An eight around Kumberg: Past, present, future?

 My 2nd hiking/walking cache that leads you around Kumberg. The focus is again on the way and not on the cache hunt.

von cezanne     Österreich > Steiermark > Graz

N 47° 09.547' E 015° 32.118' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
 Größe: klein
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Zeitaufwand: 3:30 h   Strecke: 13 km
 Versteckt am: 23. September 2015
 Veröffentlicht am: 29. September 2015
 Letzte Änderung: 26. November 2015
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC12657
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Beschreibung    Deutsch  ·  English

Part 1 (General information about this cache)

  • Target audience: Those who enjoy going for a longer walk and like multi caches where the cache is just a kind of virtual guide along the walk. This cache is about the walk and the scenery along the way (tumuli, old mills/homesteads, paddocks, meadows, forests, many wayside crosses and shrines, beautiful views to the surroundings) and about reflections about the past and future of the area (this aspect motivated the cache name, for more details see this note). Do not expect adventurous experiences and special hideout constructions. Do not come on a hot summer day and if possible choose a day which allows you to enjoy the view. The cache can be done in winter, however be prepared for digging for the final and for a DNF if there is much snow.

    The cache has a similar set-up as my first multi cache around Kumberg and has been hidden out of the same main motivation.

  • Route and terrain information: Expect a walk of around 13-14 km with only moderate height changes which leads you along a mixture of forest trails, meadow trails, field tracks, gravel roads and paved roads (where they could not be avoided) in easy terrain (typically 1.5* or 2*). Depending on your walking speed and the length of your breaks expect to need 2.5-4.5 hours for this cache (runners will be faster).

    The tour starts and ends near the church in Kumberg. The route combines the Kumberg hiking routes 1, 4 (only parts of it) and 5 with parts of the hiking route 768 and some non marked trails. The route has the form of a deformed eight and so you could split up the cache into two legs (the first is longer) both starting and ending at the provided parking coordinates if the whole tour is too long for you in one go.
  • Mode of visit:
    This cache has been set up with walkers in mind. Doing the cache by bicycle is possible in principle, but keep in mind that it is forbidden in many parts of the route. I urge you not to split up this cache into many parts by driving by motorized vehicles as close to the stages as possible. This is not the idea behind this cache. In any case, please respect all driving probihited signs (including those which allow driving for residents).

    I ask you to visit this cache during day time and to refrain from visits in the dark. The (official) trails lead through private property several times (made possible by the kindness of the property owners) and pass by houses closely.
    Be careful when you bring along dogs as paddocks with cows and horses are passed/crossed.
  • Waypoint information: There are two waypoint categories.
    • Stage waypoints: The waypoints for the virtual stages where questions have to be answered have prefixes S1, S2, etc in ascending order of their occurence along the route.
    • Auxiliary waypoints: Auxiliary waypoints are referred to as H1, H2, ...., H9, HA, HB .... and are again numbered in increasing order with respect to their occurence. These points have been added to assist you in finding the right route (important for the additional tasks which are not associated with coordinates, for details see below) or to point out points of interest I did not want to turn into stages (the number of variables and stages should not become too high).
  • Public transportation:
    Kumberg can be reached by the Verbundlinie bus lines 200/201 and 220/221 . Get off at stop Kumberg Ganster (schedule)

Part 2 (Preparation at home)

Apart from classical virtual stages with given coordinates where easy questions have to be answered, this cache involves four additional tasks at unknown locations. To that end, you need to take along the following four photos Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3 and Photo 4.
None of the other photos in the gallery are needed.

Part 3 (Field work)

The field work splits into two parts. You need to visit 9 virtual stages along the way whose coordinates are given. In addition there are 4 additional tasks along the way (no coordinates provided - this is the sole reason for which I added the fields puzzle icon) - for details see below.

The stage info has been put into boxes. At your own risk you can ignore the route informations provided in between the stage info boxes. My goal has been to make it possible to go for this cache without a map of the area. Note however that sometimes the right route is not easy to find and moreover that it is important that you take the intended route along the paved segments and not your own in order not to miss the locations for the additional tasks.
I strongly recommend you to follow the suggested route to Stage 2 and further on to Stage 3 to avoid problems!

