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Austria 0

 Austria's lowest level

di geohlp     Italia > Friuli-Venezia Giulia > Trieste

N 45° 38.776' E 013° 45.613' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 16. settembre 2007
 Pubblicata dal: 16. settembre 2007
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 13. giugno 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC41FE

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If you'd like to measure where Austria's sea level reference is, you have to go to Trieste and visit the Molo Sartorio.

Austria 0

So the Austrian sea level differs from the Italian with 32 cm, since Italy has its reference in Genoa.

To log the cache, take a picture of your GPSr at the Molo. Would be nice if the altimeter is readable on the display.


Have fun in this wonderful city, don't forget to visit the Aquario nearby.





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trovata 23. ottobre 2016, 01:57 ryukyupyx ha trovato la geocache

A trip to Trieste brought me also here. I found the 0 elevation of Austria, but also some countries like Slovenia and even Czechia. Photo attached.

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My ugly shoe on the markerMy ugly shoe on the marker

trovata 08. luglio 2016 Nelly 01 ha trovato la geocache

Unser Weg in Triest führte uns auch an den blauen "Null-Poller" vorbei. Die eigentliche Mole ist in Privatbesitz, und wir waren 2m über dem Meer :)

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Poller mit GPSPoller mit GPS

trovata Raccomandata 08. luglio 2016 ekorren ha trovato la geocache

Nelly 01 und ich sind hier zusammen vorbeigekommen und haben am Nullpunkt der Österreicher vorbeigeschaut. Schade, dass die eigentliche Nullpunkt-Mole privatisiert wurde und nicht zugänglich ist. Also haben wir eben denselben blauen Poller besucht wie der Owner :)

Mein GPSr hat dabei eine Höhe von 2 Metern angezeigt, bei eingeschalteter automatischer Kalibrierung und eingeschaltetem barometrischen Höhenmesser. Das ist näher an der Null als die übliche Höhengenauigkeit von vielleicht 10-20 Metern...

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Der NullpunktDer Nullpunkt

trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 02. aprile 2016 rare_cacher ha trovato la geocache

I knew this cache since a couple of years and was driving through Triest during this time for two times. But never had time to stop and search for the cache.
Now i have been in the city for "Trieste - Opicina Historic" Rallye and used the time for a very nice walk through the city with my Co-Pilot. The chance for searching some Geocaches.
This one was an easy finding, but very interesting information learned! I thought there is maybe some marking showing the zero level or some information about the zero level. Searched for it but nothing found. Just the point given by the cache owner where to make a foto, but nothing else. Anyway a very interesting cache.

Note the height displayed on my GPSr: It shows 60m! Far away from what it should be. But i think i had problems with the accuracy during my whole Triest visit. From six caches i was looking for i found only this and another one. Very anoying but nevertheless i had a good time in Triest.

Thank you for the Cache!
OC-Cache #16

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trovata 30. agosto 2015 drfaust ha trovato la geocache



We did a bike trip from Velden am Wörthersee along the Drau/Drava to Maribor and further via Ljubljana to Trieste. Along the route we looked for some caches that were right beside the way. This was one of these.

Wir machten ein Radtour von Velden am Wörthersee entlang der Drau nach Marburg und weiter über Laibach nach Triest. Entlang der Strecke suchten wir einige Caches, die günstig direkt am Weg lagen. Dieser war einer davon.

Eine interessante Info mit historischen Hintergurnd. Unser GPS schwanke etwas, aber immer nur um den Nullpunkt. Schon interessant. Es wäre doch Zufall oder das Referenzellipsoid wäre so genau, wenn der österreichische Nullpunkt hier mit dem des WGS84 zusammen fällt. Der Wert in der Mitte des GPS-Bildes ("0") ist die angezeigte Höhe.

Danke für die Info!

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Hafen an der Mole SartorioHafen an der Mole Sartorio
GPS an der Mole SartorioGPS an der Mole Sartorio