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Grand View Point: Natural picture frame

 Look for a kind of natural picture frame

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N 35° 59.919' W 111° 59.265' (WGS84)

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This virtual geocache is placed next to Grandview Point at South Rim of Grand Canyon, Arizona. On location, you will find a bush / stomp which has one perpendicular branch on his side. So it can be used as a kind of tripod for your camera.

Due to the canyons, the coordinates mybe not that accurate. Although, it should be no problem for you to find the object I am talking of (if not, see spoiler image attached to this listing).

To log this cache, please post a photo which either pictures you and your GPSr at the stomp or which shows the Grand Canyon as it can be seen on the stomp itself (i.e. you have to place your camera in the right angle mentoined above). All other logs without such images will be deleted.

Now, enjoy your stay at the South Rim and take a walk down the canyon trail, if you are common with steep grades (uphill will take twice the time than downhill, remember this!!).


Das Objekt der Begierde
Das Objekt der Begierde


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gefunden 19. Juni 2017, 20:06 MoAnTo hat den Geocache gefunden

Bei der Besichtigung unserer Tour am nächsten Tag zum Colorado runter und wieder hoch, sind wir hier vorbeikommen.

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gefunden 01. Oktober 2015, 22:31 sorahl hat den Geocache gefunden

Wow. Nothing more to say about this place and the Grand Canyon. Oh. I hope I found the right bush and the right branch.

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Grand CanyonGrand Canyon