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Hof Schellmühle (Dwór Młyniska)

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Manor itself and the whole area, named Młyniska, have lush past.
Młyniska's history is inextricably linked with the longest stream of Gdansk called Strzyza (Strieß) and dates back to 1247 when the Cistercians of Oliva bought it with two mills from Prince Świętopełk. In 1261 the citizens of Gdansk founded the next two mills on Strzyza, one of which in the present territory of Młyniska.
In 1515, Hans Lange became the tenant of Młyniska. He had built a saw mill and an oil mill, which have been sold in 1548 to Jakob Schelle. Since then the estate used to be called Schellmühle . It remained in the Schelle family's hands until the mid-seventeenth century. It had been burnt by troops of king Stefan Batory in 1577 but later it has been renovated.  From the sixteenth / seventeenth century comes the oldest Młyniska plan drawn up by the Gdansk surveyor Frederick Berndt .
When the owner of the property was Zygmunt Kerschenstein, Kazimiera Maria, called Queen Marysieńka, wife of king Jan III Sobieski stayed here for 4 days in 1676. In 1743, during the war led by Gdańsk in order to defense King Stanislaw Leszczynski, the Russian army organised a bakery in the buildings of the manor, which was burnt by Gdansk troops.
In the eighteenth century a part of Młyniska was excluded from the estate and it was named Małe Młyniska (Little Młyniska) of Rejerowo (Reiherhhof). After the first partition of Poland all monastery goods were undertaken by Prussian Regime. In 1779, a merchant named Bruch built a new mansion. During this time Młyniska have been converted to the place of unloading ships in order to circumvent the taxes of Gdansk. In the years 1803 - 1805 the new road linking Młyniska with Nowy Port (Neufahrwaser) has been built along Vistula River. The founder of the road was Gdansk merchant, Maciej Broschke. During the siege of Danzig in 1807, Napoleon's army located the base in Młyniska. Manor, a year later, was occupied by the Governor General of Gdansk, Jean Rapp, and destinated for the needs of his lover, Julia Buttcher .
In 1813 the estate once again burnt down as a result of the Russian siege of Gdansk. In 1820 the manor was rebuilt in the classical style . Manor Młyniska survived World War II in good condition and has been divided into apartments. In the 1970's it has been taken under conservation protection, what actually did not prevent it from the devastation. In the mid- 1990's - a company named Elektrociepłownie Wybrzeże SA started the renovation and restoration of the Manor Młyniska. Today the manor is a seat of the company.


Dwór Młyniska
Dwór Młyniska


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