Splitting the Stream

Visit an unknown part of the Brigittenau, suitable for strollers

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Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 48° 14.700' E 016° 22.486' (WGS84)

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The 20th district of Vienna (Brigittenau) is less known among tourists as it doesn't have as many outstanding sites as the inner city. Nevertheless you will see some very interesting examples of architecture on this walk. In earlier centuries the Brigittenau was a large flood plain forest, mainly used for hunting. Only when the Danube was „regulated“ at the end of the 19th century the area began to take it's current form.
The starting point (near Friedrich-Engels-Platz) can be reached by various means of public transports: 11A, 5A, 31, 33, N. At the end you will be near other public transports. The cache can also be done by bicycle or (if you are more skilled than I am) on inline-skates. Strollers can be taken along, except the last few meters everything is paved and basically flat. The cache can be combined with a tour to some of the Heurigen in the 19th district.
At the final stage you may have to watch out for people walking their dogs there (be careful where you step). It might be useful to bring some sort of one-way-glove for the cache-retrieval (the ant-populations are still growing and the hiding place itself is quite moist).

STAGE 1 - A swedish Saint: N1 = 48° 14.700' and E1 = 16° 22.486'.
This amazing building was built shortly after the end of the 30-Years-War. When the cannons of the swedish army missed Archduke Wilhelm (the emperor's brother) in his tent he decided to have this chapel built here. It is dedicated to St.Brigid because she made the cannons go amiss (according to legend). Unfortunately it is almost always locked.
Make a tour round the chapel and find the „clock“. Three years can be found on its plate. Sum up the three years, add together the digits of the sum and call the result A. Above the entrance to the chapel you will find a plate with some information about the building. On the lower right corner there is a number, let's call it B.

STAGE 2 - Former Wildlife: N2 = N1 + A - 1 and E2 = E1 + B + 2*A - 6.
The animals that used to live here long ago have left a few traces of their existence: aquatic life-forms on one side, fur and feathers on the other side. Let the number of (all) birds be C. Find the eels and count the adult fish (you will know what I mean when you start the counting) on this half of the plate (including the eels) in order to derive the number D. Before you leave take a look around at the buildings there.

STAGE 3 - Graveyard of Science: N3 = N2 + C*D - 1 and E3 = E2 + D*D
The deeds that are honoured here are not directly related to the 20th district. At the moment it is quite obvious that it is not a graveyard, but I wonder how this place looks like in winter.
About 10 m away from the coordinates you may already have stumbled over some cats. Take the number of adult cats as E and the number of kittens as F. Closer to the coordinates are some fish, let their number be G.

If you are looking for a shortcut to the next stage: Follow the smaller road about 100 m towards the north. at the sign sign of the green fir-tree you will find a crossing.

STAGE 4 - Dark Dwarves:
N4 = N3 + D*E*F*G + F*G and E4 = E3 - D*F*G - F*G - C -1

A straight row of black dwarf knights with "golden" heads can be found here (well, when I met them for the first time in the evening light their heads seemed to be golden ...). Take the number of knights as H.

STAGE 5 - The Giant's Thumbscrew:
N5 = N4 + F*H*H - H - E and E5 = E4 - C*H*H + 1

The oldest thing here is easy to identify. Add the digits of the year-number and call the result I. Take the number on the other side as J (ignore the roman numbers).

STAGE 6 - Up and down: N6 = N5 + F*I + D/2 and E6 = E5 - 1 - J/G
Take the number of light-signals on the right-hand-side of the passage as K.

STAGE 7 - The Watchers: N7 = N6 + F*G + J/K and E7 = E6 - B/2
Round ornaments are of importance here. Take the number of round things to be found along the right flank of the animal as L and the number of round ornaments on the shorter side of the building as M.

STAGE 8 - The Cache:
N8 = 48° (M+C),(M*L*D + B/2 + K*M + C*G + H + E)' and
E8 = 16° (2*M),(M*K*F + D*C + E*I + L)

The place is quite open, so I tried to hide the box (a glass that once contained Chutney) in a way it can't be seen accidentally. Have courage and feel for it (I placed two stones there in order to keep the rats away). Make sure that the cache can't be seen at that the two stones are in place.

ORIGINAL CONTENTS (new cache): Cachenote/log, pencil (please do not remove), 3 marbles
The glass is too small for Travelbugs, there is no sharpener.

Happy Hunting

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Hinweis 10. April 2006 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Versteck hat sich in Luft aufgelöst, wird daher archiviert

gefunden 08. Februar 2005 Cocktailmixer hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 28. November 2004 peter61 hat den Geocache gefunden

Found this cache together with Mathilde. We had no problems, except a short discussion at stage 7 about the "runden Dinger" and a little typo with the coordinates at the final station. After checking them again we found the cache without any problems.
Thanks to gavriel for this pleasant walk.


gefunden 14. November 2004 Termite2712 hat den Geocache gefunden

War ein toller Trip und es war spitze.! So lernt man "seinen" Bezirk kennen (bin im 20. Bezirk zuhause)

Der Cache ist in Ordnung.

OUT: eine Münze
IN: ein Ansteck-Pin

termite2712 + Ingrid

[This entry was edited by termite2712 on Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 9:45:00 AM.]

gefunden 04. November 2004 oe1iks hat den Geocache gefunden

Very nice cache !
The GPS was unavailable today, so I had to make do with a 1:20000 map and a semi-broken calculator. But thanks to the creative, but very fitting descriptions that was not really a problem.
Re : ugly district and ugly hiding place : Not at all ! On the contrary, the cache takes you to some nice spots. (cool playground near stage one, for instance ...) The hiding place was NOT disgusting in any way (only maybe a bit muggly for my taste ... had to outwait a group of Japanese tourists and then a granny with two kids, who took their own sweet time ...)

The Ziploc bag is torn.
Pretty container

Out : Pig (mostly because I did not want to have to put it back in )
In : blue pin