The Dark Side - Codename "Marmor"

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N 47° 11.877' E 015° 21.452' (WGS84)

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Beschreibung    English

Date: August 17th, 1944
Location: Seized territory of the monastery of Vorau, 12 km northwest of Graz - "Peggau Hinterberg"
Project code name: Marmor
Project purpose: Establishment of a satellite camp of Mauthausen in order to provide manpower to construct a large tunnel system in the rock face behind Peggau for the purpose of producing strategic arms and aircraft parts
Inmate population: 880
Closure: April 2nd, 1945
Death toll: ~100
Publicity: Almost non-existent
The Dark Side

Disclaimer: This cache will lead you to an area that might be quite interesting to explore. Note that I'm not endorsing these activities and they are not necessarily required to find the cache. The cache attributes might not apply to your way of solving this cache but should prevent people from being too careless. Even though you might enjoy this cache please don't forget its past.

Stage 1
Parking coordinates:

Stage coordinates:

There is not much to write about this place. The sign should be pretty much self-explanatory.

Stage 2
This stage can be found at a bearing of 85 degrees and a distance of 135 meters from stage 1.

There is a small sign on a nearby bench.
A=Number of letters of the last word on the sign on the bench.
B=Number of metal screws in the backrest of the bench.
C=Number of words in the first line of the sign on the bench.

Stage 3
New parking coordinates:
Go uphill at the parking coordinates.

Final coordinates:
GPS reception might be quite bad. Please see the spoiler picture and the note below.

Update October 2016:
Unfortunately this cache used to be located in "forbidden territory". As it turned out there is a nature protection area covering the rock face including the tunnels. Per law it's forbidden to enter this area even though there are no signs about that on site (Landesgesetz #20000492 #20001228). Because of that this cache is now hidden outside of that area and I strongly urge you not to enter any of the nine tunnels!
Stage 3 was changed to "Final", stage 4 (a few meters south) and the old final (further south) both removed.

GPS reception might be quite bad. You are now in front of a portal of one of the tunnels - there are 9 tunnels with approximately 9.400 square meters.
Tunnel #9 is a nature protection area for bats (such as Rhinolophidae, Myotis, Miniopterus schreibersi, Pipistrellus) and is also used for scientific research (measurement of earth crust movement).

A spoiler picture is available. Good luck.

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Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[Final:] orgjrra pbapergr naq zrgny - [siehe Spoiler]



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kann gesucht werden 26. Oktober 2016 aj-gps hat den Geocache gewartet

Listing updated - enjoy.

OC-Team archiviert 01. Juni 2016 Opencaching.de hat den Geocache archiviert

This cache has been "temporarily unavailable" for more than 12 months now; therefore it is being archived automatically. The owner may decide to maintain the cache and re-enable the listing.

momentan nicht verfügbar 24. Mai 2015 aj-gps hat den Geocache deaktiviert

As I was told that parts of this cache are located on "forbidden territory" - a nature protection area that exists by law but doesn't have any information- or prohibition signs - this cache is disabled until I'm able to relocate the final and adjust the description.
It must be coincidence that sometimes nature protection seems to be quite handy to hide the past ..

kann gesucht werden 20. Juli 2014 aj-gps hat den Geocache gewartet

Description updated - please note the changes at stage 2.

gefunden 17. Mai 2010 AlphaDraconis hat den Geocache gefunden

This was my most interesting cache so far, but also very sad. Amazing tunnels, and the morbid smell of (thanks god) long gone times. At stage 2 question 2 think twice about the number of benches.