Additional tasks along the way No coordinates provided

Your task is to find the locations where I took the four additional task photos (the order of which is arbitrary and does not necessarily match the order of the occurence of the locations along the route).
To make your task easier and to allow you to concentrate on the nature in the rural parts, I have limited the picture hunt to segments along paved roads and took all photos at or close to houses. (Moreover, the hint section provides a sanity check that might help you to realize that you missed a location.) In all cases your task is to write down a house number (only green signs need to be taken into consideration and only the number parts if letters are present too).

  • Additional Task I:
    Find the roof with the weather cock displayed in Photo 1.

    W: The number of the house with this roof.

    Additional Task II:
    Find the Luca ...... Platz sign shown on Photo 2.

    X: The number of the nearby house.

    Additional Task III:
    Find the tree with the attached mail box shown on Photo 3.

    Y: The house number on the green sign attached to the mail box.

    Additional Task IV:
    Find first the blue house shown on Photo 4. Now continue your walk and watch out for the white house (with a nice garden) which you will pass next on the right side of the road.

    Z: The number (only the one on the green sign) of the white house.

Stage 0 Start N 47° 09.547 E 015° 32.118

From the parking coordinates walk to the start. Follow the main road (Hauptstrasse) until the auxiliary waypoint H1. Do not forget about the 4 additional tasks that wait for you in sections of the route along paved roads.

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoints H1 and H2)
Turn right at waypoint H1. Follow the red-white-red marking until the end of the road to waypoint H2. From there take the small meadow trail down towards Stage 1.

Stage 1: Bridge N 47° 09.147 E 015° 32.408

A nice small bridge.

  • A: Total number of bridge piles that support the bridge in an angle of about 45 degrees (with respect to the vertical bars). Take into account both sides!

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoints H3, H4, H5, H6, H7)
From the bridge take the trail that leads upwards into the forest and head for H3 (when in doubt take the right trail). At H3 turn left and follow trail 768 which will stay your companion for a while. Soon you leave the forest, follow the Waldweg (a road) up to the cross at H4. Now turn left into Wollsdorfstrasse that leads you down to the B72 road which you reach at waypoint H5 close to the former inn Bachwirt (worth to be looked at). Cross the B72 (be careful!) and follow the bicycle path until waypoint H6. There turn left into Eidexbergstrasse. Soon you can leave the road for a short episode in the forest by turning right, but will arrive back at the road before reaching H7. On your way you will pass a wayside cross with a bench where you can take a rest if you like.

At H7 turn right into the non marked small (municipial) trail which will lead you to Stage 2. The marked trail follows the paved road which I wanted to avoid. I urge you not use this trail in the darkness and not to ride a bicycle there (there are several houses and it's a dead end road that turns into a field and forest trail).

Stage 2: Heart N 47° 08.299 E 015° 32.146

A declaration of love: Watch out for a tree with an encarved heart into which two letters (one above the other; separated by a + sign in the middle) are inscribed on the side pointing to the trail. (There is another heart on the back side which can be ignored; in case of doubt, take the smaller result for B).

  • B: Sum of the letter codes (a=1, b=2, etc) of the two letters.

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoints H8, H9)
Originally I had planned to follow the unmarked trail until it meets the paved road again. This is however not possible as a farmer blocked the trail near its end. I introduced Stage 3 to ensure that the cachers take the right way and no trespassing issues arise if cachers try to find their own route. Do not believe the maps!
At H8 take the trail upwards into the direction of H9. From there walk up to the road (Fasslstrasse). The farm area you traverse/pass belongs to the same family than the nearby inn Altes Fassl.

Stage 3: Chapel N 47° 07.969 E 015° 31.780

You arrived at the Meinhart chapel. Close by you find the inn Altes Fassl which got established in 1841. Locals told me that due to the newly built large modern cow stable (owned by a relative of the inn owner) and other changes the number of visitors has declined considerably during the last years.

