Schlosspark Laxenburg

 An easy cache that can be done during an afternoon-walk in one of Austrias most beautiful parks.

von xro     Österreich > Niederösterreich > Wiener Umland/Südteil

N 48° 03.879' E 016° 21.502' (WGS84)

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 Zeitaufwand: 3:00 h   Strecke: 10 km
 Versteckt am: 13. Juli 2003
 Gelistet seit: 30. August 2008
 Letzte Änderung: 27. Juli 2015
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Things to take with you
  • compass
  • strong flashlight (stage 10) or sufficient duration of daylight
  • camera
Entrance to the park is free at the west-entrance (N48°03.452' E016°21.174') after 16:00 and at the main entrance (N48°04.015' E016°21.481) after 18:00. Outside these times, the price is well worth it.

Stage 1: N48°03.879' E016°21.502'

The starting point is the old castle of Laxenburg which now host the Austrian Moviemuseum.
For some time, a school of rhytmic music and bodyculture was situated here. For how long ?

a = 20 - (years)

There are two ways to get numbers b and c.
---- Variant 1 ----
A motto of emperor Friedrich the 3rd. is chiseled into stone here.
Since what year is the stone tablet readable again?
Year: 19bc

---- Variant 2 ----
Moving to a position southeast from where you are standing, looking back, you should be able to spot several sunclocks.

b=Center one of 7 numbers on the quadratic sunclock
c=Number of sunclocks right next to each other
---- Both ----
d = b-3

Stage 2: N48°03.a0c' E016°21.d0c'

Once here, move in direction NNE (or about 30°). You will find some direction signs at the end of the road.

e =Number of direction signs
f =Count all mentions of toilets

Stage 3: N48°03.be2' E016°21.ec6'

Count the punctation marks boldly face to face

The two digit result gives: gh
i = a-e

Stage 4: N48°0h.gig' E016°21.d9f'

Are you at the center of (the circularly arranged) things ?
In Direction SSW there is a square with j rows of z trees each.(j < z)
Inside the "circle" you'll find k concrete bases
In direction NWW you spot l clock-faces
The oval consists of n trees (n is odd)
m = k + l
o = z + j

Stage 5: N48°0f.on5' E016°21.omo'

This is a matter of perspective.

Look East. Frame the trunk in the arcs. Count the Windows.

You get p.

Stage 6: N48°0p.0cb' E016°2l.clo'

q = Number of vertical iron bars on a gate.

Stage 7: N48°03.657' E016°21.908' (optional)

The original stage 7 is gone, you can skip it. However, if you want to make a detour to the goldfishpond you can check your values from up until now.

Small creeks go in and out of the pond. All together there are R1.
The horizontal section of the building in the center has R2 corners.

R1=iterated digit sum of the sum a+b+c+e+f+g+k
R2=iterated digit sum of the sum k+h+j+l+n+p+q+z
i.e. calculcate the digit sum until there is just one digit left

If the results match, you know you're on the right track

Stage 8: N48°03.bid' E016°2l.kzo'

Search for the number t behind stone and wood.

If you find your way blocked by a construction fence, count the horizontal plus vertical thin fence rods of one of the fence's elements. Of that count, let the digit in the unit position (least significant digit) be t. You might also be able to spot the number from outside the fence.

Stage 9: N48°03.qo1' E016°2l.cup'

v =That which falls, temporarily splits into how many paths below you ?

At the coordinates is the first of several architectures with a connecting purpose. As you will see, more are lined up in direction SW. Discover the distance (in meters) between this one and the one at the end of the line.

w = the resulting number's highest ranking digit

Stage 10: N48°03.svp' E016°2g.nui'

You will find a long roman date. Convert it to today's date format.
Daylight or a good flashlight might be necessary.

