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Parry Hotter #5 Der Locus des putredinem (DE/EN)

 The Parry Hotter series is meant for a nice walk in the woods, duration about 2-3 hours. More info below.

von rolX     Deutschland > Baden-Württemberg > Bodenseekreis

N 47° 44.516' E 009° 23.550' (WGS84)

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 Größe: normal
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Zeitaufwand: 1:00 h   Strecke: 2.0 km
 Versteckt am: 24. Dezember 2013
 Veröffentlicht am: 01. Januar 2014
 Letzte Änderung: 22. August 2021
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC105A1
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The Story...


... Lord Moldevort was now feeling the after-effects of the excellent cider from the pub.It was clear to him that if he let a fart go now, material would be involved.  That would probably be too embarrassing after all. So he went to the next position and conjured up Hocus Pocus - a locus and thus got rid of his oppressive stomach contents. Fortunately, Hotter's lead was enough for him to get there before Moldevort. Otherwise the race would certainly have been lost. Because after the visit to Moldevort it stank there so penetratingly that one could not approach the place for at least one hour on 160m.


Info for all caches of the Parry Hotter series:

The Parry Hotter series is meant for a nice walk in the woods, duration about 2-3 hours, ideally with children. I recommend to visit the caches in the order as the numbering indicates. Of course, this is not mandatory. In addition to the wonderful forest trails, breathtaking nature and magnificent views of the mountains, along the way there is a Tarzan rope and other fitness facilities, which increase the fun for children and thus "shorten" the distance. The cache containers in the series are generally all large enough to hold items or TBs (there are already enough micros in the area :-). Nevertheless, I ask that you only place or swap these things in station #3, #5 and the bonus cache (#7). These containers are suitable for this purpose.
Please note.In order for subsequent geocachers to enjoy the cache series, I ask that the bins all be left as they were found. In addition I ask to use the partly installed mechanisms carefully and above all without violence.
Thank you very much.


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gefunden 22. August 2021, 13:00 sTopp hat den Geocache gefunden

TFTC Team sTopp

gefunden 18. August 2021, 13:24 luzzi-reloaded hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute bei diesem Cache vorbeigeschaut und diesen gut gefunden.
Unterwegs mit Stage_Worm im Team Holy Shit.

[:)] [DANKE](https://image.freepik.com/vektoren-kostenlos/danke-in-verschiedenen-sprachen-hintergrund_1043-369.jpg) [:)] für den Cache!

[^] [PROJECT GREEN SMILEY](www.greensmiley.info) [^] - Die virtuelle grüne Visitenkarte

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gefunden 03. Juni 2021, 14:10 SiMeSt hat den Geocache gefunden

Ein wunderschöner Lokus. TFTC

gefunden 03. Mai 2021, 17:43 dutchboy hat den Geocache gefunden

gefunden 22. April 2021, 19:53 helitrek hat den Geocache gefunden

DfdC, helitrek