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1st Gibraltar

 On the Gibraltar rock

von mafra     Gibraltar

N 36° 08.046' W 005° 20.911' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
 Größe: normal
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Versteckt am: 28. Oktober 2002
 Gelistet seit: 13. November 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 27. August 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0AFB
Auch gelistet auf: geocaching.com 

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On the Gibraltar rock


Beware of apes
Beware of apes


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gefunden 29. März 2018, 18:40 greennex hat den Geocache gefunden

It was a nice day at Gibraltar. Collecting some caches is a must do.

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 25. Februar 2018, 10:40 Dr.Acula hat den Geocache gefunden


from 23th to 25th of february a group of 37 geocachers from Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg undertook a journey to Morocco, Spain and Gibraltar. To save paper we mostly signed the logbooks with "MaGiSpa 2018".

On the third day we started in Spain again. Afterwards we went for our second trip to Gibraltar. Today we finally entered the rock itself. In the afternoon it was sadly time to say good-bye and return to our homeland.

In the morning we undertook a little tour with big taxis. It was the best way to reach the wanted locations, since we had only time until one o'clock. Of course this was one of the caches we wanted to do anyway. The 1st Gibraltar was definitely worth a visit with many coins and TBs in it.

Team: den Hasen & Dr.Acula - together with "MaGiSpa 2018"

Found at 25.02.2018 / 10:40 am

in: TB
out: TB

Many thanks for the cache to mafra.

Greetings from Germany,
OC #226
( Σ #2397 )

gefunden 02. November 2016, 16:00 westprignitz hat den Geocache gefunden

15.06 Uhr
Eigentlich ist das Besteigen des Affenfelsen nicht so anstrengend, wie ich es befürchtet hatte. Der Abstieg ist auch recht angenehm, zumal die Wege gut sind und einige Cache es kurzweiliger werden lassen.
out: TB

gefunden 26. Oktober 2016, 20:59 Knocky737 hat den Geocache gefunden

**Knocky`s & Cachedog Mondi`s WCT #007**
*Day 9: The Tanger & Gibraltar day*

After the long walk within the Sierra Nevada and the long drive to La línea today was a relaxing day starting with the ferry trip over to Tanger. Even though it was a bit bumpy, the cachedog took the boattrip easier than expected ... looks like our regular "ferry training" at home has taken effect [:o)][:D] After visiting the event with HHnilsHH and the only "Tanger cache", I had a late breakfast at the "Jardin des Nations Unies" and a nice walk to the "Eglise Francaise" we took the ferry back.

When returning back at Gibraltar it was the first time that someone wanted to see the animal passport of my cache dog ... good that I had it with me [B)]. The first stop was the cache "North bastion wall" from which we followed the stairway up the "Upper rock" passing the "Moops Road" cache and the "Lime Kiln" where I had a DNF [:(]. When entering the National park area where I paid the "Walkers only" fee, the guard warned me about the monkeys that "really don't like" dogs. Since I didn't want to take the risk of an attack, I only stayed within the lower part visiting the "1st Gibraltar", the "Ghost battery", "Devils Gap", the "St.Michals Cave", the mystery "The Gib monkeys Puzzle cache" and the "First Pillar of Herades" before we headed down to the city again.

On the way to the camper I then visited the cache "La verja" and "Playa de Levante" before we left to Sevilla. When we reached the camper stop within the city, it was 21:30 ... again a long day - much longer than expected but a great excursion [:D]

TFTC, mafra and your contribution to a great holiday tour with this hide!

1x TB drop

gefunden 17. März 2016 hmpfgnrrr hat den Geocache gefunden

While slowly walking down from top to bottom of the rock we passed this very old cache. Too bad that it is only a mirco container now.