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 Cache bei Sonnenuntergang,See- und Waldlandschaften.

von T402     Finnland > Etelä-Suomi > Päijät-Häme

N 61° 11.356' E 025° 28.284' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
 Größe: klein
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Versteckt am: 07. Mai 2018
 Veröffentlicht am: 07. Mai 2018
 Letzte Änderung: 14. Juni 2018
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC147B2

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gefunden Der Cache benötigt Wartung. 18. Oktober 2020, 14:00 nh82 hat den Geocache gefunden

FTF (or at least FTL).

This is the latest OpenCache published in Finland, and the sixth one currently active. Of those, I had only three remaining (OC7BB4 is listed as active, but has never been found, with two DNF's, so it is most likely missing; OCD0CC might still be in place, but it is in Lapland, too far for a casual day trip; this being the third one) and this one ended up on my to-do list today, as I visited Vääksy today because of the CITO and the event listed at the other site. After those, I paid a visit here.

I parked my car at the bottom of the pit at the approximate coordinates N 61° 11.383 E 025° 28.251 and headed up the slope. I was pretty much astounded when I noticed two people at the exact GZ above me. Only then I found out that there is something else at the exact same spot, and those two people were not going after this cache.

My name was not the first one in the physical logbook: several other people have logged their find in the wrong (this) logbook, even though it was clearly listed as OC147B2. I assume they have thought they had found the other cache and did not bother to check the waypoint code. Those people who were at the site when I arrived had found the other cache too, and I got two finds here as I signed both of the logs.

The lid of the camouflage of this cache is missing (I could not find it anywhere nearby; the container itself is still waterproof though), while the other one is fine.

Thank you for the OpenCache!

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The container and the logbookThe container and the logbook (Spoiler)
Entries in the logbookEntries in the logbook (Spoiler)