Joseph von Eichendorff

 Mystery cache about the german romaticist Joseph von Eichendorff

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N 50° 43.361' E 007° 07.452' (WGS84)

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Our first own mystery cache incl. a theoretical puzzle with a following short outdoor part is about Joseph von Eichendorff (1788-1857), one of the most famous german writers during the age of Romanesque.

Eichendorff in fact did not have any direct connections to the city of Bonn (compared to e.g. Beethoven) but some marks and links to him we find here as well.

Update 28.04.2016: Formula and hint for question 1 adapted as infos in Wikipedia have been changed.
Update 31.08.2014: English description added.
Update 27.08.2014: Cache transferred from GC.com to Opencaching.de


As usual for a mystery the cache is not located at the given coordinates but within a radius of 3 km on the territory of the city of Bonn. If you solve the questions further below then you can calculate the location of the final that can be reached also by wheelchair drivers without additional help.

Radierung: Joseph von EichendorffJoseph von Eichendorff, whose full name actually is Joseph Karl Benedikt Freiherr von Eichendorff, is known as one of the most important german romanticist. He was born in 1788 as son of a Prussian army officer, Freiherr Adolf Theodor Rudolf (1756–1818) von Eichendorff and his wife Karoline (1766–1822, nee Freiin von Kloch). Both parents descend from Silesian royal families.

Joseph began already in younger days with the writing of poems, adding later on as well several novels, plays and epics. One of his most well known work is the novella "Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts" (About the life of a good-for-nothing) from 1826, that the one or other still may know from his school time.

Who's interested in more details about the person, the life and the work of Eichendorff can get extended information e.g. in Wikipedia in the following german or english article about Joseph von Eichendorff:

DE: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_von_Eichendorff

EN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Freiherr_von_Eichendorff

Now let's start with some questions that you should be able to answer with the help of the articles mentioned above (you may need the german one for some parts) and other internet sources:

  1. Joseph von Eichendorff married in 1815 Luise von Larisch, the daughter of a land owner with whom he was engaged since 1809.
    How many kids did they have?
    The number of kids = A
  2. Joseph von Eichendorff and his ancestors were members of the landed gentry and used accordingly a common family coat of arms. In addition there's an dedicated coat of arms for Joseph's own family.
    How many acorns are visible on the red shield of his own royal coat of arms?
    Number of acorns on the shield = B
  3. 3. In Bonn there's a special educaton centre for children that is linked with the name of Eichendorff.
    What's the house number of the institution?
    Single digit cross sum of the house number = C
  4. In the territory of the city of Bonn one street was named after the romanticist.
    In which local centre (not city district) is this street located?
    The number of the first letter of the local centre in the alphabet = D
    The two digit cross sum of the according postal code = E
  5. A little south-east of Bonn you can find a monument for the romanticist Eichendorff, or more precisely a memorial stone. Find out where it is.
    What's the house number of the institution on which premises it is located?
    Single digit cross sum of the house number = F


You can now calculate The coordinates of the final as follows:

N50° (A-1)B.(C*2)(D-C)(D\B)
E007° (B-C)F.(E-D+1)(C*D)

You can check your solution for the coordinates of this mystery at GeoChecker.com.

Beispiel der Handschrift Joseph von Eichendorff

Hand writing example of Joseph von Eichendorff

Hints for the final:

The final is located in a residential area and is accessible from a public road. You DON'T need to enter private ground to grab the box. The direct residents/neighbours are involved, so don't be shy to start searching. Best to read the hints beforehand (probably you will also get a friendly hint by the neighbours Lächelnd). Wrt the arrival we recommend to walk or use bicycle, bus or tram. Car parking is also possible but might be a little challenging depending on the time of the day.

Within the box you will find the logbook incl. a pencil (please leave the sharpener inside). Please close the box after logging carefully and place it back again where you have taken it from.


Enjoy puzzling and searching.

Yours RD07A and family

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Dhrfgvba 5: Cvpgher va gur trezna Jvxvcrqvn ercbeg. Nobhg 8 xz qvfgnapr sebz gur fgnegvat cbvag nf gur pebj syvrf.

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