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N 56° 02.913' W 005° 55.052' (WGS84)

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...is not easy to reach on foot. It's a wild coastline of caves, sandy coves, arches, stack and miles of raised beaches. These are the results of a period after the ice ages when the sea level was higher than at present.

Am Miadar
Sand Dune on Am Miadar at the West Coast of Jura


...is a small dune area that is covered by both short and long grass. It's completely surrounded by tall rock walls of limestone created from seashells being crushed by wave action. On the plain ground free standing rock towers can be found. The name "Am Miadar" is Gaelic and means "grassy meadow". The area is a perfect place for camping. And if you still have enough energy you can play on the sand dune or climb on one of rock walls. Near the sand dune you can also find natural arc.


Most likely you will enter The Isle of Jura at Feolin Ferry (visit link).

To get to a good starting point you can use the Jura Bus Service. The bus service runs from Monday to Saturday. For further information call Alex Dunnachie on +44 (0)1496 820314 or +44 (0)1496 820 221.

To get to "Am Miadar" you have to find your own way, as there is no road not even trail leading to it! You can either cross the island from the East ot the West Coast or you can follow the coastline from Corryvreckan Whirlpool (visit link) . It's your choice.
I'd recommend to follow the coastline, as there is much more to explore. If the coastline is your decision, you should be prepared for 1 or 2 overnight stays.

Other good spots for campimg you'll find here:

- near a Waterfall at N56 04.274 W05 52.550 (visit link)

- Bothy at Glengarisdale Bay (visit link)


During the period 1st July to 15th February (legal season) a deer cull takes place on the island. Some estates do start their season in mid July. Howver most do not usually start till mid August. This autorised cull takes place to control the population of stags, hinds and calves.
For your own safety it is important that you contact individual estates on which you wish to walk.
There is also a Hill Phone service which you should contact - 01496 820151.


* Ardfin - 01496 820396
* Ardlussa - 01496 820252
* Barnhill - 01496 820327
* Inver - 01496 820223
* Ruantallain - 01496 820287
* Tarbert - 01496 820207
* The Forest - 01496 820132

No shooting takes place on sundays.

Good Luck
Special K.

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THE ISLE OF JURA: Feolin Ferry (visit link), Corryvreckan Whirlpool (visit link), PAPS OF JURA: Beinn An Oir (visit link), WEST COAST OF JURA: Am Miadar (visit link), The Natural Arc (visit link), Glengarisdale Bay (visit link)

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