Date: 1xy5
A = w - q
B = v - p
C = 10 - x

Stage 11: N48°0s.ApC' E016°2B.txz'

The Cache.
Take care not to be observed by geomuggles. The cache can be easily accessed, force is not necessary. Please leave the hiding place exactly like you found it.

for Python Users:

All Geocaching Geeks that never leave the house withouth their Netbook or python capable smartphone might find the following python script useful. Just replace the underlines with the right numbers and it will do all calculations for you: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2274561/gclaxenburg.py

Incomplete list of places not included in the hunt itself but still worth a look:

Boatrental and Castle-lake:
N48°03.898' E016°22.078'
and of course, the castle itself:
Goldfishpond: N48°03.658' E016°21.910'
Rock Island: N48°03.583' E016°21.830'

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[Stage 1]: bs guerr fhapybpxf bayl bar vf dhnqengvp
[Stage 5]: Gehfg lbhe tcf. Gurer vf ernyyl bayl zrnqbj urer. Erzrzore vg'f n znggre bs crefcrpgvir.
[Stage 6]: gur senzr-onef pbhag gbb
[Stage 8]: Tb hc. Ybbx oruvaq. Orybj gur pbeerpg ahzore vf zl avpx.
[Stage 9]: Va jvagre, abguvat snyyf ng guvf grzc. Vs lbh ner fgnaqvat ba gur cnguf lbh pna'g frr gurz. Npghnyyl 2 yvarf, bar uneq bar zveebeyvxr.
[Stage 10]: Ybbx hc
[Stage 11]: ab arrq gb ybbx va gur irtrgngvba



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gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 21. Januar 2017, 15:30 hansi30 hat den Geocache gefunden

Hauptanlass meines heutigen Besuchs im Schlosspark Laxenburg waren optimale Verhältnisse zum Finden des Mt15.25 (der nur mehr bei der Kunkurrenz gelistet ist). Aber wenn man schon einmal da ist... Die Route hat mir sehr gut gefallen, es sind zwar einige kleine Umwege zu machen, aber es gibt an allen Stationen etwas Interessantes zu sehen. Fallweise passierten kleine Hoppalas, etwa beim Zählen der Satzzeichen. Es war aber nach Ermittlung des nächsten Wegpunktes schnell zu merken, dass etwas nicht stimmen kann. Genaues Lesen und Schauen übt man bei der Gelegenheit auch. Die größte Schwierigkeit war jedenfalls das Auftauen der Finger nach den einzelnen Stages und den notwendigen Notizen und Eingaben ins Handy.

TFTC hansi30

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. Empfohlen 20. August 2016, 18:30 Domani hat den Geocache gefunden

# 20.08.2016 + 18:30

Es hat ja schon interessant begonnen. Mit den ersten ermittelten Variablen wollte ich auch noch zusätzlich die Sonnenuhren sehen. Nur wo sind sie hingekommen. Mehr als Eine habe ich nicht entdeckt. Aber gut soll halt so sein! An der Station 2 merke ich erst, das ich genau bei den Wegweisern vorbeigegangen bin die nach dem Erreichen der Station aufsuchen soll. Damit bin ich gewarnt auch immer ein Auge auf die nächste Berechnung zu haben um nicht noch mehr Kilometer zurückzulegen. Bei Station 4 wollen mir Erwachsene mit Kinder, die dort ein Picknick abhalten, gleich bei der Dosensuche helfen. Als ich Ihnen die noch ausstehenden Aufgaben zeige ist fast eine wenig Enttäuschung spürbar. Station 5 schenke ich mir und nehme den geschätzten Wert. Die Goldfische werden es sicher Verkraften, wenn ich mich nicht beim Zahlen und Rechnen beobachten lasse. Bei Station 9 bin ich etwas im Off, habe aber kurz zuvor das Einzige sinnvolle Verbindungsbauwerk überschritten. Mit der Berechnung von Station 10 bekommt auch die Variable w ihren sinnvollen Wert. Bei der gefundenen römischen Zahl suche ich mir gleich den passenden arabischen Wert in der näheren Umgebung. Mit dieser Methode bekomme ich auf den Punkt genaue Werte fürs Final.
Über diese riesige Dose habe ich dann sogar noch gestaunt. Vor dem Wiederverstecken habe ich noch ein blaues Mascherl hineingelegt.

