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Sigismund's Column

 Sigismund's Column (Polish: Kolumna Zygmunta), erected in 1644, is one of Warsaw's most known landmarks

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Sigismund's Column (Polish: Kolumna Zygmunta), erected in 1644, is one of Warsaw's most known landmarks and one of the oldest secular monuments in northern Europe (the oldest in Warsaw). The column and statue commemorate King Sigismund (Zygmunt) III Waza, who in 1596 had moved Poland's capital from Kraków to Warsaw.

King Sigismund III Vasa (Zygmunt III Vasa) was elected as the king of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in the year 1587. His long rule, till his death in 1632, was an uneasy period, marked with wars with Sweden and the Cossac uprisings.  
The column was erected in 1644, on the orders of Sigismund's son and successor, King Wladyslaw IV Vasa. The column was designed by the architect Constantino Tencalla and sculptor Clemente Molli, and casted by the bell-founder Daniel Tym. The sculpture of the king is 2,75 m high, made of bronze.

The column was renovated between 1885 and 1887. The original column cylinder, made of conglomerate from Chęciny, was replaced by the granite one (you can see the original cylinder exposed east from column, near the side entrance to the Royal castle.  
On 1/2nd September 1944, during The Warsaw Uprising, the statue was hit by a German projectile. The column has fallen, but the sculpture was only slightly damaged. After WWII the column was re-erected.

In order to log the virtual, please provide at least one picture taken by you with the column. You don't need to be on that picture, but the picture should be unique and taken personally by you. The date of the log should be the same as the date the picture was taken. Visits from the past are allowed and welcomed.


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gefunden 07. August 2015 Team Brummi hat den Geocache gefunden

While visiting Warsaw we for sure take some photos of the Sigismund Column. As you see it was a sunny day and we enjoyed our stay in Warsaw very much.


Thanks for bring back memorys

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