015° 2K.IFE' (do not forget to apply the decryption step to the undisclosed digits!)

It might be safer to enter the encrypted version directly into your GPS and to refrain from writing down the correct coordinates on a piece of paper - the evil creatures are too old-fashioned to know how to use GPS devices. Usage of cellular phones for notes is at your own risk. There are rumours that the evil creatures are already familiar with such phones.

Hint: If you prefer to stay on trails, the best way to reach Stage 5 is to go back on the path you came on your way to Stage 4 until you meet a marked trail going down (there are several signposts at that crossing).

Stage 5: ENCRYPTED!!! N 47° 0U.VAF', E 015° K.IFE'

The cache container is well hidden in a natural accumulation of stones which are located below some larger rocks. The location is not very far from the nearest path, but not visible from the path (which moreover is usually not that heavily used).

The cache container is an oval-shaped tupperware-like box (maximum length 15.5cm, minimum length 11.5 cm, width 6.5 cm, height 6 cm) in a zip-log bag (please make sure to close the bag well before you hide the cache again and be careful not to destroy the bag when you put the box back to its hiding place).

Comments on the idea behind the cache
This cache is a moderate contribution to making the sport with which the questions in Stage 0 deal with more known. The performances of the top athletes are magnificent, but what is even more important is that this sport can be practised also at a much lower level and that it typically has a very positive impact on the personality of those practising it. The untypical name of the cache has a similar source. Quino is a wonderful horse to which almost everyone will lose his/her heart after a few hours of acquaintance. A picture of him is enclosed.

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[Stage 3, Hint 1:] Arne gur fghzc gurer vf n fznyy gerr jvgu n pheirq gehax.
[Stage 3, Hint 2:]
Fgnaqvat va sebag bs gur uvqvat cynpr, lbh ybbx vagb gur qverpgvba bs n pyrnevat.

[Stage 5, Hint 1:] Ybbx sbe ybbfr fgbarf - znexrq ol gerr oenapurf.
[Stage 5, Hint 2:] Pybfr gb na hcebbgrq gerr. Nabgure hcebbgrq gerr pna or frra hc gur fybcr.



Spoiler: Close-up of hideout of micro (Stage 3) / Nahaufnahme Versteck des Micros (Station 3)
Spoiler: Close-up of hideout of micro (Stage 3) / Nahaufnahme Versteck des Micros (Station 3)
Spoiler: General area of Stage 3/ Zielgebiet von Station 3
Spoiler: General area of Stage 3/ Zielgebiet von Station 3
Spoiler: New hideout (general area) / Neues Versteck (Umfeld)
Spoiler: New hideout (general area) / Neues Versteck (Umfeld)
Spoiler: New hideout of the final cache (close-up) / Neues Versteck des Endcaches (Nahaufnahme)
Spoiler: New hideout of the final cache (close-up) / Neues Versteck des Endcaches (Nahaufnahme)


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Hinweis 27. Dezember 2008 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

About one year ago I wrote that this cache drives my crazy and this is even more true now.

In Spring I fixed another problem with Stage 1 (the old hiking signs have been removed and exchanged by new ones with a different contents). A few weeks ago I finally managed to visit Stages 2 and 3 and to come up with a
change for Stage 2b and a reasonable fix for Stage 3. I did not want to reactivate the cache again, however, before having visited the final stage of the cache.

Today I managed to visit Stage 5 and already on my way to this stage I got quite shocked about the "chainsaw massacre" that takes place at various locations in the area at the moment. I even had to take a detour to reach the cache area.

At first I was relieved since it appeared to me that the cache area has not been effected. So I started to search for my own cache. Somehow I was not able to find the right location. At first I thought that the snow makes things look differently. After a while I got quite frustrated. At this time I already have made my decision to archive this cache as I cannot think of a suitable alternative hideout area that will be spared from further forestry works.

Nevertheless I continued my search as I wanted to refrain from leaving geolitter. I then switched over to looking also near tree stumps even if they did not look to be fresh ones and after a while I really succeeded and found the cache container. The hideout area looked very different than at the occasion of my last visit, but the cache container was surprisingly still in good condition. I took the container with me. Maybe I will reuse it for a new cache that I have mind and that I intend to hide next spring (if noone else hides a cache in the area I have in mind before me).

It was not an easy decision to archive this cache as this cache and the area where it is hidden are linked with many emotions. As I do not see any chance to turn the cache again into a cache that is acceptable for myself, I had to give up, however.

My special excuses go to those cachers that have already solved the homework part and never managed to visit the cache. I have put quite some effort in maintaining this cache (Stage 4 is the only one that never caused any troubles), but finally it is time to give up and say good-bye to this cache. Quino, to whom this cache has been devoted to, has left the place already quite a while ago. Moreover, by now there exist several traditional caches quite close to stages of this cache. So maybe it was just time for this cache to be archived.

gefunden 30. März 2008 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Den Wegweiser bei Station 1 konnte ich leider nicht finden, aber Cezanne hat mir die Info freundlicherweise zukommen lassen. (Wir meinen: Der ist wohl einer umfangreichen Wanderwegneubeschilderung zum Opfer gefallen.) Alle anderen Stationen liessen sich dann aber problemlos lösen (bis auf Station 3 natürlich - die Zauberformel hab ich ebenfalls von Cezanne bezogen). Eine kleine Herausforderung war vielleicht das Schild bei S2b, das schon so dermaßen verwachsen ist, daß man es regelrecht suchen muß. Also, falls hier ein Beschilderungsverantwortlicher mitliest - wir Cacher kommen damit schon zurecht, aber das Schild ist wohl aus einem bestimmten Grund aufgestellt worden, oder? Absolut keine Probleme gab's mit dem Cache und seinem Versteck: Alles absolut intakt und wohlauf. Die Umgebung hat zwar durch Sturm Paula und "Heavy Woodworking" tatsächlich nicht gerade an Charme gewonnen, aber dafür hat's jetzt ein kleines "Tischchen" direkt neben dem Versteck, was ich persönlich als sehr praktisch empfunden habe.


gefunden 02. Dezember 2006 Waldschratbrigade TLU hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachdem uns die Cacheownerin die Zauberformel geflüstert hat, sind wir los, um den Schatz zu heben.
Schöner Spaziergang, beim Final haben wir Lamas gesehen!

Hinweis 19. November 2006 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[EN:] Apparently I am since quite some time almost the only one who visit this cache. Today I visited the area again. While the final cache is fine, the micro at Stage 3 is missing (again strangely the plastic bag was still there). I probably will replace it by a virtual stage as the cache is visited so irregularly lately.

[DE:] Endcache ok - die Filmdose bei Station 3 fehlt.
Da der Cache mittlerweile so selten besucht wird, werde ich die Station wohl in eine virtuelle Station umwandeln.

Hinweis 05. Dezember 2005 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

[DE:] Ich habe die fiktiven Start-Koordinaten ein wenig verschoben, um DeeJay58s Park Cache #5 nicht im Weg zu sein.

[EN:] I have move the fictive starting coordinates of this cache somewhat in order to avoid collisions with Deejay58 park cache #5.