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Traditional Geocache
Lauter Weg

 An easy micro near the A9 highway

by Osterjour     Germany > Bayern > Freising

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 48° 17.991' E 011° 37.765' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Archived
 Time required: 0:15 h   Route: 0.25 km
 Hidden on: 05 May 2007
 Listed since: 05 May 2007
 Last update: 25 January 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC359A
Also listed at: geocaching.com 

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3 Not found
4 Notes
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

A cache for all of you
- who is on the way to or from north and wants to have a liitle break
- who looks for a change after the money output in the near shopping markets
- who simply comes around.

By car attainable, however NO parking possible near the cache - some meters walking necessary.
Parking possible: N48° 17.948 E11° 37.606
Also atainable with the S-Bahn, then however several meters walking necessary.

Please hide the container on the same position where you found it!


Additional hint   Decrypt

cvpxrq hc



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Log entries for Lauter Weg    Found 50x Not found 3x Note 4x

Found 19 November 2011 Aldokyl found the geocache

Auf der heutigen Tour auch hier vorbei gekommen.
Danke für den Cache.

Found 18 May 2011 TEMBO(Ausrufezeichen) found the geocache

Auf dem Weg zurück nach NRW war das Finden dieses Caches Pflichtprogramm.


Found 25 April 2011 Isar-12 found the geocache

Log siehe Geocaching.com

Found 17 April 2011 geotrader found the geocache

Mit einem kleinen Spaziergang verbunden und gut gefunden vielen Dank
Gruß Franz

Found 14 March 2011 steinhügel found the geocache

Dank dem Hint haben wir hier erstmal völlig falsch gesucht aber es war trotzdem fix gefunden.
Weiter ging´s zum Möbelhaus...

Team Steinhügel