Ruine Altwartenburg

Castleruin Altwartenburg in Salzkammergut - approx. 2k north from Timelkam

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N 48° 01.000' E 013° 37.275' (WGS84)

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I Geofried of Cacherloven (however simply call me Geo Cacher!)should tell you of my adventurous escape from the hunger tower to Old- Wartenburg?

Now, then is it! Way home from one of the countless battles, i want to rest here for a while. First I think to take the secret way of for instance a 3/4 mile. My horse would then have grazed somewhere with N48 00.467 and E13 37.694 (this secret code for orientation from the old time will say you probably nothing today). This way would lead then past the New-Wartenburg up to the last servant dwelling, turned left a narrow zigzag path to the castle runs uphill.A5FB7BE0-3DB5-0C6B-7FBC-FC4F9B32D645.jpg

But like the fate took I took undauntedly the main entrance.Approaching from Timelkam to Ried, shortly after a 'streetblockade'(red-white i resume) i turned right to Altwartenburg - Then i parked my horse at N48 01 and E13 37.275. So my tired legs had only one quarterly mile up to the castle entrance.

I wanted to enter the castle secretly through one of the A windows at the castleside. ( I had here a bad reputation ), they were nevertheless too high for me.
So i entered the main gate , my first way leads to the bar under the roof. My dried up throat required some Wikinger blood (a delicious mixture from Met and cherry juice). I awarded to that somewhat too violently, then the guards noticed me. In order to convince it from my soberness , i wanted to decipher a inscription: ' 18 fg... ' I could hardly announce. The remaining two numbers of BC were appropriate before me .Nevertheless already on the tongue -however too late ...all went black.

A014C8B2-0D55-55F4-D93F-86BDD913E9E8.jpgHardly awakening i recogniced to be pulled over a long bridge...  - crazy, how your mind works in such situations...more crazy -they take the bridge away later -so no bridge now!!

The goal was clear ,they brought me into this round tower, hunger tower it was called. There I sat now looking sadly trough E lattice bars from the upper window. This is the end my only friend, the end of our elaborate plans ....comes to my mind.

Some meters away from the tower they dragged us for the interrogation.To put on the thumb -screws they had some modern devices: Ever one of these consisted of 2 Stone monuments, in which altogether F finger-thick holes were. For camouflage (after the TS-prohibition of the ERU of 1147) they disguise these repeatedly with wood.

The desire for liberty continued to increase. My fellow prisoner , Edmond, meant he is experienced in such things, and so we planned our escape. An underground course to dig (was it to NE or E?) , is not so simple, as it sounds. Suddenly - after months, years? - we arrived into a kind of cellar, a treasure vault? Boxes, tins with all kinds of contents - we took plenty of them - only a roundarch- door blocked us the way. I see it still like today: Over the hinges the arch consisted of G large stones. With last strength we succeeded to lift it of the fishing rods (not without noise) - the alarm starts...

But I knew from an secret underground course. However we could not carry all treasures forward, so we deposited a part reliably. Fast as possible we escaped ,also destroyed some props, which led behind us to an enormous chaos (still today they search for this course in vain). The course ended in Schoendorf, where we hid a further part of the booty. (however that is another story). Our ways separated here. Edmond - Dantes was he called i believe , in the meantime he have become world-famous, perhaps you have heard of him.

Oh,where we hid the treasure? Between great stones! Hmm, that was atN48 00.(AB*(C+E))+(CE*G)-A und E13 37.FF*E-(2*(E+C)) - however as said, that nowadays will say you not much...

From the secret diaries of GvC (to controll your answer for point A): Here you could bite on Granit ,if you dont find the numbers that written on it. the last be called A (Hint: gate)

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nccebk. gra zrgref sebz cngu va gur hccre uvyy.



Cachers Arrest
Cachers Arrest
Spoiler ! Nur für den Notfall
Spoiler ! Nur für den Notfall


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Momentan behördlich gesperrt - zwecks altem Gemäuer

  Neue Koordinaten:  N 48° 01.000' E 013° 37.275', verlegt um 519 Meter

gefunden 18. August 2012 mike3000 hat den Geocache gefunden

Wirklich toller kurzer Multi ganz in npg-Manier. Danke fürs zeigen, war das erste mal hier oben. DFDC

gefunden 04. Februar 2010 DANcacher hat den Geocache gefunden

Es war sooo kalt.....! Aber trotzdem gefunden.


gefunden 16. August 2007 ghjacaru hat den Geocache gefunden

auch diesen cache hab ich erst beim 2. anlauf gefunden. hätte den text besser lesen sollen, weil wenn man "zwischen zwei großen steinen" überliest, ist man selber schuld! netter cache ohne gps-notwendigkeit! ich liebe es!

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