Mermaid from Ustka

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N 54° 35.363' E 016° 51.186' (WGS84)

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Long time ago in Ustka lived a poor widow and her son. They are very poor, so young man decided to go to the sea. The woman day after day watching for his son on the shore. He doesn't come back long time. Widow cried her eyes out. The situation watched a beautiful mermaid, Bryzga Rosowa and decided to help her. Every day she threw on the shore one salmon. Salmon's liver rubed woman's eyes. Poor widow regained her sight and thus she saw the ship with her son.
The emblem of Ustka is just mermaid holding in his hand a salmon and a sailing ship which widow's son returned on.

Webcam is available under http://www.syrenka.ustka.pl/ and http://www.ustka.pl/pl/contents/content/187/344
The best solution is to have someone that you can call so that they make the screenshot of the webcam with you, while you are there.
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