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Grmecica - Green lagoon

 Cache hidden above the waterfall of the Grmecica

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Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 46° 17.087' E 013° 59.775' (WGS84)

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Status: archiviert
 Versteckt am: 21. September 2008
 Gelistet seit: 01. Mai 2009
 Letzte Änderung: 19. November 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC80FA
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Park your car near the bus stop at Log v Bohinju N 46° 17.253 E 13° 58.783

Cross river Sava and continue downstream until you reach the idyllic final waterfall of the Grmecica. Now look up, do you see the tiny footbridge high above between the narrow walls of the canyon? That's where you have to go. Good paths to this place start about 50m east and west of the waterfall.

Once you reach the bridge enjoy the view and look for the cache on the western slope of the canyon.

Other possible approaches to the waterfall: Use the logging road that starts at the Save-Bridge east of Soteska and drive till the end of the road about 400m east of the cache-location.
Our approach was to drive to the destroyed bridge south of Nomenj, cross the river by foot and walk upstream to the waterfall.

No dangerous climbing is needed for this cache, the hiding place can be reached from safe ground. If the ground is wet bring good shoes though.
Make sure you place the cache in a way it can't fall down. Due too the nature of the hiding place, satellite reception can be bad. If you believe you've got better coordinates than mine, please post them with your log.

You could follow the path further up the canyon, it leads you to the usual startingpoint for a canyoning trip down the creek. A short distance above the place the path reaches the creekbed you can see the remains of a recent rockslide - on a distance of about 50m the whole right wall of the canyon collapsed into the creekbed.

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  PP PARK Parking Place (Parking Area) N 46° 17.253 E 013° 58.783

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gefunden 29. September 2008 faina09 hat den Geocache gefunden

on geocaching.com 29/09/2008 by faina09
Really not good gps reception. Nice and interesting place!
IN: jojo
OUT: GC cachers movers
Faina09 & Lama & §Grano