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ISLE OF JURA - Feolin Ferry

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N 55° 50.876' W 006° 05.416' (WGS84)

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...is the island's main port with a regular services to Port Askaig across the Sound of Islay. Most visitors will take their first step to Jura at this point.

Feolin ferry arriving from Port Askaig
Feolin ferry arriving from Port Askaig (Ferry Service visit link)


... is the largest island in Argyll and is one of the least known islands in Scotland, with a population of about 180 people and over 6000 deer. The presence of deer clearly goes back a long way, as the name Jura is thought to derive from the Norse for "Deer Island". There is even a type of stag with an unusual antler form that is unique to Jura, known as the cromie stag.
Today only the eastern coastal areas of the island are inhabited, with the rest of the island remaining an unspoilt wilderness of mountains, rivers, lochs and wetlands. It is rich in history dating right back to Stone Age times, with many sites of historic interest including standing stones, iron age forts and abandoned villages pointing to a bygone age when the island supported a much larger population than it does today.

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