Fuchs und Hase

 Easy hike on the Rendezvous-Mountain in the outskirts of Vienna. Suitable for children

von Gavriel     Österreich > Wien > Wien

N 48° 18.995' E 016° 24.784' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 06. Oktober 2003
 Gelistet seit: 24. August 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 13. Oktober 2017
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This cache will take you to the area of the Rendezvousberg. This is an agricultural area with some historical background. The distance to be covered is approximately 5 km (depending on starting point). The terrain is easy, the paths are agricultural roads and hiking trails (except the last 50 meters to the cache)

I've chosen this place for my third cache because there seemed to be a sort of vacuum in this area that needed filling . If you have ever wondered where the Rendezvousberg has got its name from, on this cache-hunt you will find out. From certain parts of the route there is a magnificent view over Vienna. The tracks are quite good (sometimes grasscovered), I guess a sturdy baby buggy could be taken along without too many problems (except for the last 50 meters).
Many animals live in that area: Hares, roe deer, partridges and many more. So if you take along a dog, please keep it under control.

There are at least two points where its equally logical to enter this area. There is a bus-stop and a parking area at N 48° 19.175', E 016° 24.236' (near the Zigeunerbründl). Another possibility is to come from Stammersdorf (Line 31 near N 48° 17.880', E 016° 25.229'). Therefore I'll give you the coordinates of 6 locations where you will have to derive some information. It is up to your own decision in which order you solve the stages. Just a little hint: If you come from the parking area then 1-2-3-4-5-6 would be a good possibility in order to avoid unnecessary zig-zagging. If you come from Stammersdorf then 5-4-3-2-1-6 wouldn't be too wrong.

STAGE 1: N1 48° 18.995', E1 016° 24.784' At this place you will find some informative objects that are usually found in darker places. Near the lower right corners you will find some numbers. One digit appears more frequent than the others. Sum it up as often as it appears and call the result H.

STAGE 2: N2 48° 19.223', E2 016° 24.968' The hiking trails leads alongside a building. Only this side of the building is needed for the following task: Divide the number of windows by the number of doors and call the result G.

STAGE 3: N3 48° 19.144', E3 016° 25.197' Find out how many rows the vineyard has and call the number C.
Convert the first letter on the border stone into a number (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26) and call it B.

STAGE 4: N4 48° 19.220', E4 016° 25.217' Nearby (about 50m to the northnortheast) you can find the remains of an old "fortress" (dating back to 1866, the Prussian War). Explore the place, what is to be seen here: wooden palisades: A=7; F=8
trenches: A=8;F=9
concrete walls: A=9;F=8.

STAGE 5: N5 48° 19.019', E5 016° 25.373' That's my favourite place (apart from the cache, of course). How many mythological creatures do you see here? Their number + 1 make up the number E. One of the creatures tells you the name of their father. Convert the last letter of the name into a number (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26) and call this number D.

STAGE 6: The question has moved to Stage 3

Now you have all the necessary information in order to calculate the final coordinates.

N7 48° 1A,BDC E7 16° 2E,FGH

The cache is covered a little bit in order to avoid accidental spotting. Please hide it well again. Mind the Ants

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1: Bayl gur ahzoref arne gur pbearef, abg gubfr va gur grkg.
5: Pbhag znyr naq srznyr perngherf, ohg abg gur svfu.

7: Ng gur sbbg bs n snyyra gerr (abg gur ovttrfg bar). Haqre fgbarf naq oevpxf.



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Hinweis 13. Oktober 2017 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Stage 4 diebstahlsicher an die Erde gebunden Cool

kann gesucht werden 06. Juli 2016 Gavriel hat den Geocache gewartet

Frage 6 zu Stage 3 übersiedelt

gefunden 18. Januar 2016, 11:17 swasti hat den Geocache gefunden

Eine echt schöne runde. Heute mit cachedog cora abgegangen.
Alle notwendigen Infos wurden gefunden.

Danke an Gavriel für das Verstecken einer Dose hier an diesem Ort und vorallem das zeigen dieses netten plätzchens.


gefunden 31. Oktober 2015 AnnaMoritz hat den Geocache gefunden

Für Cezanne schlug ich diesen Cache vor, hier sollte außerdem die Sonne solid herscheinen, wenn sie schon mal scheint (ein Sonnenschutz wär dann nicht schlecht gewesen). Feine Runde, sehr nett. TFTC

gefunden 31. Oktober 2015 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Today AnnaMoritz suggested this cache to me and after a quick glimpse at the description and taking the T=2.5* rating into account I ended up with the impression that this cache would be a good choice for today and in retrospect this initial judgement proved to be correct.

We parked at the recommended parking coordinates where when we arrived there was still ample of space which had changed at the point of time of our return. In retrospect I could have refrained from putting on my trekking boots. The ground was dry and the terrain was easy.

The description had made me expect something different at Stage 1 than what we actually found. Obtaining H was no issue for us and so we continued to Stage 2. Fortunately, we did not have to search for a container at this stage as I'm very bad at finding caches at such locations and if they are hidden high up I have no chance anyway. I prefer multi caches with virtual stages very much to caches like that one https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC4CPN6&title=alte-ruine . I wonder about the history of the building.

Somehow we ended up at Stage 4 before we then went to Stage 3. Of course we could find a vineyard at Stage 4 [:)]. The question for Stage 4 was however easy to answer at this point. We had a short look at the Unterm Mistelzweig cache https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC4CVCN&title=unterm-mistelzweig but did not make any effort to search for the cache though it would probably have been a very cheap find (and not at T=4* level). Actually, I even needed the help of AnnaMoritz for seeing the mistletoe and I certainly could not have climbed up there.

As we had left out Stage 3 we had to visit it after Stage 4. Fortunately, AnnaMoritz suggested to count the rows at the right - I was confused due to the many rows at the left side.

On our way to Stage 5 AnnaMoritz already conjectured correctly the type of object we would encounter there. Counting the mythological figures was easier than expected and so only Stage 6 was missing.

Before visiting Stage 6 we made a detour to a nearby traditional. Without AnnaMoritz I would have missed the border stone and in any case would not have found letters on it. At a later point we encountered however a border stone where even I could clearly read the letters.

I'm not sure whether we took the best route to the final, but in any case we ended up at the right area and AnnaMoritz was first to spot the cache. The cache container and its contents are in proper condition.

Thank you very much for hiding this nice cache and for maintaining it for more than a decade, something not very common nowadays when caches get archived much sooner and where many cachers are proud to reuse locations that have been used for other caches over and over again to provide new chances for a find for the number hounds.

It was a nice and very knee-friendly walk on a sunny day with mild autumn weather. I would not have come to this interesting area without this cache - I still do not know however why the area got its name. We did not have a rendezvous there.

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