Now focus back on the chapel. In the upper part of the black iron gate you will find a year date (4 digits separated into two groups).

  • C: The sum of these four digits.

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoints HA, HB)
Follow Fasslstrasse down to the B72 toward HA and cross the road with care. If you are hungry and like Chinese food, you can consider a visit to the inn Neues Fassl. In my childhood this inn has been a popular restaurant offering Austrian cuisine. I was recently told that the nearby (grocery) store Meinhart is endagered to get closed down. Times are changing .....

Fortunately, you can soon leave the B72 again. Turn left into the forest at HB and follow trail 1 towards Stage 4.

Stage 4: Signpost N 47° 08.744 E 015° 31.701

A signpost with two arrow-shaped signs.

  • D: The number of words (not numbers!) that occur at least twice (all together regardless on which of the two signs; only the frontsides are to be considered). In case of doubt consult the hint section.
  • F: The number of occurrences of the most frequent word.

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoint HC)
The route is well marked in this section. Follow trail 1 further on to HC (there take the left trail) and further on to Stage 5.

Stage 5: Wayside Cross N 47° 08.989 E 015° 31.821

You arrived at a wayside cross close to a former old mill (Kreuzmühle). Watch out for a year date which is inscribed into the wooden part of the cross.

  • G: The sum of the two middle digits of the year date.

Further way:
Continue to follow trail 1. Shortly before Stage 6 leave the paved road and enter the forest. Continue to Stage 6. I included that stage despite its closeness to the preceding stage as I wanted to attract attention to the tumuli which could easily be missed otherwise.

Stage 6: Tumuli N 47° 09.162 E 015° 31.821

In this part of the Regner forest there are several tumuli. (Years ago there has been a cache dedicated to tumuli in Kumberg but I cannot recall whether the cache showed the same tumuli or others in the same forest).
The coordinates point to one tumulus (there is a huge hole on the top). What can you find at this location (within a small radius)?
  • a fodder rack and 2 birches: H=35
  • root stairs and a large rotten tree stump: H=75
  • a bench: H=55

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoints: HD, HE, HF, HG )
Soon after the tumuli you will reach the road again. Note the wayside shrine and the dog station (English term used on the object - terrible mix of languages!) at HD. Now follow the trail down the meadow into the forest again. After a short forest episode you will reach the Schmiedgraben road at HE. Now follow the road until a the cross at HF. If you look uphill you will see an archway where the road leads through. The buildings belonged to the former inn Schmied (with an enclosed bowling alley), one of several buildings/objects in Kumberg which are under monumental protection.

Turn left at the cross and follow from now on (until Stage 9) trail 5 (to Hofmühle). After a short section along a small dead-end (paved) road you end up in a pretty private looking area (meadow, garden). Do not worry - the official hiking trail leads through there. If you look carefully, you can already see the next sign post at HG. There turn right and follow the trail down the meadow towards Stage 7.

Stage 7: Another bridge N 47° 09.482 E 015° 31.645

You arrived at another bridge. What can you find here?
  • 2 large tires : J=17
  • A Styrian flag: J= 37
  • A rock sculpture: J=57

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoints HH, HI)
Walk over the bridge and continue on the meadow trail. You will now cross a paddock with horses (two at the time of my visit which both were harmless and friendly and did not care about me). There is a gate (close it properly after your passage) at the entrance to the paddock and a sqeeze stile at the exit.
Follow trail 5 further into the direction of HH until you end up in the village Rabnitz close to the equipment depot of the fire brigade. Turn left into the paved road. After having passed the wayside shrine turn right into Dorfstrasse (dead-end street). Soon you will pass the must tavern Hiebler (open March-October, Fr, Sa and Su from 2pm onwards) on the left side of the road at HI.

If the weather permits you will have a nice view to the castle Kainberg and to Kumberg along your way. After a while the paved road ends. If you are tired, you can have a rest at the bench there. Take the right trail (gravel trail) towards Stage 8.

Stage 8: View point N 47° 09.784 E 015° 30.971

Time for a short break?
What can you see here (close by and not in a larger distance)?
  • A group of old apple trees: K=13
  • A green raised hide: K=93
  • Two birches: K=53

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoint HJ)

After a short episode on a gravel road section a nice forest area section waits for you. Take the right trail at HJ.

