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Zakynthos Vasilikos Baywatch

 A cache close Vasilikos, at the south-east end of Zakynthos Island.

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N 37° 43.296' E 020° 58.014' (WGS84)

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 Zeitaufwand: 1:00 h   Strecke: 1.0 km
 Versteckt am: 12. Juli 2006
 Gelistet seit: 19. Juli 2006
 Letzte Änderung: 19. April 2016
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Beschreibung    English

A short hike from Vasilikos, can also be done by car for most of the distance (we walked for about 1.5 hours in one direction). At a height of just 170 meter this viewpoint offers two very different views. Either a great view over the calm descending hills to the northeast or the rugged coast in the southwest.

Leave the main road from Vasilikos to Zakynthos-Town at the small church at N 37° 43.824' E 020° 58.268' , and follow the small street hillwards in direction Southwest. After several curves through olive groves, a good parking place is at N 37° 43.392' E 020° 58.069', or you can go by car as close as you dare.
When arriving at the junction N 37° 43.366' E 020° 57.998', keep on the concreted road running slightly right (not the dirt road sharp rightmost), leading southwards.
The last good parking place is about 50 meters below the cache, immediately after a hairpin bend. About 100 meters after the cache are two big cellular phone masts, the road ends there with no convenient possibility to reverse.
The cache is hidden beside a tree, under a heap of stones, among small rocks.
Please hide the cachebox well under some stones after finding it.
And please don't put any flammable items into the cache, just to avoid a fire hazard !!

The cache is a deep freeze box ( 14 * 14 * 6 cm), it initially contained:

  • cachenote (please do not remove)
  • logbook (please do not remove)
  • pencil and sharpener (please do not remove)
  • toy car
  • funny head
  • nail tattoo
  • balloons

(V 1.01 (fire hazard added))

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N 37° 43.392'
E 020° 58.069'
Last good parking place
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 37° 43.824'
E 020° 58.268'
Vasilikos Church
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 37° 43.366'
E 020° 57.998'
Vasilikos Junction
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Hinweis 19. April 2016 bevema hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Waypoints added.


Happy Hunting, Martin

nicht gefunden 25. August 2011 Bitte den Account löschen hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Nice Area, Cache not found, maybe to many bush with picks on it..........

gefunden 30. Juni 2007 Hynz hat den Geocache gefunden

Last day for me on Zakynthos. After walking up the hill I surrounded the antennas and I found on the NE side of the hill (just 60 m from the cache) a look-out (see picture). The cache was found easily.

Thanx, Heinz from Austria

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gefunden 09. August 2006 styrian bastards hat den Geocache gefunden

Get to the cache per motorbike - what is rally not advisable because of the bad road. No problem by car. We had luck: enough place for the Seed Bug.

gefunden 12. Juli 2006 Chiroptera hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it while the owner was hiding the cache ;)