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Pučišća Bay

 A little cache at a beautiful place with view to the bay of Pučišća.

von Skaaraquinus     Kroatien > Hrvatska > Istarska županija

N 43° 21.210' E 016° 44.454' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 05. Juli 2014
 Veröffentlicht am: 22. August 2014
 Letzte Änderung: 22. August 2014
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC112FB

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"Situated on the north coast of Brac Island, Pucisca on Brac shelters in the lee of a deep bay. The harbour village got its name from the Latin puteus (well) and marked the place where salt and brackish water mingle. During the Middle Ages it was no ordinary harbour, but was known as the Harbour of Towers. Faced with continuous threats from the sea, the Brač builders constructed 13 defence forts with towers, which became the stone symbol of Pucisca on Brac. Throughout its history, stone has been the most important source of revenue. If Brač stone represents the spirit of the island, then Pucisca on Brac is its throne, for here “not everything is written on paper, but most is carved in stone”. Famous stonemasons like Juraj Dalmatinac, Andrija Aleši and Nikola Firentinac worked in Pučišća, and many prominent buildings in Croatia were built from Brač stone, as was The White House in Washington. Today, the continuation of the masons’ tradition is guaranteed by the superbly organised Stonemasons’ College." If you want to know more about Pučišća then just visit it or take a short look at google. ;-)

Now to the Cache: I just want to show you this place where at you have a wonderful view on the village Pučišća in which I am on vacation every year. It may be an easy one for your statistics but be careful, you need to climb to reach the cache and and also to get the wonderful view.

Also take care of possible dangerous animals which can be found on the island and do not get too close to the edge of the cliff. Do not risk your life at any time. No cache in the world is worth it.

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Yvggyr fgbarf jvguva gur ovt fgbar ;-)



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