Die durch die Hölle gehen I

 Trough the Höllengebirge- the longer journey

von npg     Österreich > Oberösterreich > Traunviertel

N 47° 47.666' E 013° 32.310' (WGS84)

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 Zeitaufwand: 15:30 h   Strecke: 32 km
 Versteckt am: 29. Juli 2008
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Crossing the Höllengebirge.
(>32km / around.2800 ascending m till Feuerkogel - (going down from Feuerkogel + 6 km and 1000Hm downhill)

At the stages you get a number - which leads you finally to the cache.
AT I,II,VI And VII the number is inside the Cachebox (for Spoiler ,hints, description look at cachedescription of the corresponding caches)

(In case one of the Boxes is missing/unavailable- look to the nearest waysign for the Number)

- a possible combination (2h longer) with Die durch die Hölle gehen I (you need the same numbers )
keep in mind: The endpoint of the crossing (Ebensee,Langbathseen) is around 30 roadkilometers from the start at Weißenbach/Attersee.




I - AMI I-Schoberstein (A) - N47 48.028 / E013 33.154
II - AMI VIII -Dachsteinblick (B) - N47 48.704 / E013 34.308
III - Hells Bells (C) - N47 49.740 / E013 36.318
from the white board at the bell tower take the sum of digits (all 6 digits)

IV - no secret paths to hell (E) N47 49.489 / E013 36.912
Some time for a detour to Brunnkogel? - Anyway- take the non appearing digit on the frontside of the 3 boards  -subtract 2 and call it  E ( only take the digits belonging to the boards)
V - Trough the Pfaffengraben (F).N 47° 48.692 E 13° 37.740 Count the circles of same size (two digit)
VI - AMI IX- Grünalmkogel (D) N47 48.856 /E013 38.412

VII - AMI X - Großer Höllkogel (G) - Till here the way of 3DHG I and II are the same- (to the later one an easyer way leads in direction to the cache - araound 90 min shorter, easyer terrain)
(Cacheformula see there).
VIII - Enter the inner circle (F) N 47° 47.083 E 13° 41.777 - Build from the first and last digit of the white board the two digit number F (thats right doch...) follow now the sign with the black point.....
to be free from giddiness and to be sure-footed are recommended



Be welcome - In case you found all the corresponding caches ...sign your vist in the book of hell:

  • X= 47000+(A+B+C+D)*G-F*G*E+F-E
  • Y= 42000+A+B+C+D+F+G*F
  • Divide trough 1000 and use it as Nord 47° X and E013°Y



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