On your way to Stage 9 along the Rabnitz (passing impressive ferns and old trees) you can pay a visit to the cache Freundschaft.

Stage 9: An old mill N 47° 10.251 E 015° 31.267

You arrived at the last intermediary stage, another old mill/homestead (Hofmühle). Watch out for a wooden pole with three signs: two red-white-red hiking signs and a third one with two words in white on green background.)

  • L: The total number of letters of the two words.

Final N 47° P.Q E 015° R.S

Now you are almost done. It remains to undertake the easy calculations given below

  • P = A + G - L + W - 3
  • Q = F * (H+C) - L*G + A*Z
  • R = X + Y - D*F - 1
  • S = (J + K) * B/Z + D*D*F + L - Y*Z

The cache container is a small lock and lock container and is hidden at a characteristic hideout. I searched for quite some time for a suitable hideout that can be reasonably reached in all seasons. I will give it a try without a spoiler photograph in order to reduce the risk for brute force attacks (stage skipping).

Further way: (Auxiliary waypoints HK, HL)
Trail 4 will lead you back to the parking location. The waypoints should be sufficient also for those without map.

Zusätzliche Wegpunkte   andere Koordinatensysteme

N 47° 09.610'
E 015° 32.020'
Store Loder/Kaufhaus Loder
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 09.147'
E 015° 32.408'
Stage 1/Station 1

A: the total number of piles that support the bridge in an angle of roughly 45 degrees (in relation to the vertical posts)

A: Gesamtzahl der ca. 45 Grad (in bezug auf die vertikalen Pfosten) geneigten Brueckenpfeiler
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 08.299'
E 015° 32.146'
B: Sum of the letter codes of the two letters (separated by a +) inscribed into the heart that got carved into this tree on the side pointing to the trail

B: Summe der Positionscodes der beiden Buchstaben (dazwischen ein +) im Herz das in diesen Baum geschnitzt wurde (auf der Seite die zum Weg zeigt)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 07.969'
E 015° 31.780'
Stage 3/Station 3

C: Sum of the four digits of the year date (black door gate)

C: Ziffernsumme der vierstelligen Jahreszahl (schwarzes Türgitter)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 08.744'
E 015° 31.701'
Stage 4/Station 4

D: Number of words which occur in total at least twice on these 2 arrow-shaped signposts
F: Number of occurrences of the most frequent word

D: Anzahl der Wörter die insgesamt zumindest zweimal auf diesen 2 Pfeilwegweisern auftreten
F: Anzahl des Auftretens des häufigsten Wortes
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 08.989'
E 015° 31.821'
Stage 5/Station 5

G: The sum of the two middle digits of the year date inscribed into the cross

G: Die Summe der beiden mittleren Ziffern der Jahreszahl auf dem Kreuz
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 09.162'
E 015° 31.821'
Stage 6/Station 6

What can you see at or very close to this tumulus?
fodder rack and 2 birches: H=35
root stairs and a large rotten tree stump: H=75
bench: H=55

Was kannst Du hier bzw. in direkter Umgebung von diesem Hügelgrab sehen?
Futterkrippe und 2 Birken: H=35
Wurzeltreppe und alter verrotteteter Baumstumpf: H=75
Sitzbank: H=55
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 09.482'
E 015° 31.645'
Stage 7/Staton 7

What do you see here?
2 large tires : J=17
Styrian flag: J=37
Rock sculpture: J=57

Was siehst Du hier?
2 grosse Reifen: J=17
steirische Flagge: J=37
Steinskulptur: J=57
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 09.784'
E 015° 30.971'
Stage 8/Station 8

What can you see here?
A group of old apple trees: K=13
A raised hide: K=93
Two birches: K=53

Was kannst Du hier sehen?
Eine Gruppe alter Apfelbäume: K=13
Einen Hochsitz: K=93
2 Birken: K=53
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 47° 10.251'
E 015° 31.267'
Stage 9/Station 9

L: The total number of letters of the two words on the white-green-yellow sign attached to a wooden pole

L: Die Gesamtzahl an Buchstaben der 2 Wörter auf dem weiss-gelb-grünen Schild am Holzpfosten
N 47° 09.381'
E 015° 32.118'
Auxiliary Point 1/Hilfswegpunkt 1 (H1)

Turn right. Follow the marking.

