Pitcher's Delight

 Round-trip in the area of the "Pitch-Mountain" near Bad Vöslau along mystic places and traces of an old handicraft.

von Gavriel     Österreich > Niederösterreich > Wiener Umland/Südteil

N 47° 58.731' E 016° 11.847' (WGS84)

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Status: kann gesucht werden
 Strecke: 7 km
 Versteckt am: 07. Dezember 2003
 Gelistet seit: 10. Dezember 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 02. November 2017
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Terrain-rating is due to the length of the hike and some differences in height. The terrain is not difficult, no climbing is required (if you end up in an area where you need to climb you are wrong). Hiking boots are strongly recommended, as the tracks are not always even (roots, pine-cones etc.).
Parking area is available near Stage 1.
There are several small caves along the way, none of them is large enough to make a torch necessary (although having a torch is always a good idea when caching).
The length of the whole trip (including return to Stage 1) is approximately 6,5 km (considering one major shortcut). Total differences in height sum up to approximately 300 to 350 m (according to the map and depending on which way you take).

All calculations apply to the last three digits of the coordinates. Upper case letters will be needed to find the final coordinates.

Stage 1: The Hollow Hill
N1 = 47° 58.731', E1 = 016° 11.847' is to be found on one of the many little paths leading up to the Throne. Look out for a red two-digit number and call it z. The first digit will be A.

Take the path leading eastwards and then around the corner in order to find an ancient shore and, if you keep to the left of the wall, a mysterious set of stairs. This area can be slippery when wet, but in this case it is possible to walk through the forest about 10 m to the west of the place.

Stage 2: The Throne
As all paths lead up here I am sure you will find this without coordinates, the object itself is quite obvious (and not very far from Stage 1). Take a seat and enjoy the view. Then find out if you can spot other objectst of the same character as the Throne (but different in size) nearby. You may remain seated to do the counting.
0 Objects: E = 7
1 Object: E = 8
2 Objects E = 9

Stage 3: Shelter
N3 = N1 - z*4 + 4 and E3 = E1 - 30*z - 5
At this place you will find shelter from the rain and information about the old handicraft of pitch-harvesting. Look for the photograph of a jar showing scenes from a pitcher's life and note down the year the jar has been made. Multipy the second digit with the fourth digit of the year and call the result x. Sum up all 4 digits of the year and call the result y.

It is not very difficult to take a shortcut straight through the forest from Stage 3 to Stage 4 (beginning about 50 m after Stage 3). The wood is not very dense and after a while one will hit paths again.

Stage 4: Wounded Tree
N4 = N3 - y*28 and E4 = E3 + x
GPS-Reception is not very good here. I took the coordinates from my second visit, they seemed better to me.
Look for a tree that bears the marks of pitch-harvesting. Count the clearly visible horizontal cuts on the northern side of the tree and call the number w. There are several trees of that type at this place, the tree you look for has a slightly greenish colour on the northern side (the neighbouring trees don't have this colour). The cuts come in two groups on this tree. On the backside of some of the trees you can see the pure essence of Jurassic Park still dripping down the trunk.

Stage 5: An important ability
N5 = N4 - 6*w - 6 and E5 = E4 + y*x +w*w - 21
At this place you can practise something that may be important for the final stages of cache-hunting. There are several numbers to be found here. Take the lowest of the numbers and call it v. Sum up the numbers and call the result u. If you walk up the tiny little ridge about 20 meters west of the Stage you may find a very comfortable wooden bench with a nice view.

Stage 6: The ovendoor
N6 = N5 + v*w -1 and E6 = E5+ u*3 + 3
The coordinates refer to the place where you have to leave the track (no signal at the ovendoor). Within the ruins there is a little door in the wall where you will find the secret number t. The first digit of the number is C. The iron door has vanished over the years, but you can still see the frame in the wall. Be careful, the pile of rubble may be slippery.
A few meters above the door you can turn yourself into a 'vanille-kipferl' icon_smile_wink.gif.
It may be worthwhile to explore the area immediately eastwards of the ovendoor, there are some caverns where very fine sand has been collected.

