Fontaine St.Pélerin

 Multicachea trois étape autour du lavoir à Bouhy. Three stage multi around the Bouhy washing-house

von volker     Frankreich > Bourgogne > Nièvre

N 47° 28.754' E 003° 09.495' (WGS84)

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 Größe: klein
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Zeitaufwand: 1:00 h   Strecke: 1.5 km
 Versteckt am: 18. Oktober 2007
 Gelistet seit: 20. Oktober 2007
 Letzte Änderung: 13. Juni 2011
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Beschreibung    English

Le multicache commence sur les coordonnées données. La on trouve a la coté sud-ouest des ouvertures rectangulaires. Le nombre sois A.
Pour monter (joli vu!) il faut prendre une certaine nombre de marches, cette nombre soit B.
Pour trouver la deuxième etape il faut calculer:
N 47°28,754’ + (31xA) E 003°09,495’ + (5xB)
Il-y-a un joli raccourci pour aller a cette etape qui commence a N 47°28,800’; E 003°09,633’.
Arrivé a cette lieu il faut conter les colonnes qui porte le tois, le nombre des supports d’exterieur soit C, celle de l’interieur soit D.
Pour aller aux cache il faut de nouveau calculer:
N 47°28,754’ + (31xA) + (10xC) E 003°09,495’ + (5xB) – (20x (C + D))
Attention, près du cache ce trouve une ciste; faut pas confondre!

The 3 stage multi starts at the given coordinates. There you’ll find on the south-western front a number of rectangular openings; this number is A. To climb to the top (nice view around!) count the number of steps; this is B.
To find the next stage calculate N 47°28,754’ + (31xA) E 003°09,495’ + (5xB).
You’ll find a scenic shortening starting at N 47°28,800’; E 003°09,633’.
Arrived there you should count the number of supports to bear the roof. The outer number is C, the number of inner supports is D.
To come to the cache you need to calculate again:
N 47°28,754’ + (31xA) + (10xC) E 003°09,495’ + (5xB) – (20x (C + D))
Pay attention at the spot because close to the cache is a hidden ciste!

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Fgngvba 1: iregvpny rg ubevmbagny
Pnpur: nh cvrq q’ha neoer

Fgngvba 1: iregvpny naq ubevmbagny
Pnpur: ng gur sbbg bs n gerr



Spoiler final
Spoiler final
Spoiler 2nd stage
Spoiler 2nd stage
Spoiler 1st stage
Spoiler 1st stage


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gefunden 05. April 2009 howc hat den Geocache gefunden

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa... my first Multi in France... there's more than just Drive In Tradis and Lavoirs I suppose... but with my "non existing" french... it's a little bit hard :-)

Weeeeeeeeeelll... as usual I'm counting something wrong. I might have missed a rectangular opening? But I could'd figure it out in the end.

Found it at 1200 in the shining sun. The water doesn't look so refreshing but nevertheless a nice place. The LP on the way is also nice, but I definitly liked stage 1 the most.