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Singing Waters

Geological phenomenon. 1km

von Captain Cook     Belgien > Prov. Liège > Arr. Liège

N 50° 30.172' E 005° 43.022' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 22. August 2002
 Gelistet seit: 05. Oktober 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 28. September 2017
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Beschreibung    English

The cache is hidden in a side-valley of the Sécheval, the Dry Valley, a valley without surface water.
The ground is so water permeable that every water disappears in the subsoil.
After more than 24 hours the water reaches the huge grotto of Remouchamps and flows from there into the river.
The vanishing water often makes a singing noise that’s why these places are called Chantoirs.

To avoid problems with barking or sleeping dogs we suggest you to park your car at N 50° 30.015 E 005° 42.900.
The lower part of the track (that leads you to the cache without passing the dogs' farm) is even much more idyllic.

The cache is hidden before you reach the Chantoir "Trou Le Coq" at N 50°30.172, E 05°43.022.
The cache is a blue Tupperware-style box.

The New Life Outdoor Activity Centre gives the geocachers permission to search for the cache, but of course the cachers are NOT allowed to enter the grotto.
If you are interested in a visit to the grotto, please inform yourself on www.newlife.be.

New Life Outdoor Activity Centre vous donne la permission de chercher la cache sur le site du Chantoir.
Il ne vous est cependant pas permis de visiter la grotte sans guide. Si cette visite vous intéresse, veuillez contacter www.newlife.be.
Le respect de cette règle permettra de conserver cette cache. Merci de votre compréhension.

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gefunden 18. Mai 2024, 09:48 tuggi70 hat den Geocache gefunden

Une petite ballade journalière à la recherche de boîtes de tout genre. La vôtre fait partie des découvertes du jour. Merci  Captain Cook pour la pose. Salutations.
Trouvaille #100

gefunden 26. September 2017, 17:53 Tyrael hat den Geocache gefunden

Nice to visit this place.


gefunden 01. November 2007 vampirhummel hat den Geocache gefunden

Today we took our first stroll to this interesting place. It was really interesting to see how the water vanishes and by the way, we also had some exercise for later on how to climb steep paths that are wet and muddy We enjoyed this one!


gefunden 02. August 2005, 08:05 harrieklomp hat den Geocache gefunden

Na een korte wandeling deze cache goed kunnen vinden.

Ni Nu.

Gr Harrie

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Singing WatersSinging Waters

gefunden 24. Juli 2003 radioscout hat den Geocache gefunden

A nice and very interesting cache location but no singing water could be heard.

in: Calender and Dolphin from the cache Bismarks Eagle
out: glue stick