Biege rechts ab. Folge der Markierung.
N 47° 09.259'
E 015° 32.395'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 2 (H2)

Follow the small trail down the meadow in direction to Stage 1.

Folge dem unscheinbaren Pfad die Wiese hinunter zu Station 1.
N 47° 09.066'
E 015° 32.333'
Auxiliary point 3/Hilfswegpunkt 3 (H3)

Follow trail 768 to the left.

Folge Weg 768 nach links.
N 47° 08.916'
E 015° 32.486'
Auxiliary point 4/Hilfswegpunkt 4 (H4)

Cross, turn left into Wollsdorfstrasse

Wegkreuz, biege links in die Wollsdorfstrasse ab
N 47° 08.602'
E 015° 32.905'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 5 (H5)

When you reach the B72 cross it with care

Wenn Du die B72 erreichst, ueberquere sie vorsichtig
N 47° 08.554'
E 015° 32.808'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 6 (H6)

Turn into Eidexbergstrasse

Biege in die Eidexbergstrasse ein
N 47° 08.341'
E 015° 32.423'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 7 (H7)

Turn right

Biege rechts ab
N 47° 08.103'
E 015° 31.760'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 8 (H8)

Take upwards trail towards H9

Nimm den Weg bergauf in Richtung H9
N 47° 08.024'
E 015° 31.724'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 9 (H9)

Head for the road

Gehe rauf zur Strasse
N 47° 08.483'
E 015° 31.467'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 10 (HA)

Inn Neues Fassl (China restaurant): cross B72 carefully

Gasthaus Neues Fassl (China Restaurant): Vorsicht bei der Ueberquerung der B72
N 47° 08.630'
E 015° 31.698'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 11 (HB)

Follow trail number 1 - it leads you through a forest area

Folge Wanderweg 1 - er fuehrt Dich in ein Waldstueck
N 47° 08.860'
E 015° 31.778'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 12 (HC)

Left - continue on trail 1

Links - weiter auf Weg 1
N 47° 09.165'
E 015° 31.792'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 13 (HD)

Wayside shrine, dog station - now follow trail down the meadow in the forest again

Wegkreuz, Dog station
N 47° 09.288'
E 015° 31.721'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 14 (HE)

Here you reach a road. Follow it to the right.

Hier kommst Du auf einer Strasse raus. Folge ihr nach rechts.
N 47° 09.504'
E 015° 31.912'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 15 (HF)

Turn left at the cross and follow trail 5 from now.

Biege links beim Kreuz ab und folge ab nun dem Weg 5.
N 47° 09.481'
E 015° 31.801'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 16 (HG)

Turn right. Follow the meadow trail.

Biege nach rechts ab. Folge dem Wiesenpfad.
N 47° 09.406'
E 015° 31.307'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 17 (HH)

Turn right. Continue to follow trail 5.

Biege rechts ab. Folge weiter Weg 5.
N 47° 09.497'
E 015° 31.170'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 18 (HI)

Must tavern Hiebler

Mostschenke Hiebler
N 47° 09.953'
E 015° 31.213'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 19 (HJ)

Right trail

rechter Weg
N 47° 09.942'
E 015° 31.589'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 20 (HK)

Trail 4 reaches the civilization again. Turn left.

Weg 4 erreicht wieder die Zivilisation. Biege nach links ab.
N 47° 09.889'
E 015° 31.820'
Auxiliary point/Hilfswegpunkt 21 (HL)

Turn right. Follow the road back to the parking coordinates.

Rechts abbiegen. Folge der Strasse zurück zum Parkplatz.
Info Die zusätzlichen Wegpunkte werden bei Auswahl des Caches auf der Karte angezeigt, sind in heruntergeladenen GPX-Dateien enthalten und werden an das GPS-Gerät gesendet.

