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Ballybunion Cliff Walk

 Do the Cliff Walk and watch out for dolphins!

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N 52° 31.020' W 009° 40.722' (WGS84)

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You need to walk the Cliff Walk which starts right in the middle of the town and is an easy hike from about half an hour with a breathtaking lookout all around and the chance to see dolphins. Bring your kids with you. Be aware of all the muggles doing the roundabout.  ;-)

Ballybunion (Irish: Baile an Bhuinneánaigh) is a coastal village in County Kerry, Republic of Ireland, 15 km (9 miles) from the town of Listowel. There are castle ruins near the town, although all that remains is a single wall, and two golf courses in the area including the famous Ballybunion Golf Club, a top class Links course founded in 1893 and host course to the Murphys Irish Open in 2000 and Palmer Cup in 2004. According to the Central Statistics Office, Ballybunion had a population of 1329 in 2002.
In the summer, Ballybunion attracts many families and young people to enjoy the sandy beach, warm Atlantic waters and the pubs along the high street. Nearby cliffs offer excellent scenery. Sometimes dolphins may be seen in the waters. The beaches near Ballybunion are a popular surfing site. Other traditions include the beachside Seaweed Baths, featuring sea water with kelp. In the summertime cooked periwinkles are salted and served in small paper bags along with a pin to extract the small sea snails. The village itself contains mostly pubs and amusement arcades, fast food restaurants, children's playground, a supermarket, Garda Station and a statue of Bill Clinton.

There are two commonly used beaches in Ballybunion, accessed by large, very steep concrete pavements, and divided by the cliff atop which stands the ruined castle. The beach to the left of the castle (if looking toward the sea) is called the "Men's Beach", and the one to the right the "Ladies Beach", given to the fact that men used to bathe on a separate beach from women and children. This practice has not been observed for decades. There is a small cafe, hot seaweed baths and ice cream shop on the women's beach. The large cliffs to the right of the women's beach have shallow caves. The sheer cliffs over the beach have a scenic walking path, featuring a blowhole, views of sea stacks and a multitude of wildlife. The path takes about 20 minutes to walk, and goes round to the "Nun's Beach", a beautiful beach with no access that is overlooked by a convent.

There are some impressive tidal caves that can be explored at low tide.

The cache itself is hidden besides a monument which is locally called "the jail".

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