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Travel bug hotel near the autobahn A1 which can be reached from the service areas Münsterland East & West

von West468     Deutschland > Nordrhein-Westfalen > Münster, Kreisfreie Stadt

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 51° 56.650' E 007° 33.252' (WGS84)

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Status: archiviert
 Versteckt am: 12. Januar 2006
 Gelistet seit: 13. Januar 2006
 Letzte Änderung: 15. Juni 2011
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What is a letterbox bybrid cache?

Short answer, quoted from the GC-Guidelinies:

"Letterbox hybrids are a mixture of letterbox and geocache. They should contain a signature stamp that stays with the box, and they must conform to the guidelines for traditional caches and therefore must contain a logbook. They must be referenced by latitude and longitude, not just clues."

Detailed answer, or rather a comment (in German).

How to find the cache
"There's more than one way to do it",
abbreviated TMTOWTDI (pronounced "Tim Toady"), is the motto of the programming language PERL,
which fits in well with this hybrid geocache, too, for the cache can be done in several ways:

  N 51° 56.650' E 007° 33.252'
As a traditional cache: simply go the coordinates given above.

As a multi cache: follow the recommended routes with several stages as it is not so easy
to find the best way to the cache. (No tasks for you to complete at these stages, of course.)
Depending on where you started, you have one of the following options:
  1. You are going in a southward direction on the motorway, so now you are at the service area to the west
    (linear distance: approx. 460 meters, distance to cover: approx. 1,6 km).
  2. You are going in a northward direction on the motorway, so now you are at the service area to the east
    (linear distance: approx. 260 meters, distance to cover: approx. 400 meters).
  3. You do not approach the cache from the motorway
    (distance to cover 650 to 900 meters, depending on your starting point).
Variant A Variant B Variant C
N 51° 56.657' E 007° 32.875'
(Leave service area)
N 51° 56.730' E 007° 33.743'
(Follow the road)
N 51° 56.821' E 007° 32.676'
(Turn right; "Stadtmitte")
N 51° 56.914' E 007° 33.111'
("Am Rohrbusch", turn right)
N 51° 56.567' E 007° 33.072'
(The autobahn chapel Roxel)
N 51° 56.565' E 007° 33.136'
(Short forest track, turn left)
N 51° 56.942' E 007° 33.526'
(Bridleway starting at "Dingbängerweg"; not the direct way, go to "Taufwald".)
N 51° 56.914' E 007° 33.111'
(Only "Anlieger frei"; Parking: "Im Derdel")
N 51° 56.643' E 007° 33.139'
(An entrance to the "Taufwald" ('baptizing forest'))
N 51° 56.650' E 007° 33.252'
(Near the cache - spoiler)

(The last two coordinates naturally apply to all three alternatives.)

As a mystery cache: If you don't have a GPS receiver at hand, have the photos guide you to the cache.
(Click the links within the table.) Alternatively, you could combine coordinates, hints and photos; in the dark, follow the reflectors.

  • Download a print-friendly pdf file with photos, hints and coordinates
    (English, no additional information; 2 pages A4, 1 MB)
  • All coordinates in a loc file for upload to the GPSr (created with GPS Coordinate Grabber)

The travel bug safe
The purpose of this cache is to provide a place of refuge for all kinds of travellers like TBs, geocoins, jeep TBs and others
to help them travel nationwide or abroad. Hopefully the safe turns out to be safe in its hiding place.

The cache should be fairly easy to find, it's a classic spot. ;-)
In case of need, there is a hint, but the search is not meant to be difficult.
Terrain might be muddy. Unless you are a fakir, don't walk barefoot near the cache (beware of thorns!).
If necessary, the terrain rating will be adjusted to the current conditions.

There is a rubber stamp (plus an ink pad) for players of letterboxing
in the cache, which they can use to stamp their own logbook.
The stamp and the pad must stay in the cache!! Geocachers don't have to stamp anything.

How to trade
If possible, please only trade travellers so that there is no lack of space for larger travel bugs due to other trade items.
It is not compulsory that one traveller remains in the cache at all times. When you trade, you should consider which travellers
you can help the most and which to leave for other geocachers to find.
If the cache contains several TBs, however, it wouldn't be very nice, for example, to take three and leave none.
Well, I don't want to make too many rules, I trust that you trade sensibly. ;-)

The cache has also been listed at www.geocaching.com and www.navicache.com.

Happy geocaching!

p. s. Special thanks to Svotti, who donated the ammo box! :-)

Last cache check: Wed, 08/15/2007 -- Everything is in order! :-)

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01-Cache mit Anfangsinhalt
01-Cache mit Anfangsinhalt


Dieser Geocache liegt vermutlich in den folgenden Schutzgebieten (Info): Landschaftsschutzgebiet LSG-Altenroxel (Info)

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gefunden 12. August 2012 M7880 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute mit Da Dopey und _Donald_ auf Roxel-Tradi-Tour.
Da man diese Art kennt, mit einem Griff gehabt.
Warum hängen dort noch Sachen von der Cache-Rallye rum?
#210, TftC

gefunden 28. Juni 2008 andy111 hat den Geocache gefunden

Zum Abschluss eines langen Cachertages sind wir hier auch fündig geworden.


Grüße aus dem Osnabrücker Nordland


gefunden 04. Juni 2008 rluff hat den Geocache gefunden

Nachdem es auf dem Hinweg auf der Gegenseite nicht geklappt hatte, war ich nicht sicher, ob ich diesen versuchen sollte. Aber doch, sehr schön gemacht und gut gefunden.


TNX 4 Cache


gefunden 10. Dezember 2007 Mystic72 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute auf Tour mit THW-Fuchs schnell gefunden.



gefunden 10. Dezember 2007 THW-Fuchs hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute auf Tour mit Mystic72 und THW-WAF schnell gefunden.
Nettes Versteck, wenn gleich bei Dunkelheit auch "falsche" Reflektoren vom rechten Weg ablenken. Was das wohl für komische Markierungsplättchen sind, die da an den Bäumen hängen...?
Dank GPS und guter Taschenlampe dann schnell ausfindig gemacht.



In/Out: THW-Fuchs