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Jereka - Miniature Canyon

 The small Jereka creek has cut a tiny but very impressive gorge into the limestone of the Pokljuka

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N 46° 18.206' E 013° 57.668' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 20. September 2008
 Gelistet seit: 01. Mai 2009
 Letzte Änderung: 19. November 2012
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Park at N 46° 18.115 E 13° 57.591, there is ample space below an old quarry.

Follow the logging road going into the vally for a few hundred meters and before it starts to ascend more steeply, turn right on a footpath which leads you to the end of the last canyon of the Jereka.

Now you just have to cross the creek and find the cache a few meters above the creekbed.

No dangerous climbing is needed for this cache, if the ground is wet bring good shoes though. Due to the nature of the hiding place, coordinates could be off, so better take the spoiler picture with you. If you believe you have better coordinates please post them with your log.

Adventurous natures can try to go up the last few bends of the canyon - the creek cut through one of its old bends and flows trough a natural rock tunnel. If even this is to boring for you a canyoning trip through the gorge should do the trick (highest abseil 15m)

    Prefix Lookup Name Coordinate
  01 PATH Start of footpath (Reference Point) N 46° 18.180 E 013° 57.613
  PP PARK Parking Place (Parking Area) N 46° 18.115 E 013° 57.591

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The end of the canyon
The end of the canyon
The two rock tunnels
The two rock tunnels


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gefunden 20. Mai 2009 camel_f hat den Geocache gefunden

#866 19:30

Beautiful and interesting place. But it was not too easy to find the right path.
And not so simple to get to and to get the cache :)
Thanks for this location and


camel_f mit B

IN : Poffertjes GC

gefunden 29. September 2008 faina09 hat den Geocache gefunden

on geocaching.com 29/09/2008 by faina09
I miss the hint for the "start footpath" and the way down was a little adventure...
IN: dado (dice)
OUT: TB (still unlogged):
- "Susaki, Japan" Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug
- MeerCacheWanderung (ViaAlpina)
Faina09 & Lama & §Grano