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Paseo por San Antón

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N 40° 04.778' W 002° 08.302' (WGS84)

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The district of San Anton is located between the waters of Júcar, at its feet, and la Majestad hill, behind it. The neighborhood is a climbing of alleys that wind up uphill adapting to the surface of the land.

This wonderful neighborhood has its origin in the Middle Ages as a form of Cuenca's expansion out of walls , coming to settle here outside those working families that could not cost living inside the wall. In exchange for this, they had the one that surely is the best orientation of all Cuenca.

San Antón was therefore the cradle of countless artisan workshops (blacksmiths, potters, carpenters ...), it is worth mentioning the alfar of Pedro Mercedes, probably the most famous artisan of a city. Even today, we will be able to find some workshops that are resistant to industrial standardization.

The neighborhood, suffered years ago a process of degradation accentuated by the laziness (or connivance) of the City council, but the neighborhood  itself gave birth to a strong neighborhood struggle that since then has been building its future in other directions more focused on its own locals To economic interests of others.

To this day, San Antón is a beautiful corner to walk around, letting us take you through those creeks of steps that are its streets between small and twisted self-built houses.
A neighborhood of the few that in the XXI century still have character, humility and flavor to people, people.

Something about your story here: https://memoriadecuenca.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/san-anton-prado-y-jose-luis-origenes-y-evolucion-del-barrio/

Not too long ago, through the Zarajo Deluxe urban art festival, the neighborhood was put on display with murals mostly made to spray. We will use these works as a guiding thread with which we will know the area, although I strongly recommend not to stick to visiting the caches and to be carried through its alleys and corners.



I plan the route in 6 caches, in each of the locations there is a work that we can contemplate and of each of them a detail is requested.
To register this geocache you will have to add the answers. This number written in letters is the password to register (in spanish). Enjoy!

(To do this route is not necessary GPS, pointing the locations on a map will suffice)

How many stripes do you have in your neck?

Number of chameleon horns?

How many buttons do you see on your shirt?

How many animals do you see?

How many arrows does the character have?

How many pigs are on the mural?

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