Stage 7: The Pit
N7 = N6 + t*7 + 2 and E7 = E6 + t*3
This may be a collapsed cave. With the pit in your back note down the number and call it s. The second digit will be D.

Stage 8: A Tragedy
N8 = N7 + 7*s + 2 and E8 = E7 + 9*s - 5
When has the memory of the tragedy been renewed? Take the last digit of the year, divide it by 2 and call the result B. Substract the third digit from the second digit and call the result F.

This monument is currently (Nov.2017) damaged, the renewal took place 100 years after the tragedy.

Stage 9: The Cache
N9 = 47° 58,ABC and E9 = 16° 11,DEF
The Cache is hidden in a beautiful karst landscape (in this case beauty is in the eye of the cache-owner icon_smile_wink.gif.

The Cache is a 12x9x6 cm plastic-container and contains: Cachenote+Log+Pencil (please do not remove), various trading items.

Please hide it well again, so animals can't pull it out of its hiding-place.

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Hinweis 02. November 2017 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Neue Dose hinterlegt. Cachegröße entsprechend geändert. Textpassage für Stage 8 etwas angepasst (aufgrund Beschädigung)

gefunden 22. Februar 2016 pri0n hat den Geocache gefunden

Vor 2 Tagen sind wir zu zweit den Spuren des Pechers gefolgt, haben dann wegen des wirklich wunderbaren, frühlingshaften Wetters von Stage 3 aus den "kleinen" Umweg zum Eisernen Tor genommen und sind dann am Rückweg wieder bei Stage 4 eingestiegen. Hier gab es die erste kleine Unsicherheit, da, in unserer Wetterzone wenig überraschend, mittlerweile alle Bäume an der Nord- bzw. NW-Seite grünlichen Belag zeigten. Also haben wir mit mehreren Möglichkeiten weitergerechnet und schnell gesehen, dass da eh nur eine einzige Variante in Frage kommt. Ofen, Grube (wo uns im Augenwinkel noch jemand, der sich im Nachhinein nach einer Email-Konversation als hansi30 herausgestellt hat - viele Grüße!, aufgefallen ist, der sich dort für ein Objekt am Wegrand interessiert hatte ) und Tragödie waren dann wieder glasklar, allerdings trauten wir unseren ermittelten Finalkoordinaten nicht, da sie so gar nicht in die erwartete Richtung zeigten. Nachdem x-maliges Nachzählen bzw. Durchschauen der bei den Stages gemachten Fotos immer dasselbe Ergebnis brachte und wir zudem eh schon recht schwere Beine von vielen, vielen Höhenmetern hatten, haben wir abgebrochen. Als dann abends hansi30s Log eintrudelte, haben wir ihn mit der Bitte, unsere ermittelten Werte zu verifizieren, kontaktiert, und dabei entdeckt, dass wir uns da wirklich auf der Runde nur ganz knapp verpasst haben und noch besser, dass unsere Finalkoordinaten eh gestimmt hätten.
Heute, an meinem freien Tag, war nun neuerlich februaratypisch warmes Wetter angesagt, und so habe ich mich erneut in die Gegend des Harzberg begeben und diesmal das Doserl, dem es übrigens gut geht, problemlos entdecken können.
Vielen Dank für 2 schöne Harzbergrunden und einen feinen Multicache!

In: TB

gefunden Empfohlen 21. November 2015 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Yesterday evening AnnaMoritz and myself agreed upon that this old style multi cache might be a good candidate for us for today in case the weather would not be too bad. Fortunately it was not raining and so we decided to head for this cache. We got started later however than intended as AnnaMoritz forgot something at home and we had to make a detour.

As we had no knowledge of the area we parked a little bit too early. Parking coordinates or a verbal comment to park near the inn would have helped us. We did not mind the extra distance however.
What we found at Stage 1 came unexpected to me as I had expected something else. We took a different approach to Stage 2 than described in the cache description as we continued to the West first. At Stage 2 I would had to guess the value of E while AnnaMoritz indeed understood the task and came up with the right value for E (as it turned out in the end). It's a nice place up there.

