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Erg Chebbi, Morocco

 The Erg Chebbi is located about 45 kilometres south east of Erfoud, Morocco. The erg is roughly 20 km long (North ?Sout

von ElefantenKuh     Frankreich

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N 31° 04.767' W 003° 59.575' (WGS84)

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The Erg Chebbi is located about 45 kilometres south east of Erfoud, Morocco. The erg is roughly 20 km long (North ?South) and 5 km wide (East-West) and belongs to the Sahara. The local center for tourists is the village of Merzouga.


What is an erg?

An erg is a large, relatively flat area of desert covered with windswept sand with very little or no vegetation. The term takes its name from the Arabic word erg, meaning "dune field". An Erg is defined to be a desert area that contains more than 125 square kilometres wind-blown sand and where sand covers more than 20% of the surface. The largest hot desert in the world is the Sahara (9,000,000 km²). It contains several ergs such as Erg Chebbi (Morocco). Approximately 85% of all the Earth's mobile sand is found in ergs that are larger than 32,000 km². Ergs are concentrated in two broad belts between 20° to 40° N and 20° to 40° S latitudes, which include regions crossed by the dry, subsiding air of the trade winds.



Erg Chebbi, Morocco



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- Visit the coordinates above, take a picture of yourself with your GPS at these coordinates and post this picture with your log at geocaching.com!


- Answer the following questions (and mail the solution to the cache-owner):

1. Determine, how high this point of Erg Chebbi is! (You should use your GPS for this)

2. How far away is the Erg Chebbi from the end of the road in Merzouga (tarred road)?


I will delete your log, if you don?t meet the requirements!


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gefunden 20. September 2014 Saarfuchs hat den Geocache gefunden

This year saarzwerg and I spend our holiday in morocco. We have seen a lot of this country. It was a organized group trip by bus. Often, unfortunatly, there was not much time for a extended search for the box.

But all of the cache owners have given me the permission for a photo log where required. Thanks a lot for that.

Geoaching is a very good travel guide... it marks places, which are very attractive...

On the dune, we made no fotos due to a light sand storm!

saarzwerg and I, we both have enjoyed this trip an the hunt for the boxes! Often, we have had contact to the locals, who keep care of the Geocache... it was very interesting.

The answers have been send and the log permission from the owner was send very fast!

Please let me thank all the cache owners for place the boxes in this beautiful contry!

Greetings from Germany and thanks for the Geocache,
[Red]([url=http://www.saarfuchs.com/]Follow my blog![/url])
You are on Facebook? Have a look at my [url=https://www.facebook.com/Saarfuchs/app_251473258328816]Mystery-Help-Link-List![/url][/b][/Red]

PS: This cache is cache #4630 an I have used [url=http://www.cgeo.org/]c:geo[/url] to find it...

gefunden 24. April 2012 hmpfgnrrr hat den Geocache gefunden

On our trip through Morocco we also made a visit to Merzouga and Erg Chebbi. While my friends were waiting at the car I decided to go through the desert and up the dune. Ok, I knew it would not be easy. But this was really hard. For one step upwards I was sliding half a step back. Or more. But finally I reached the top and could enjoy the lovely view.


Hinweis 06. April 2008 ElefantenKuh hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Viel Spaß beim Suchen & Finden!


Gruss ElefantenKuh