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[Additional task II:] vil, qrpbengvir terra qbbe
[Additional task IV]: ebfr
[A litte help for the additional tasks]: Bar hagvy Fgntr 1. Gjb hagvy Arhrf Snffy. Nyy cubgbf orsber Fgntr 8.
[D:] bqq
[Checksum for final:] Gbgny fhz bs nyy qvtvgf bs C, D, E naq F vf rdhny gb N + Q + Y + M.
[Final:] ubyr, va gur zvqqyr



Additional Task I: Weather cock
Additional Task I: Weather cock
Additional Task II: Luca ..... Platz
Additional Task II: Luca ..... Platz
Additional Task III - Mail box
Additional Task III - Mail box
Additional task IV: Blue house
Additional task IV: Blue house


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Logeinträge für An eight around Kumberg: Past, present, future?    gefunden 0x nicht gefunden 0x Hinweis 2x Wartung 1x

kann gesucht werden 13. Februar 2016 cezanne hat den Geocache gewartet

[EN:] Today I visited all stages and the final on the occasion of a nice walk together with AnnaMoritz. Everything is alright.
For more logs see geocaching.com.

[DE:] Heute habe ich alle Stationen und den Final anlaesslich eines netten Spaziergangs mit AnnaMoritz besucht. Alles ist in bester Ordnung. Fuer Besucherlogs siehe geocaching.com.

Hinweis 23. September 2015 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Um die Cachebeschreibung nicht zu lange werden zu lassen, habe ich mich entschlossen einige Kommentare zum Hintergrund und dem Cachenamen in diese Notiz zu verschieben.

Vor 13 Jahren am 24. September 24 2002 habe ich meinen ersten Geocache gefunden - Zeit meinen 16. Cache zu verstecken (ich mag Potenzen von 2). Da es viel zu viele Drive-In Caches und Rätselcaches gibt bei denen der Heimanteil länger benötigt als
die Bewegung in der Natur vor Ort, war die Entscheidung zu einem Multicache der zu einem entspannenden Spaziergang einlädt, naheliegend. Wer sich mit dem Motto "Dies ist Cachen und nicht Spazieren" identifiziert, wird mit diesem Cache wohl nicht glücklich werden.

Seit mindestens 2 Jahren habe ich die Pläne zu diesem Cache. Als Sucherers Freundschaft cache
erschien war ich zunaechst besorgt dass der Multicache, den er in der Beschreibung erwähnt, sich mit meinem überschneiden könnte. Eine Nachfrage bei Sucherer ergab jedoch, dass sein Plan für einen Multicache von völlig anderer Natur ist und einer anderen Streckenführung folgen wird. Daher konnte ich mein Cacheprojekt bedenkenlos umsetzen.

Teile der Cacheroute kenne ich seit meiner Kindheit. Seit dieser Zeit hat sich viel verändert: Zum Beispiel wurde eine Reihe von Geschäften und Gasthäusern geschlossen (das neue Fassl wurde ein ein chinesisches Restaurant umgewandelt)
und eine alarmierend hohe Zahl an Bauern hat aufgegeben und viele mehr erwägen diesen Schritt (zu kleine Einheiten um mit den EU-Richtlinien zu überleben und niedrige Marktpreise). Ferner wurden eine Reihe von Wegen geschlossen/blockiert (meist nicht dem Gesetz entsprechend) die in meiner Kindheit und Jugend zugänglich waren (zB der Weg der das Gasthaus Altes Fassl umgeht).

Entlang der Route wirst Du auch mit der sehr viel älteren Vergangenheit konfrontiert: Frühere Mühlen (Köglmühle, Kreuzmühle, Hofmühle) und die Hügelgräber (Station 6).

Meine Kindheitserinnerungen und meine Beobachtungen entlang des Weges brachten mich wieder in eine sehr nachdenkliche Stimmung (wie mir das immer in solchen Gegenden passiert). Dies hat mich dazu bewegt den Cache mit dem Zusatztitel
"Past, Present and Future?" (auf deutsch Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft?) zu versehen.
Wenn Du möchtest kannst Du Deine Überlegungen dazu in Deinem Log formulieren (keine Pflicht!).

