Kaiser-Friedrich-Park (Hangeweiher)

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Spring at Hangeweiher
Simple Cache at the entrance of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Park. Since you are already there, go and enjoy the lovely park!
The Kaiser-Friedrich-Park was built between 1908 and 1910 following plans of the Aachen director of gardens Weßberge. The 6,7 ha large park belongs to the category of English gardens. Central element is the pond Hangeweiher (reference point 1) being home to several singing birds, gulls, ravens and crows as well as various aquatic birds such as mallards, mute swans, coots, moorhens, Nile and Canada geese, Muscovy ducks and pochards. The pond was formerly used by the Aachen cloth mills as water reservoir.
In summer one can go on the pond using pedal or row boats. The boat renting station (reference point 2) also accommodates a small kiosk. Apart from big boats you may find miniature boats on Sundays between 11h and 14h being remote-controlled by the members of the club “Modellbauskipper Euregio”. An information board of the club (reference point 3) provides more infos. In addition, the fishing club “1. ASV Forelle Aachen 1965 e.V.” uses the Hangeweiher for their sport. There is unfortunately no info board, but you can often find the fishermen at the south of the pond (reference point 4). According to the club there is quite a lot to catch in the pond, e.g. roach, rudd, bream, tench, pike, perch, carp, crucian carp, catfish, zander and eel.
Apparently all the birds do not care about the ado. So do all the people and relax instead. Especially suited for that are the terraces (reference point 5) with their beautiful flower beds. At the top one can enter the park crossing through a pergola. Those interested in flowers should not miss the rose hill (reference point 6). It is a little bit hidden at one of the side entrances of the garden. Also friends of old trees get not disappointed when looking at the rare trees. Some count more than hundred years such as a white willow (1904), a magnificent katsura tree (1904), a pagoda tree (1907), a silver maple (1907) and others (many at reference point 7). They belong to the stock of the Aachen cloth manufacturer Friedrich von Halfern, who established also the Van-Halfern-Park at the northern edge of the Aachen forest. It has a similarly impressive stock of trees.
If you are rather into architecture than nature, you may visit the cascades of the stream Pau (reference point 8). Feeding the Hangeweiher, the stream Pau passes along the cascade after having crossed another remarkable piece of architecture: Being situated outside of the park, the Triton fountaine (reference point 9) was originally placed at the main railway station and translocated to today`'s position in 1923.
If you are with children, you should not miss the play ground (reference point 10). Here one can train ones skills on the roller scating area, have fun at the climbing rock or spend some time with the rather classic units. Of course, one can also use the table tennis courts. While the children are playing the grown-ups can spend some time in the neighbouring “Café Restaurant Hangeweiher” (reference point 11) being open from Tuesday to Sunday. In summer there is also the option to sun-bath on the large lawn (reference point 12).
For sportiv visitors the park offers many options, as well. You can find joggers on basically every path inside and around the park. In addition, the only outdoor swimming pool (reference point 13) can be visited 7 days a week between May and September. The swimming pool area includes the only 50 m pool in Aachen, an educational pool, and a diving tower with plattforms of 1, 3, and 5 metres. Employees of the city of Aachen can in addition use the tennis courts of their sport club (reference point 14). Or course, also the geocacher is taken care of: the caches “Schnittpunkte” (our own creation), as well as “Freibad Hangeweiher”, and “Yeti's Treffen mit Karlchen und dem Teufel” deal with the Kaiser-Friedrich-Park or can be found inside of it. Speaking about finding caches: of course also this cache can be found here. Have fun!

  • http://de.wikipedia.org
  • http://www.aachen.de
  • http://www.hangeweiher.de
  • http://asv-forelle-aachen.de
  • http://www.modellbauskipper-euregio-aachen.de

and personal long-time experience by many visits to the park Lächelnd

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Easy find in a nice location, first visit after more than 20 years. Thank you for showing us this place and greetings from Germany, Denmark, and Belgium! Abahallo! : Beate and Hermann

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Leider ohne Stift unterwegs. Dennoch haben wir den Cache relativ schnell gefunden, nachdem wir die hohen Bäume mal ignoriert haben :)
Danke fürs Legen des Caches!

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Heute bei einer Runde am Hangeweiher diesen Cache gut gefunden und geloggt. Danke fürs Herführen, Legen und Pflegen.

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