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Wartenstein (NFC-Cache)

 This cache consists only of a NFC tag - you need a suitable device!

von Tungmar     Schweiz > Ostschweiz > St. Gallen

N 46° 59.655' E 009° 30.628' (WGS84)

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Wartenstein (NFC-Cache)

Ruine Wartenstein

The ruin of the castle Wartenstein is a nice spot for a break on a hike in this area. There is a BBQ fire place (some times including firewood), seating and und lee. There is a beautiful view over Bad Ragaz and the Rhein Valley.

The history of this castle can be read in German on a information panel at the castle. The English Wikipedia page on Wartenstein Castle is almost empty at the time of writing but the German Wikipedia page on Burg Wartenstein (Pfäfers) is quiet exhaustiv.


This cache is an NFC cache. NFC stands for "Near Field Communication" and describes a radio technology over a very short distance (usually a vew centimeter). At the coordinates you will find an NFC tag instead of a cache-box. This is a small sticker in which a microchip and an antenna is inserted. You can contact the tag whit a NFC enabled device. Many current smartphones have this capability. Hold the smartphone close to the tag, the tag receives power from the smartphone and there is a brief data exchange.
You can find more information about NFC for example at Wikipedia.

Find the tag

You can find this NFC tag inside the ruin of the castle Wartenstein near the fire place. It sticks on a non historic part. You don't have to climb and from the right angle you can easily spot it.

Log this cache

For this NFC-Cache you will find the log password stored on the NFC tag. As soon as you know it, you can log the cache online. You don't need to sign on the spot.


If you use a Android device, I recommend to use the app NFC Tool. But also many other apps will work.

And now

Have fun logging and enyoj the view!

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