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A Trip Between Worlds

von cezanne     Österreich > Südösterreich > Graz

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „momentan nicht verfügbar“! Der Geocache selbst oder Teile davon sind nicht vorhanden oder es gibt andere Probleme, die eine erfolgreiche Suche unmöglich machen. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 47° 03.500' E 015° 25.500' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 11. Februar 2011
 Veröffentlicht am: 24. September 2014
 Letzte Änderung: 26. Juni 2017
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC11520
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Beschreibung    English

  • This cache is made up to appeal to your brain and to your heart and to show you a location that is hardly known.
  • Neither expect a motivation for physical activities from this cache nor a scenic landscape nor a nice final location nor a final location that fits to the topic of this cache. Be prepared to invest some time and effort at the main stage of the cache to collect the required information.
  • The cache is in principle suitable for children (playing facilities are nearby), but I did not classify it as kid-friendly due to the tasks to be solved which are too difficult for children (and are not suitable to their way of thinking) and due to the small cache container which moreover does not contain any trading items.
  • Please visit this cache only if you are able and willing to avoid major spoilers in your on-line log which give away the location of Stage 1, the heart of this cache.

Stage 0: Homework

Solve the following word puzzle - use the German language as unterlying language. (With the help of a dictionary, the puzzle should be solvable also by cachers with no knowledge of German, though at an increased difficulty. If you are a nonnative speaker of German and happen to need help, do not hesitate to contact me.) Riddle
Interpret the puzzle's solution as a location-based pointer to Stage 1. This information should suffice for you to know where you need to go and look for Stage 1. Think, however, twice before leaving your home.

Stage 1: The heart of the cache

  • Please visit Stage 1 only during daylight! Visitors are welcome and nothing untypical at Stage 1, but I recommend to refrain from running around with your GPS-r there in order not to attract special attention as geocachers.

  • If you are at the right area, you can start to look out for a location where the following map map
    makes sense. The map will guide you around Stage 1. Walk around the area to solve the following tasks.

Task 1:

To determine the nine variables a-i, use the map together with the following list of words (if you prefer an English version, take this list). Do not forget this list at home. It is indispensable for this cache.

  • For each of the nine variables there exists a corresponding point on the map which is labeled with the name of the variable.
  • For each of the nine points you need to find the most suitable term/word (only one per point) from the list of words. Use associative thinking and your imagination, but do not be too creative. Try to find a common thread (if you get stuck, consult the first hint!) and do not lose yourself in too many details at this level. If your brain comes up with several solutions for a variable that appear to fit to the common thread you identified, then use your eyes and look around.
  • Then assign to each variable the digit which corresponds to the selected word/term.
    (For example, if you match the point labeled with d with the word Oslo, then d is assigned the value 9.)

    c is a bit harder than it used to be right now since three large items are missing and you have to work with the small versions only.

Task 2:

Your walk around the area should provide you also with the answers to the following questions.

  • Q1: Which language leads from English to Hindi?
    j: Number of letters of (the name of) this language.

  • Q2: Ali is living in Sudan. He has 99 friends worldwide. How many friends can he visit without leaving his continent?
    k: The rightmost digit of the number of these friends.

  • Q3: Watch out for a material representing richness (rich material/reiches Material).
    CW: The first part (word) of the answer results in the secret code word (will be needed to obtain background information about the cache.)
    m: The number of letters of the code word CW.

  • Q4: Suppose someone would like to perform Antigone. How many (wooden) rows for spectators are available?
    n: This number of rows.

  • Q5: Use your GPS-receiver to obtain the approximate location of Stage 1 (your exact position will not play a role, but you may use e.g. use the point labeled with c on the map).
    s: The integral part of the minutes of the latitude.
    t: The integral part of the minutes of the longitude.

  • Q6: Not needed for the cache, but for an additional hint (sanity check for the coordinates of the final). Go to the object which is the rightmost polygonal green object on the map. There you will find a colourful text. Remember it.

Stage 2: Final (new hideout) N 47° r.uvw' E 015° t.xyz'

  • r = s - 1
  • u = (3*k - e + 4*g + n + 1) mod 10

  • v = (n + 6*d) mod 10

  • w = (f + m + g + 1) mod 10

  • x = (2*i + h - a + f) mod 10

  • y = (b + c + 2*d - 2*a) mod 10

  • z = (3*j - e - i - d) mod 10

Do not be worried - the operation mod 10 is very simple. It delivers the rightmost digit of the number to which it is applied, and is used here only to reduce the calculation effort. (For example 24 mod 10 is 4.)

  • In case you are unsure about the correctness of your coordinates for the final and feel uncomfortable at the location where you are, make use of the sanity check hint. If the hint does not make sense where you are, doublecheck your results.
  • The cache is magnetic. The hideout is not my preferred one, but it is the best one I could find in this area (among the ones being not off-limit for me and which cannot be easily found without dealing with the heart of the cache) . I recommend weekend visits. Do not visit the cache when it is dark.
  • Please be careful when retrieving and when rehiding the cache and take care not to be observed.
  • Please close the container well and rehide the cache as you found it (respectively conforming to the hint in case it had been moved).
  • Please refrain from spoilers in your log! If the location of Stage 1 or of the final is compromised, I will archive the cache.

Background information on the cache

In case you are interested into background information about this cache send an e-mail with subject ATBW to the address atbwCW@gmail.com where CW is the code word obtained at Stage 1 - use lowercase letters only. (For example, if CW=Hortensie, the address becomes atbwhortensie@gmail.com). You will then receive an automatic reply which provides you with a link to a pdf document containing the requested background information.

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[help for Task 1:] iregvpny qbzvangrf ubevmbagny
[hint for a:] Jung vf fubja urer? Qbrf abg qevir.
[hint 1 for c:] Ynetr thvqrf qvfnccrnerq, zvavgvngher barf fgvyy gurer.
[hint 2 for c:] Abg n ybpngvba.
[sanity check for variables:] svir qvivqrf fhz bs inevnoyrf hc gb a
[sanity check for final location:] 2/1, 3/3, 1/5, 1/4 1/7 .....
[Cache:] Haqrearngu. Frpbaq "cvyne".



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momentan nicht verfügbar 25. Juni 2017 cezanne hat den Geocache deaktiviert

[EN:] Today I removed the final container as the current hideout cannot be used in the long run. I will keep the area around the current hideout object on watch to see how it will develop. This phase can take several weeks - so please stay patient. On another level I will have to make the decision whether to keep this cache or to archive it

[DE:] Heute habe ich den Behaelter am Final entfernt weil das aktuelle Versteck.keine Zukunft hat. Ich werde die Entwicklung des Gebiets um das Versteckobjekt engmaschig beobachten. Diese Phase kann einige Wochen in Anspruch nehmen - daher bitte um Geduld. Auf einer anderen Ebene muss ich die Entscheidung treffen ob ich den Cache weiterbetreibe oder ihn archiviere.

kann gesucht werden 02. Dezember 2016 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

Cache ok.

gefunden 13. Februar 2011 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Visited this cache together with kassandra1105, Mirax and Moewe after leaving the homework-part to Mirax
Well, stage 1 took more effort than expected - I should have taken a closer look at the cache description which mentions that one will need some time for this stage. It might be even more difficult if not a bit frustrating when visiting this cache alone and not in a group. Still we managed to get some values wrong and as it was already getting dark I asked one of the previous finders for a hint (thanks!).
The final location was a bit strange but is probably one of the better locations for a cache given the general area.