Bruder Baum

 Short multi in the eastern part of the park at Castle Schönau/Triesting

von Gavriel     Österreich > Niederösterreich > Wiener Umland/Südteil

Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 47° 56.395' E 016° 15.669' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
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Status: archiviert
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 Versteckt am: 23. September 2007
 Gelistet seit: 23. September 2007
 Letzte Änderung: 23. Juni 2011
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The header-coordinates indicate the main entrance to the park. The castle cannot be visited (not even be seen from the park), but access to the eastern part of the park is free (around the clock, if one bears in mind the special design of the side-entrance). This park is famous for its ancient trees. You will find more info about the trees at the park-entrances. Two very old and gigantic trees will help to find the cache.

The park-map shows a place called "Tempel der Nacht", this site is not accessible any more. Please stay outside the fence. The door in the lower part has always been locked (apart from guided tours), on the top there is a dangerous hole.

The main entrance leads through the Lion-Gate (N 47°, 56.395', E 016° 15.669'), there is a small café there. Near N 47° 56.229', E 016° 15.508' there is another smaller entrance. If you enter there marvel at the "open" construction of the gate. North of the Lion-Gate it is also possible to get into the park, just stay on the right bank of the river, else you get to a forbidden weir. No discussions about right or left banks, please: Banks are always named as if looking downstream.

Dogs on leash are allowed into the park.

Stage 1: Windows
N1 47° 56.318', E1 016° 15.479'

This linden tree is remarkable as the woodpecker pecks holes on its inner side, and there are windows of all sizes and shapes. Place yourself right in front of the entrance (on the inner or outer side) and look at the window immediately above the entrance. The centre of the window is how high above the ground (approximately)?
120 cm: X=279
160 cm: X=398
200 cm: X=221
240 cm: X=488

Stage 2: Relax
N2 47° 56.296' E2 016° 15.523'

This tree can hardly be described with only one coordinate. Under this beautiful deciduous tree (so don't bother about conifers) there is a bench, inviting you to sit down for a while. The question to be answered here is really easy (in winter and summer alike). What kind of tree is this?
Plane tree (Platanus): Y=409
Beech (Fagus sylvatica): Y=449
Oak (Quercus): Y=319
Robinia pseudoacacia: Y=509

The Cache
N 47° 56.X', E 016° 15.Y'

Y was fairly stable, but X varied +/- 3. Use your instincts.

The cache box is a small box (appr. 0,125 l), there is room enough for small trading items. Please rehide it well.

Have fun!

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ebggra gerr



Inside the Tree's Heart
Inside the Tree's Heart
Hidden Bridge (not accessible)
Hidden Bridge (not accessible)
Triesting: Right Bank
Triesting: Right Bank


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Hinweis 08. August 2009 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Das Schloß hat neue Herren, der Park ist nicht mehr zugänglich.


gefunden 16. August 2008 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Wirklich ein netter Park. Einige der Brüder müssen ja viele Jahre auf dem Buckel haben.


gefunden 29. April 2008 Termite2712 hat den Geocache gefunden

Netter kurzer Spaziergang in dem ruhigen Park. Stage 1 ist sehr imposant!

gefunden 02. Februar 2008 sterau hat den Geocache gefunden

Schöner Park, schöne Bäume und überraschend kurz. THX, Sterau, Lisi & Nici

Hinweis 22. Dezember 2007 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Neue Dose wurde am 22.12. versteckt. Momentan sind weder Stift noch Tradingitems drin, wer also sein Zuhause entrümpeln will: Bitte sehr Wink