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King Arthur's Footprint (Tintagel)

 Explore the history of the castle and discover the legend

von cacher.ella73     Großbritannien

N 50° 40.081' W 004° 45.578' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 25. April 2016
 Veröffentlicht am: 24. Juni 2016
 Letzte Änderung: 28. Juni 2016
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC130AF

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Der Weg


For this virtual cache find the password (Station 1 "The door is open") and send a mail with the answers of Stage 2" A new king..." + Station 3 "King Arthur's Footprint". >>e-mail Cacherella.73<<

Pictures of the landscape and the king are welcome.


The legend of King Arthur

Station 1: The door is open

Climb the 148 steps on to the island and pass through the wooden door into what was the Great Hall built by Richard, Earl of Cornwall. Discover the legend of King Arthur in the dramatic and romantic setting of Tintagel. This iconic hero was first linked to Tintagel in the 12th century, when it was named by Geoffrey of Monmouth as the place where Arthur was conceived.

A stone compass points to places connected with the tales of King Arthur. 

Password:  inscription over the wooden door (by coordinates)

Looking for the first 5 letters on the last line!


Your challenge is to find Station 2 und 3 on the Island and answer the questions:

Station 2: A new king watching over Tintagel Castle

On the island, look for the 8ft sculpture inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the historic royal figures associated with Tintagel.

Question: Where can you find this sculpture? Send the exactly coordinates to my Opencaching-Account (e-mail). 

Optional make a foto from the sculpture with you and / or youre GPS.



Station 3: King Arthur's footprint

is a hollow in the rock at the highest point of Tintagel Island's southern side. It is not entirely natural, having been shaped by human hands at some stage. It was the strongest evidence that this location may once have been an actual ritual spot for swearing in Celtic kings, who would have placed their foot in the depression while being crowned. You can put your own foot in it, too. Not far away, just off the coast, is a triangular island known as Merlin’s hat. (look at the Picture)

Question: Which size do the footprint have? Zwinkernd

Please guess the size (- or measure) and send a mail to my Opencaching-Account.


I may not reply immediately so please do not wait for a reply before posting your find. Ideally, please send your answers at the same time you submit your log, or within a few days of your visit. I do check answers have been sent for every log, if you do not send answers within a week your log may be deleted.



 happy geocaching


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