Very simple multicache for mareblue customers (or any there in this area).

von Hawe_Endees     Griechenland

N 39° 34.022' E 019° 54.500' (WGS84)

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 Zeitaufwand: 0:45 h   Strecke: 5 km
 Versteckt am: 05. Juli 2008
 Gelistet seit: 25. August 2008
 Letzte Änderung: 25. August 2008
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FIRST : The cache contains a travelbug from geocaching.com. The cache of geocaching.com was not published while i'm searching a goodfather for it. I wan't to relive the TB. I hope that the first geocacher that have a account at geocaching.com take the TB and placed it somewher else (a geocaching.com cache). TB Name : the captian Log as "grab it from somewhere else" Thank you ---


[sorry my english was not the best ;-)]
Cache with 4 Waypoints (no problem to foot and at large heat).

The Cachebox is a Drinking cup (to buy at the super market at the mareblue Entry).

Waypoint 1
Coordinate : top coordinate (N 39° 34.0218'; E 19° 54.5004').
At the Map-Board written left of the Designations Numbers in a yellow circle. The 10 stay for the 0. The next coordinates was:

Example for N : APOLLON = 1, POSEIDON = 2, POUNENTE = 3, OSTRIA = 4, ZEFIROS = 5
N 39° 12,3435'

For the Final coordinate calculations:
All Characters written in a yellow circle, only one not. Right of this Character ist written 1 Word and 3 Numbers.

First Number + 3 = A
Second Number = B
Third Number = C

Waypoint 2
Coordinate : N 39° ______,__________; E 19° ______,__________
How many horizontal carriers go from the central post outward (there is just as many like the diagonal mounting plates)?

7 carrieres N 39° 34.0108' E 19° 54.6634'
8 carrieres N 39° 33.9217' E 19° 54.5837'
9 carrieres N 39° 34.0337' E 19° 54.7022'
10 carrieres N 39° 34.0073' E 19° 54.4781'
11 carrieres N 39° 33.8106' E 19° 54.6396'
12 carrieres N 39° 33.7633' E 19° 54.5210'
13 carrieres N 39° 33.8905' E 19° 54.4935'

For the Final coordinate calculations:
Numbers of the carriers - 5 = D

Waypoint 3
Coordinate : N 39° 3___,__________'; E 19° 54,__________'
From the lowest stage (attention damp; danger through chutes) until the top was it how many steps (take 1 stage at one time!)
To Check : How many stages (starting from the lowest, without the top level) are there?
How many figures are present on the bases beside the stairs?

For the Final coordinate calculations:
Numbers of steps/stages = E
Numbers of figures + 3 = F

N 39° 33.ACBD'; E 19° 54.DFBE'

Waypoint 4 (Final)
Coordinate : N 39° 33,__________'; E 19° 54,__________'
Search the cache ;-)

  • Travelbug : the captian
  • Hairrubber
  • Hairclip
  • Key supporter cube
    It was fine, if the travelbug replaced to another or a geocain.

    Page 1 of the log:
    hidden : 05.07.08 (our day, we leave Korfu)

    In one week we have no time to search a cache and at the second day the GPS Device was wet by the beach and not useable :-(
    But we must place the travelbug ;-)
    Greetings from Germany/Stuttgart from
    Nicole, Vivian (unborn) and Carsten.


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Hinweis 29. Dezember 2017 dogesu hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Lieber Owner, liebe Beobachter und Sucher,

schaut doch bitte mal vor Ort, ob der Cache noch da ist und wenn ihr ihn nicht findet, schreibt ein entsprechendes Log, so dass entweder der Owner oder der Support darauf reagieren kann.

Danke, dogesu


Dear Owner, dear observers and searchers,

if you are at the place of the cache, please take a look at it and if you don't find it, write this here in the log. So it is possible that the owner or the OC-support-team may be able to react.

Thank you, dogesu

gefunden 04. September 2008 casymator (OC-retired) hat den Geocache gefunden

Erster !



bei 35 Grad eine nette heisse wanderung an der küstenstrasse entlang.


TB entnommen und bei Witjes Nest abgelegt.

Leider kann ich den TB bei geocaching nicht loggen.