DfdC Domani

gefunden 13. Mai 2016 soi73 hat den Geocache gefunden

Danke lieber owner Lachend

gefunden 01. März 2015 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Well, today we did not have that much time due to an appointment in the morning and as I had to go back to Graz in the afternoon. Furthermore, we were not eager to end up with dirty shoes and dirty clothes which happens at the moment very easily when going for a cache which leads through forest areas. So AnnaMoritz suggested this cache. As I have never been in Laxenburg before which has known to me only due to the IIASA, I agreed happily. So Cachen, nein danke (equipped with a book), AnnaMoritz and myself headed off after we finally found a place to leave the car. As two of us did not bring along their Niederoesterreich card, AnnaMoritz decided not to use her card either.

We were a bit handicapped by the fact that we did not have a printout of the cache description, but just AnnaMoritz's smartphone. The old castle at Stage 1 was interesting. We did not need the sundial alternative as we found the answer to the question about the motto of emperor Frederic III. I find it amazing how they managed to detect the text. AnnaMoritz made me laugh by stating that the doors to the chapel rather look like the doors to a toilette. At Stage 2 (what can be seen nearby was interesting in its own right) the coordinates were a bit off and we for the first time thought that we made something wrong. We checked everything but could not any mistake and then AnnaMoritz decided to continue in the given direction and then we found the next stage.

Stage 3 did not pose an issue to us. At Stage 4 we all worked together and indeed obtained the correct solution - I'm not sure whether I would have successful just on my own. At Stage 5 we did not understand what to do, but could obtain p by an alternative approach. At first the coordinates for Stage 6 did not make any sense at all and then we realized that this happened because I was taking the l as 1 - it looked the same for me on the tiny display of AnnaMoritz's phone.

We skipped Stage 7 - I was not even aware of the fact that we could have performed a variable check there. Before we went to Stage 8 we had a short lunch break. Unfortunately, we could not go right to Stage 8 and had to take recourse to the alternative question. On our way to Stage 9 Cachen, nein danke spotted a target for him, but our way led us further. However at the alleged Stage 9 nothing fitting was available and the we realized that I had mixed up o and 0. Anyway, we went back and then took the right way which provided us with the value for w. Stage 10 was then again a piece of cake. Once we had obtained all variables, we could head for the final which I spotted already from some distance at the location where ANnaMoritz suspected the cache from even further away. The cache container and its contents are in good condition.

All in all it was a nice and relaxing walk. Caching with a printout is definitely easier for my bad eyes. To our surprise we encountered already quite a lot of wild garlic. During part of our walk the sun was shining. We could hear many birds and Cachen, nein danke also saw two great spotted woodpeckers. Twice we saw other cachers - the first group probably was hunting the night cache and the second was spotted by AnnaMoritz when we left the castle. There are some really impressive old trees in the park. We encountered snow drops, daisies and a blue flower which AnnaMoritz identified as spring squills at home.

This cache has got into my personal radar as early as 2003 as back then the hider hid one of the first multi caches in Graz (dedicated to Graz being the cultural capital of Europe in 2003). It was such a special time back then when the community was so small.

Thank you very much for guiding us through the Laxenburg castle park.

gefunden 01. März 2015 AnnaMoritz hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute solle es was nicht zu gatschiges sein, da fiel die Wahl auf diesen Oldie. Bei Stage 1 meinte Cachen, nein danke, haben wir da nicht schon mal das beantwortet? Ja, aber damals wollte jemand nicht Richtung Stage 2 gehen. ;) Heute passte es, da Cnd immer, wenn Cezanne und ich rätselten und überlegten und schauten, sich gemütlich wo hinsetzte und das mitgebrachte Buch aufschlug. Nicht alles ging sofort ganz glatt, ein o ist nicht 0, und dass es Hints gegeben hätte sah ich beim Loggen, aber wir kamen wieder auf den rechten Weg und auch zum Cache. Danke für den Cache der alten Schule, bei dem man bis zum Schluss zittern darf, ob das was wird mit einem Cachefund. ;) Heue sind wir jedenfalls in Ecken gewesen, die ich zuvor noch nie gesehen habe. TFTC