Gassenhauer zum GST3

  The idea behind this multi-cache is to guide you to some of the numerous nice lanes of Marburg which are worth a visit.

von alice     Deutschland > Hessen > Marburg-Biedenkopf

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 50° 48.120' E 008° 46.375' (WGS84)

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Status: archiviert
 Versteckt am: 25. September 2003
 Gelistet seit: 05. Dezember 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 05. Dezember 2005
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The cache has been set up at the occasion of the event cache 3. GeoStammTisch für Ober-, Mittel- und Nord-Hessen.

There are three different routes from the start to the final cache.
Each of the three routes will lead you to two intermediary stages which will provide you with information needed to assemble the coordinates of the final cache.
To obtain all required information, it suffices to follow two out of the three routes. You might want to consider following the third route as well, either as a return way or as a nice manner of extending your walk.

You can leave your car at the following coordinates: N 50°48.120' E 08°46.375'

The cache hunt starts at the coordinates: N 50°48.219' E 08°46.317'
At the starting coordinates you will find 20 digits which will be referred to by the letters g, h until z. These digits are essential for obtaining the coordinates of the auxiliary stages of the three routes (details are given below).

The final cache can be found at the coordinates N 50°48.ABC' E 08°45.DEF'

The auxiliary stages provide you with the digits A up to F.

Route 1

The auxiliary stages of Route 1 are W_1.1 and W_1.2.
The auxiliary stage W_1.1 has the coordinates N 50°48.ghi' E 08°45.jkl'
Within a distance of 8 meters from this stage there is a sign which provides information on a sight in white letters. The digits A and F are obtained as follows:
A is the sum of the second and the third digit of the first year mentioned on the sign.
F is the third digit of the other year mentioned on the sign.

To arrive at the auxiliary stage W_1.2, go irt meters from W_1.1 into the direction hsy degrees.
At this stage you will find two further digits required for assembling the final coordinates.

Route 2

The auxiliary stages of Route 2 are W_2.1 and W_2.2.

The auxiliary stage W_2.1 is located at the coordinates N 50°48.mno' E 08°46.pqr'
Within a distance of 20 meters from this stage you will find an unexpected date of a year on a house (as a check: the crossfoot of this number is 19).   Using the year the digits A and E are obtained as follows:
A is half of the sum of the first and the second digit of the year.
E is the difference of the last two digits of the year.

To arrive at the auxiliary stage W_2.2, go xql meters from W_2.1 into the direction kqp degrees.
At this stage you will find two further digits required for assembling the final coordinates.

Route 3

The auxiliary stages of Route 3 are W_3.1 and W_3.2.
The auxiliary stage W_3.1 is located at the coordinates N 50°48.stu' E 08°46.vwx'
Within a distance of 10 meters from this stage there is a sign indicating several distances for cyclists.   The digits E and F are now obtained as follows:
E is the middle digit of the sum of all distances.
F is the middle digit of the largest distance. 

To arrive at the auxiliary stage W_3.2, go nus meters from W_3.1 into the direction wys degrees.
At this stage you will find two further digits required for assembling the final coordinates.

We wish you a successful cache hunt!

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Hinweis 08. Januar 2005 alice hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Da der Cache seit fast einem Jahr nicht besucht wurde, habe ich heute die Cachebox eigesammelt. Sie ist in perfektem und trockenem Zustand, sogar die Streichhölzer, die drin lagen.
Schade, dass es im Einzugsgebiet von Marburg so wenige motivierte Cacher gibt...

[EN:] Archived since the cache received no visit since almost one year. What a pity that there are so few motivated caches in the area around Marburg.

gefunden 27. September 2003 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

When I set out for this cache, I had planned to do only the first stages today before attending the event cache which will take place this afternoon in Marburg. Although some of the auxiliary stages are rather tricky when compared to typical auxiliary stages of multi-caches in urban areas, I was faster than expected and thus decided to head for the final cache as well.

Fortunately, the weather improved during my walk, at the beginning it was drizzling and I was already worried that I would have to continue my search in heavy rain as it had happened to me a few times in Copenhagen last month.

I will not mention details on the order in which I did the auxiliary stages as this might act as as spoiler. For the same reason, I do not mention which of the auxiliary stages werde easy for me and which were quite hard for me. At some of the auxiliary stages I had to look around quite a while to find the required digits. The GPS reception was not always that fine, but still ok for a urban setting.

The reception at the final location was exceptionally good today. The final coordinates turned out to be very exact. I found the final cache almost immediately, in a much shorter time than I required at some auxiliary stages. The cache box and its contents are in perfect condition, and are waiting for further finders.

It was a big surprise for me to be the first finder of this cache . Though I did arrive in Marburg already yesterday evening, I was too lazy to get up early and also expected that some local cachers would hunt for this cache immediately after the starting coordinates became known.

This cache is exceptionally well-done. It leads you to nice places of one the most wonderful cities in the world. Moreover, the calculations that have to be performed are of a way that they can easily done also by mathematicians without making mistakes and without having to use a pocket calculator (thanks Alpha ).

I also like the set-up of the cache. Unlike most caches with virtual intermediate stages I have done so far, it was not at all trivial to find the required information at the intermediate stages of this cache. It was great fun to find the numbers and digits while trying not to arise thes suspicion of the people around.

Thanks, Alice and Alpha for one of the nicest caches I have done so far.

In: 10 Oere coin from Sweden,
frog figurine from a surprise egg,
Geolutin "Vive le monde du geocaching"

Out: Wooden elephant