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Every year a pipe

von Rufus2004     Niederlande > Friesland (NL) > Zuidwest-Friesland

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N 53° 01.946' E 005° 39.652' (WGS84)

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since 1987 I come for sailing in the netherlands every year and bought a new pipe in a very nice shop in …..! Every year...... till our son was born and I stopped smoking.
6 years later, in summer 2007, I come again with my son and my doughter and my godchild Jonas, to spend the holidays in the north of the netherlands.
And...... –an old tradition started again: I bought a new pipe in the same little shop, you can find, when you follow the coordinates!
Good luck!
50% of “RUFUS 2004”

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nicht gefunden 06. September 2013, 17:00 *Tao* hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

As i was searching around for nice caches near Makkum
as i prepare our holiday vacation, i found this one.

What a surprise > i´m a pipe smoker too !
I was really happy because now i know where to buy a souvenier for my own :)

At the coords i had an idea where the cache maybe was but i don´t found it .....

What else ..... I visited the tobacco shop and bought a really nice pipe-lighter and a very good
tobacco ( Skandinavik Vanilla .... hmmmmmmmmmm )


Thanks for showing this place and the really nice city of sneek to us !

Greetings from germany

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happy zen-budda :)happy zen-budda :)

nicht gefunden 06. September 2012 slentil hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Leider nicht gefunden.

gefunden 17. August 2011 Krieger7827 hat den Geocache gefunden

Gut gefunden - die Muggels sind das Problem.