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N 49° 57.220' W 006° 20.281' (WGS84)

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Beschreibung    English

The Flying Boat Club is a members only restaurant at New Grimsby and the views while you are dining are excellent. 
South of the island can be found the sub-tropical Tresco Abbey Gardens, including the Valhalla Figurehead Collection and Tresco Heliport. 
There are bathing beaches at Pentle Bay Appletree Bay, Gimble Porth, Hotel Beach, Green Porth and Rushy Porth. 

Further north are King Charles's Castle and Cromwell's Castle. King Charles's Castle dates from 1550–54, and was occupied by the Royalists during the English Civil War. It was later partially demolished to provide the building materials for Cromwell's Castle. 

Tresco Island really has a rich and varied History. 
This is just another example of how live webcams can be used to bring you views you may not otherwise get to see. 

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Go to the above coordinates.
You will be in front of a webcam that takes a picture every few seconds.

picture: Flying Boat @ tresco.co.uk

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holding up an umbrella, banners, warning vests, balloons, headlights, or cheering into the camera... all the purpose is welcome!

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Flying Boat (webcam)
Flying Boat (webcam)


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