We then decided to take a longer approach to Stage 3 which led us end up with additional height meters which were compensated by the nicer route. The information provided at Stage 3 about pitch harvesting was very interesting and I learnt something new. The new coordinates for Stage 4 did not convince AnnaMoritz but after a check we obtained the same result and so we headed there. This time we did not take the longer way, but the short cut mentioned in the cache description. I slowed down our progress in this part considerably.

At Stage 4 we had some debates about the right tree but not about the value of w to take. It was interesting to see how these cuts looks like. It's an interesting area. I like pine forests which are not common in my home area.

At Stage 5 we first thought that something must be wrong but then AnnaMoritz spotted the bench. We did not take the best approach to Stage 6 but after a detour ended up there: another unexpected location for me. AnnaMoritz managed to decipher the required number and so we could head for the next stage.

The task at Stage 7 was easy. The coordinates for Stage 8 looked very reasonable and indeed there we found the last required variables for obtaining the final coordinates.

AnnaMoritz was surprised about the location of the final and felt a bit demotivated. Our doublecheck again led to the same coordinates.

After having had a rest and some food the motivation came back and so we headed for the final. On our way met two unicyclists (unbelievable where they can ride their unicycle - I would not be able to ride a MTB there) and a dog with attached bells.

Once in the target area, we became confident to be in the right area and so it was. After a few minutes it was finally AnnaMoritz who spotted the cache. The cache container and its contents are in good condition. I was very glad that we found the cache as I have already failed to find caches in such areas, in particular if no spoiler picture is available. The hint was not really helpful.

We ended up with considerably more than 6.5km and also with more than 350 height meters and due to my slow walking speed we were back at the starting point later than expected. So we could not go for the originally planned picture hunting multi cache in Mauer and had to select another multi cache which should have become AnnaMoritz's 500-th multi cache find on gc.com (we ended up with an epic DNF however at this replacement cache https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1VMR9&title=voslauer-villen-spaziergang&guid=e2f27d51-41d2-4625-99d7-a90c7c68ab0b ).

I enjoyed the walk very much even though the weather was not the best. Except for a few minutes when it drizzled a bit, it stayed dry however. The terrain was fortunately cezanne-compatible and comfortable enough that I did not have issues with troublesome joints.

I really wish there existed more caches like this. Unfortunately caches where the stress is on the walk and on the locations to be visited along the way and not on special hideout constructions and/or on accumulating many finds per caching day are not any longer fashionable. Multi caches that invite for a walk/hike of decent length are becoming more and more rare - even some of the hiders of some nice multi caches from the early times have stopped to hide such caches. I do not understand why.

When being confronted with the wave of almost drive in puzzle caches and powertrail like cache series in my home area, I ask myself more and more often why I'm still into geocaching. I do not feel that the activity these people are into has anything in common with what geocaching means to me.

It only helps to go for old style caches in other areas. Despite the final frustrating DNF at the multi cache in Bad Voeslau today was a day when I enjoyed geocaching very much. Thank you for showing me locations I certainly would not have learnt to know without geocaching by only following marked hiking trails. It was a delight to visit this cache - so Cezanne's Delight at the Pitcher's Delight [:)].

No trade

gefunden 21. November 2015 AnnaMoritz hat den Geocache gefunden

Das Wetter war nicht so besonders angesagt und zwischendurch regnete es ein bisschen, aber die Runde um den Harzberg hat mir trotzdem sehr gut gefallen, ich mag lichte Kiefernwälder. Nach dem Ausrechnen der Koordinaten hatte ich einen kleinen Hänger, der mit Suppe und Tee bekämpft werden wollte, aber dann ging es wieder weiter. Am Weg haben wir noch zwei Bergeinradfahrer gesehen, der Sport wirkt sehr abenteuerlich. Danke für den Cache.

gefunden 03. Januar 2012 npg hat den Geocache gefunden

Als Aufwärmrunde zum außerirdischen Nachtcache den Wegen oder teils Nichtwegen[:o)] gefolgt -mancher manch neues wegerl versehentlich etwas ausgiebiger erkundet [:o)] ... und nach Fotografierung an so mancher Stelle dem Pitcher zuleibe gerückt und erfolgreich gefunden.

thx npg