Ich benötigte 2 Besuche in der Gegend (zusätzlich zu mehreren Besuchen der Gegend über die letzten Jahre) um diesen Cache
zu erstellen. Einen der Besuche benutzte ich dazu meine Tante zu besuchen die ich an diesem Ort schon mehr als 20 Jahre nicht mehr besucht hatte. Sie freite sich sehr und schenkte mir Gemüse aus ihrem Garten. Ich sollte sie wirklich öfters besuchen obwohl wir sehr unterschiedlich sind. Das Leben ist endlich und ich könnte es ansonsten irgendwann bereuen. Manchmal sind es die kleinen DInge, die ausreichen um jemanden zumindest für einen kurzen Moment glücklich zu machen - ein Aspekt, den ich ich und viele andere viel zu oft nicht beachten.

Wie bei meinem ersten Cache rund um Kumberg habe ich eine Reihe von Fotos zu Gallery dazugefügt (auf gc.com). Diese dienen illustrativen Aspekten und werden nicht für den Cache benötigt. Sie könnten Dir zu einem Eindruck über die Cachegegend verhelfen. Zusätzliche Fotos entlang des Weges von den Cachebesuchern sind wie immer sehr willkommen. Dasselbe gilt für Berichte was Du auf dem Weg gesehen/erlebt hast. Ich schätze es sehr Logs zu lesen und durch Foto-Gallerien von Caches zu blättern (wenn sie spoiler-frei sind).

Hinweis 23. September 2015 cezanne hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

To shorten the cache description, I decided to move some comments on the background of this cache and its name to this note.

13 years ago on September 24, 2002 I found my first cache - time to hide my 16-th cache (I like powers of two ). As there are way too many drive-in caches and puzzle caches among the newly hidden caches where the homework part takes longer than the involved physical activity, the decision for a multi cache that invites for a relaxing walk was straightforward. If you identify with the motto "This is caching and not walking", this is the wrong cache for you.

I have had plans for this cache since at least two years. When Sucherer's Freundschaft cache showed up, I as concerned in the first moment that the multi cache for which he did not yet find the time would collide with this cache. I then contacted Sucherer and found out that his multi cache would follow an entirely different route (a multi cache between the home of two friends) and so I could go along with my project.

Parts of the cache route have been known to me since my childhood. A lot has changed since then: For example, shops and inns got closed down (Neues Fassl got turned into a Chinese inn) and an alarmingly high number of farmers gave up (watch out for abandoned farm houses) and many more consider to take this step in the future (too small units to survive under the new EU regulations and with the low market prices). Moreover, several trails that have been open to walkers for decades (like the one circumventing the inn Altes Fassl) got blocked (typically illegally).

Along the route you will also be confronted with the much older past: Former mills (Köglmühle, Kreuzmühle, Hofmühle) and even older the tumuli in Regnerwald (Stage 6).

My childhood memories and my observations along the way moved me into a very reflective mood (as it always happens to me in such areas) and made me decide to add "Past, Present and Future?" to the cache title. Feel free to report about your thoughts in your log (not compulsory!).

It took me two recent trips to the area (in addition to several visits to the general area over the past years) to get this cache finalized. I used one of these trips to pay a visit to my aunt whom I have not visited at her home for more than 20 years. She reacted very happily and gave me some vegetables from her own garden as present. I really should visit her at a higher frequency even when we are quite different. Life is not endless and I might regret it at a later time. Sometimes small things suffice to make someone else happy at least for a short moment - something myself and many others forget too often.

Similarly as for my first cache in the Kumberg area, I added a number of photos to the gallery on gc.com. They mainly serve illustrative purposes and are not needed for doing the cache. They might help you in getting an impression of the area. Additional photos taken by the visitors of the cache are very much appreciated. The same holds for reports about what you saw and/or experienced along the way. I enjoy reading logs and browsing through photo galleries of caches (both spoiler-free).