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Marterl (Safari cache)

by GeoLog81     Germany > Bayern > Lichtenfels

N 50° 07.864' E 011° 03.146' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 24 March 2015
 Published on: 24 March 2015
 Last update: 26 March 2015
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC11CD8

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Marterl is the form of the wayside shrine, most common in Bavaria and Austria. It is a wooden or stone pillar, on the top of it is the head with depictions of religious scenes.

On the given coordinates there's a nice marter made of stone. But visiting that coordinates is neither required not enough to log the cache. This is the Safari hunt, so the logging condition is finding another marter, which was not previously logged by other user, and post its coordinates in your log in the format N/S DD MM.MMM E/W DDD MM.MMM, together with the picture of the marter made by you.

The logs that doesn't fullfill the requirements above will be deleted.


This is a virtual Safari-Cache. It isn't placed on any predefined location, but can be logged anywhere. The given coordinates are only an example
You can find other caches with the attribute "Safari-Cache" here.
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Please give the logs in the format "N/S DD MM.MMM E/W DDD MM.MMM" (z.B. "N 48 00.000 E 008 00.000"), so that the locations can be shown correctly on the Safari-Cache-Map

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This geocache is probably placed within the following protected areas (Info): Naturpark Fränkische Schweiz-Veldensteiner Forst (Info)

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Found 31 July 2021 OskarZuFuss found the geocache

Da die Anzahl der OC-Caches in meiner Gegend ziemlich überschaubar ist, widme ich mich momentan lieber den Safari-Caches, allerdings meist andersrum: Ich finde Motive und suche die passenden Safaris dazu :-)

Das Motiv für den Safari-Cache ** Marterl (Safari cache) ** habe ich hier gefunden:
Koords: N47° 52.826 E10° 10.242

Bei diesem Marterl handelt es sich um eine Pestsäule aus dem 16. Jhd mit Patriarchenkreuz am Wallfahrtsweg nach Maria Steinbach. Der Standort ist nordwestlich von Oberbinnwang.

..oooO.............Ein dickes Dankeschön an ** GeoLog81 **
...(.....)..Oooo...fürs Erstellen dieses Safari-Cache
....\...(.....(....).... ** Marterl (Safari cache) **
...............(_/......Gruss aus Kaufbeuren, OskarZuFuss

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Found 28 June 2020, 07:07 wtap found the geocache

N 48° 09.458' E 016° 18.980'

In Österreich, wie in der ganzen katholischen Welt, gibt es jede Menge von Marterl.
Manche sind wirklich alt, manche aus der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts, manche tatsächlich sehenswert, manche eher nur kitschig.

Das Marienmarterl, das ich entdeckt habe, ist zumindest ganz hübsch.

Danke für die Safari!

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Found 26 July 2019 KW1977 found the geocache

N 49 24.367 E 011 17.107

An den o.g. Koordinaten befindet sich das "Rote Marterl" in der Nähe von Winkelhaid bei Nürnberg

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Rotes MarterlRotes Marterl
Rotes MarterlRotes Marterl

Found 22 May 2019 weltengreif found the geocache

Greece, or at least Corfu, is littered with these wayside shrines. This one (N39° 46.070  E19° 52.795) hails from Palia Perithia, a formerly abandoned town, now slowly coming alive again, mainly with and due to all the tourists visiting this picturesque spot. During our hike on the Corfu Trail, Fl0ydt and I were two of them.

TFTC & greets from Erkrath!

Cache #8000 (approx.)

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Wayside Shrine near Palia PerithiaWayside Shrine near Palia Perithia

Found 03 February 2019 Dimer found the geocache

Auf dem Weg zur Familie Markfort in Wolbeck kam ich an das Gedenkkreuz des verstorbenen Seniors vorbei. Bilder gemacht und die Koordinaten ermittelt.

Koordinaten: N51!° 54.581 E 007° 45.442

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