A Fairytale

 There were once upon a time....

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N 47° 59.996' E 013° 42.831' (WGS84)

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There were once upon a time when the maid marian and the boy Jonathan falling deeply in love one to another.

However Marians father - a rich dealer -had other plans for his daughter than this poor craftsman. A son from noble houseshould should merry her on the upcoming weekend.

' Nobody has to separate us -in the forest lives a fairy, which surely can help us.' Marian spoke.

So they creep out in the eve of the wedding in southwestern direction. A last look back to the A visible crosses and towers with symbols - short before the church disappeared from their point of view. They followed first the side street, and then the path to N48 00.030/E013 42,135 -the place from where they appreciated help.

Soon they reached the edge of the forest  . To the left side there was a stony house shut  with a iron gate. Under the iron raiiling there are 2 short words - beginning wit th B- and ending with the C-Letter of the alpabeth.

They soon passed a hunter seat - also from here they could look back in anger , and sea again the A symbols on top of the church. Will they have already noticed the escape?

A woman bent by age came to meet them at the chapel: ' You looked so depressed, have probably large grief.'

'Since our childhood we know that we belong together. They will separate us tomorrow,but some prophecy says you can help us' - ' Oh, I can tell you only the way to the treefairy - however you must be sure never to return under the people '

Only short silence, then both as from one mouth ', We belong Together '

Quietly murmuring the woman spoke:

From the lock take the number 1+3
blending together -number D thus will be

escaped the Hunters gun with a grin
so from B+C now E we will win

Finally something of the deer antlers comes in sight
the one with even number of F points is the right

Go now to that places -an intimate Zone
N 47 59.D A+B E+F und E 013 41.E+B D D-C

There you firmly hold another at your hands
so the treefairy is helping -then all good ends'

sayed and disappeared.

Silent, like in Trance they followed the ways up to the mentioned place. Dog barks far away- the search has begun.Would they find the Fairy -and could she really help?
Arrived at the place ,they hold each other firmly on their hands, and waiting the things to come.

. Sheet-rush, the wind blows something on...... At one time a tender, strangely seeming shape appears as walking on the wind .
'You look for the Treefairy ?'
'Yes, are you the Fairy - can you help us?'

'One call me the treefairy. I know your case, the forest has no secrets to me. Are you secure? - it's your decision: Stay , or you decide to go back... '

Long silence, deeply they look themselves them into the eyes :'Together Forever' -

' You can leave a last message here-only visible for those which really believe in you. '
Quiet, inaudibly for others, she spoke and gesticulated towards the couple. Then she slowely disappear trough the wind...
Voices,dogbarking -the chasers arrive . But free of all sorrows -intimately holding each other -Marian and Jonathan went along the path , until they seem to disappear in the woods....

Shortly the wind freshes up, no sight for the hunters - then again sunshine. but nobody found any further trace....

...does the last message really exist? Some told it, some will have seen them ..its only a fairytale....

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[Following the way near the cache further leads back to the Start]
[Check for A] fnzr nf S-O+P



Kirche - wieviele Kreuze(oder Symbole auf Kuppeln)
Kirche - wieviele Kreuze(oder Symbole auf Kuppeln)


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gefunden 31. Juli 2013 mike3000 hat den Geocache gefunden

Diesen schon lange auf der ToDo Liste gehabt, aber eigentlich immer beiseite geschoben. Vielleicht auch wegen der 3 Buchstaben und der T-Wertung. Heute den ganzen Mut zusammengenommen und aufgebrochen, um diesen als erledigt zu wissen. Erstaunlich gut konnte ich die einzelnen Hinweise aufspüren, und beim berechnen noch diverse Spitzfindigkeiten ausgebessert, bis auch die Koordinaten für den Feenhinweis einen Sinn ergaben. Nachdem dieser erspäht war, ging's schon Richtung Finale, wo sich die T-Wertung dann auch zeigte. Mit Vorsicht dann zur Dose vorgedrungen ( Die Fee hatte da einen guten Hint parat gehabt ). Danke fürs zeigen, obwohl mir die Gegend schon recht bekannt vorkam, aber das ist eine andere Geschichte :D DFDC !

gefunden 23. Oktober 2009 DANcacher hat den Geocache gefunden

Der Cache war super

Nach ein paar anleufen hat es doch geklappt.Smile

gefunden 28. Juni 2007 Pazifik hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach langen Mühen gefunden.

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gefunden 08. September 2006 jj(g) hat den Geocache gefunden

And again a authentic npg cache. thanks for the nice trip and the amazing riddle.
it's again (like wildenstein) a cache where you can feel the locations.

Took: angel image
Left: dog

scg & jjg

Hinweis 08. September 2006 npg hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

The diff. 3.5 belongs to two short steep climbing passages (but the important one!)- you can do the round (approx. 3,5km) without climbing (means also without finding the cache )- so also recommended for kids.
And there's a FTF-Goodie in the cache (the fairy says...)