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Die längste Nacht des Jahres... ( Bonus )

von JulieWood_Rabat     Österreich > Steiermark > Graz

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N 47° 04.213' E 015° 26.094' (WGS84)

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 Größe: mikro
Status: archiviert
 Versteckt am: 22. Dezember 2006
 Gelistet seit: 22. Dezember 2006
 Letzte Änderung: 18. März 2007
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC2B7C
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have a break, have a cache

Das ist der Bonus Cache zum Weihnachts-Event von Gert

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gefunden 25. Februar 2007 K2MO hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach meiner Cache-Wartung beim Grazworträtsel bin ich mit DanTrack losgezogen, um ein paar City-Caches zu heben, und das war der erste. Gefunden hat ihn Daniel...

TFTC, lg

gefunden 10. Februar 2007 Steira_man hat den Geocache gefunden

Schöner Cache, den wir heute gemeinsam mit Freunden "whios" gehoben haben.

in: Münze
out: -


gefunden 28. Januar 2007 oe6jwd hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it pretty fast.
While logging we enjoyed the view onto the Schlossberg
*KD* & Kerstin

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gefunden 01. Januar 2007 styrian bastards hat den Geocache gefunden

Beim 2ten "Blick" gefunden...

gefunden 22. Dezember 2006 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Well, I believe I was the only one yesterday who did not even realize the existence of the bonus cache. I became aware of it only in the night when it popped up at oc.de.
Unlike what is claimed in the logs by j_blue and Leelah, it was, however, definitely not the punch that kept me from realizing that the two left (I had for sure less punch than j_blue and Leelah ). Actually, I even saw them leaving and also coming back. I thought, however, that they wanted to go to a toilette.

It would be a lie if I wrote that I liked the cache. I would have preferred a different kind of bonus cache which either has some relationship to Christmas or which involves more than one stage and attracts the attention of the cachers to details one very often overlooks in everyday life. The logs of yesterday evening show, however, that I belong to a very small minority. Visiting as many separate caches per time unit as possible seems to be fun for many cachers and the fun seems to even increase for most of them the larger the group of cachers who visit caches at the same time is. Since I do not like this form of caching, it was probably of advantage for me to notice this cache with a delay of several hours and to visit it one day after the other participants.

The cache was easy to find (no GPS necessary), but it was harder for me to put it back properly. I am not a fan of the very small lines of the log sheets which became quite popular recently in Styria - it is rather hard for me to write my alias in a readable way in such a small size in the dark and with cold fingers (after riding a bike without gloves).

I prefer bonus caches for events which are remain attractive independently from a specific event (which does not appear to be the case for this bonus cache). In any case, thanks for the effort (I met rabat two days before the event and thus know that he spent some time to look around for a hideout).

No trade