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Karower Geschichte(n): Willkommen durch Karow!

 Karow's (hi)stories: Welcome through Karow!

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N 53° 32.237' E 012° 15.436' (WGS84)

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A roundtrip through the village Karow and its history. At this location, the paths divide: Coming from state capital Schwerin, turn right to Karow, left to Karow, diagonally right on the historic driveway to the castle (just ignore the trees) or drive straight towards the motorway through Karow without driving through Karow. And that tolds everything about this place. Means, about the location. Because there is a lot more to tell about nearly 770 years history of Karow ...

Karow's (hi)stories: Welcome through Karow!

Today Karow is a district of the 10 kilometers away town of Plau am See, in the east of the district Ludwigslust-Parchim in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Until 2010, the village, first documented in 1254, was an independent municipality. Large parts of the Karow area are forested; to the north is the Paschensee nature reserve, to the east is the Samoter See in the north bank of Plauer See nature reserve and to the south of the village Karow is the Brantensee nature reserve. The protected areas and other large parts are in the Nossentin/Schwinz Heath nature park. The highest natural elevations on the municipal grounds reach just over 80m. In GDR times, more than 1000 people lived in the peak in Karow, today the community is only populated by about 600 people.

The formerly independent municipality Karow with its city districts Karow, Leisten and Teerofen was incorporated on January 1, 2011 in the city of Plau am See. The border town Grüner Jäger once developed in the northwest of the former municipal area, but its importance declined with the construction of paved roads and the railway line in the second half of the 19th century and was finally abandoned in 1945.

When Karow was founded, the region belonged to those of Parchim-Richenberg, from 1255 to Werle dominion. With the death of the last regent, Karow fell to the Dukes of Mecklenburg in 1436. The town is dominated by the architecturally and historically interesting double castle (built around 1800) and the estate business that was once associated with it. In 1898, the Berlin entrepreneur Johannes Schlutius acquired Castle and Estate Karow. The widow Schlutius and her son Haimo were expropriated without compensation in 1945, the estate became a state-owned company. The castle is now privately owned, extensively restored and operated as a wedding location. The estate with the large and architecturally important commercial buildings was reacquired by the Schlutius family in the 1990s and continues as an agricultural business.

Throughout history, Karow has always been heavily agricultural. Military traces were also left, the last Bundeswehr site was abandoned in 2011. In addition, Karow was an important hub and transshipment point for goods and passengers for many years - not much is left. Today, Karow economically shapes the estate with its Angus breeding and the RinderAllianz (cattle alliance) with its international auctions and breeding activities. Smaller businesses are now flourishing, but you won't find a restaurant, kindergarden or school in Karow today.

The highway B192 runs through Karow, the southern section of the B103 begins here; the Autobahn A19 can be reached via the Malchow junction in just under 10 km. Karow (Meckl) station was an important crossing and transfer point until the 1990s. However, it lost his function with the termination of passenger transport on the Wismar-Karow route 1996 and Güstrow-Meyenburg route in 2000 and with the generally decreasing importance of freight transport by rail. The last regular passenger service on the Mecklenburg Southern Railway was canceled on December 13, 2014. Trains are currently only operating irregularly on certain occasions, a partial resumption of normal operations is planned.

Notes on your search at final location

You are in an exposed position, you'd like to think. If there is really a lot going on here, you shouldn't have to sniff the presentation plate forever - as a hint, a car passenger could easily lift the little treasure in film can format without getting out. Do not put yourself in danger unnecessarily, do not disturb the traffic and do not let the traffic disturb you. At least with a mown meadow, this geocache should also be easily accessible for wheelchair users (maybe with a bit stronger arms). And maybe, you will also experience an exciting soccer game with the local club SV Karow...


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gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 11. Juli 2021, 11:15 Bolle hat den Geocache gefunden

Auf einer Tour rund um den Plauer See schnell gefunden, danke :-)
Leider der einzige OC cache in Karow, schade

gefunden 14. März 2021, 16:53 NorinaSven hat den Geocache gefunden

Danke für den schnellen Cache. 👍

gefunden 22. Juli 2020, 21:54 URS59 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute ging es mit de Melker un sin Fru auf Cachetour.
Neben den neuen Angelcaches bei Vietgest stand auch die Tour durch Karow auf dem Programm.
Hier hat uns der Hint erst in die Irre führen wollen. Nach prüfen der T-Wertung haben wir uns das Klettern dann erspart und de Melker fand die Dose.

Eines hab ich noch zu sagen,
wir sind im Logbuch eingetragen.
Manchmal so, dass man`s nicht sieht.
Nun, was öfters mal geschieht:
Ein volles Logbuch oder Lücken,
manchmal auf des Blattes Rücken.
Und wenn da noch irgendwo Platz ist zwischendrin,
dann kommt auch da der Logeintrag hin!!