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N 42° 01.843' E 023° 34.976' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 12. Juni 2010
 Veröffentlicht am: 04. Juni 2016
 Letzte Änderung: 06. Juni 2016
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A cache dedicated to the bears of the world.

This cache is dedicated to all the bears in Bulgaria and all over the Earth, both living and extinct.
The cache is placed in the vicinity of the Park for dancing bears "Belitsa". The park is situated in the woods of Rila. It harbours bears that have previously lived in captivity. In the park they can finally live in their natural habitat while being cared for. The sectors where the bears live are secured with a fence and people can walk around, enjoying the bears.

You can read more about the park in Bulgarian here.

The cache is situated near visitor's centre 2. We advise you to go with your car to visitor's centre 1 (it is closer, and the road is fully paved), and then walk around the park, watching the bears. Eventually, you will reach visitor's centre 2 and the cache. The slope between the two centres is steep and small kids may find it hard to climb.

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interessanter Ort
N 42° 01.866'
E 023° 34.659'
Visitor's centre 1

The road to this parking area is fully paved but there is place for about 5 cars. If necessary, you can go back 100 m or so and park at the barbecue place.
interessanter Ort
N 42° 01.872'
E 023° 34.939'
Visitor's centre 2

Here you can find some info about the park and its inhabitants, including a short film. There is a lookout with a view towards a couple of the park's sectors and Rila.
Only the last 2.4 km of the road to this parking area are unpaved but they are in very good condition. There is place for about 30 cars, if not more.
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A bear grazing
A bear grazing
A bear posing
A bear posing
A bear sleeping
A bear sleeping
Find the bears in the picture
Find the bears in the picture
Initial cache contents
Initial cache contents


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kann gesucht werden 14. August 2015 BorPetVlad hat den Geocache gewartet

Finally, we brought Borko to the park to meet the bears. He was very impressed, mostly by the bear that is missing a paw. We followed our own advice (park at visitor's centre 1, climb up to visitor's centre 2, check the cache, climb down to the car using a different path). Borko did it on his own with no signs of exhaustion but have in mind that he is 3.5 years old with more than 3 years of geocaching experience.

Some of the bears were quarantined in a section that was closed for visitors. The quarantine is expected to be lifted in a month or so.

The access by car is now very easy - there were swarms of muggles around visitor's centre 2 (on a working day!). The cache can be approached as a park-and-grab one but we strongly recommend against doing so, of course.

Out: a bear for Borko.

Borko, Petuni & Vladi

Hinweis 01. Juli 2015 BorPetVlad hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

The road to the park has been freshly paved, so I removed the warning about the bad road. The terrain went down by 1 point, too.