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Agia Sofia Cave

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N 35° 24.692' E 023° 40.897' (WGS84)

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...is a karst cave of great scientific interest, and consists of an enormous chamber which has a diameter of 70m. The cave is 20m high.
There are marvellous stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes. In the entrance on the left end there is a small church with an icon that, as tradition says, came from Constantinople. The church has been wedged in a rock. Many finds from Neolithic era were discovered in the cave.

The Church
The Church


...tells that at the time of Venetian domination, the outlaw rebels were pardoned when they had delivered the head of their fathers or brothers.
Therefore Psaromílingos I., the young leader of the rebels, had been called into the cave by his father and his uncle, the Bishop of Kissamos named Melchisedek. They asked him of chopping off their heads in order to save the fatherland and himself. But the young man shrunk back from doing such a crime. Also the old men saw them forced to kill themselves.
Enforcedly Psaromílingos I. beheaded both and delivered their heads to the Venetians, who pardoned him.


Follow the road from Kissamos to Elafonísi. Shortly after the tunnel you will see a well maintained footpath on the mountain side which leads up to the cave entrance. For a more enjoyable walk through a lonely olive grove, follow the road some hundred meters further to N35 24.474 E23 40.881. There you can park your car. The walking path to the cave is marked with a sign.


...is hidden near the cave, but you do not need to enter the cave. Look at the root of the bended fig tree. Don't hesitate to have a look at the spoiler picture (visit link).

Please rehide the cache carefully, because it's close to the walking path.

Good luck and enjoy your visit!

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gefunden 26. März 2016 up3m hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach den Treppen geht es in eine recht offene Höhle, die von vielen Tauben, Schwalben und einem trällernden Zaunkönig bewohnt wird. Mit unseren Taschenlampen konnten wir auch den hinteren Teil ansehen.
Mit den Höhlen auf Mallorca hat das allerdings nichts zu tun, dort gibt es viel schönere Höhlen.
Danke fürs zeigen.

After the stairs you reach a fairly open cave, which is inhabited by many doves, swallows and a singing wren. With our flashlights we could also view the rear part.
The caves in Majorca are much nicer.
Thank you for showing us the cave.

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gefunden 25. Mai 2014, 14:30 BeKaEff hat den Geocache gefunden

Really nice location. We checked it while our trip from South Crete to Chania. Impressive cave with impressive history. We made a devout walk around, before we looked for the cache.

in: figure

out: --;--

Best Regards from Germany


gefunden 05. April 2012 rafal+magda hat den Geocache gefunden

Amazing cave. Thanks for the cache.

gefunden 23. Februar 2011 Li+La hat den Geocache gefunden

Schön, dass immerhin ein Cache unserer Kretareise auch hier logbar ist. TFTC Li+La

gefunden 16. Oktober 2010 olfplatsch hat den Geocache gefunden

Ok, the location is nice, the place where the cache is hidden has been chosen well, but the cave is not a real must see. Nevertheless you can catch a nice view into the gorge nearby. And you get some extra exercise in stair climbing. :-)